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The Corporate World: Do you honestly think that in this world of cut-throats, you are going to get ahead by working your ass off?
Entrepreneurship: I actually am not going to sit at my nice little laptop over here and preach that you must find a completely different business idea to be successful. Marketing: In getting ready to write this article, one of my research points was to find the most effective campaigns.
Building Friendships: Many people judge their success by the quality of the friendships they cultivate. For example: want a free upgrade on a car rental, ask the agent how they are doing today, and be willing to listen. Investing: The common mantra of investing is to do the opposite of what everyone else in the market is doing. By the way, the following are not necessarily representative of my opinion or those of the staff of the Sam Diener Blog. Subscribe to the Stuff For Success feed via RSS or Email to receive notifications of new posts. Link To This ArticleIf you enjoyed this article, feel free to grab the code below to add to your site.
I am impressed every day (well maybe not everyday) with how Netflix dominated the video world. It's critically important to feel confident about your differences in your career search, not diminished by them.
For me, a variety of industries in my background is a two-edged sword in a time when everyone wants industry experience. I like the positive attitude here, as a different thinker myself, I am still holding on for success, but after seeing some of the funny commercials in that post I feel ready to get back up and try again! Our firm had to think outside of the box in order to hire IT support personnel that actually know what they're doing.
I think that there must be some schools, somewhere, that offer information for use rather than information for memorization. Change is also another word for difference and while someone mentioned Apple Computer Co., True they wanted to be known as different, but the history of that company has not been all roses and money. Alex – interesting point, I guess I wonder, what do you mean by paying attention to the impact of the values being disseminated?
Change comes slowly but it does not need to come slowly, in my opinion there are things that need changing that are massive problems, health care, fuel consumption etc.
The idea of the garbage can with wheels was one my son kept telling me about, he was like 10 years old and he drew trashcans with wheels, I saw his drawings, they were cute. The human brain is an amazing thing, you dont need to think differently you need to see the different ways to make changes, to improve.You want to make more sales, visit your clients, look at what they do, they are really in the middle of the forest, suggest some ideas to the right person, for no charge, for no fees, if it works, you just hit the gold mine, if it does not, at least you offered something DIFFERENT than any of your competition.
Another thought, Sir Issac Newton, how many people watched an apple fall from a tree before they asked, why did that happen. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. Of course, I jumped immediately to finding some of the best Superbowl commercials of all time and I looked for similarities. Excellent comment about the discomfort surrounding being different, and the need to grow out of it. Pinpoint your differences, figure out what good those differences make in the position for which you're applying (this may change with each application).

It's time to shake up the standard paradigms that have been in place beyond the time when they served us well.
I work in recycling so I am thinking of recruiting Terry Tate to spend some time in some of the businesses we work with!
Personally I like seeing my (female doctor) in 3 inch heals and my accountant wears a very noticable antiique Mikey Mouse watch. It underlines how important it is to know your company's culture and to maintain a strong sense of self, as well. While they are good examples of ads … the model of the TV commercial is a part of an antiquated advertising paradigm! I did NOT pay attention to the difference he was talking about, something about the forest and the trees I think applies to my stupidity. Everyday I try and take a pic with my digital camera of something, and then look at the pic and see if I am missing something. I think personal positioning and differentiation needs to be based on personality and values to be truly strong and lasting over time. I'm always smiling, taking massive action and helping others connect with their true purpose in life.
What I am going to tell you, is that if you want to start a business, find something that is working and improve it or something that people need and get it to them. I find it interesting that most people become so absorbed in their boring daily routine, that it is extremely easy to win someone over by simply “disrupting” routine in a positive way. Observe what others around you are doing, and try to do the opposite (within reason.) Dare to be different. Then throw your chin up, shoulders back, and proudly state how wonderfully (and beneficially) different you are! A positive I've found in it is that each industry has taught me new ways of looking at and approaching problems. Because what makes us unique reveals our potential to create something of value in the world. It was good to find this today, especially after having a discussion with one of my clients about the importance of being different. Marketing innovation requires, in today's world, to leave behind old models of communication and to pay greater attention to the impact of the VALUES being disseminated.
I think its more important to be able to see the client or customer or the person with the money and need differently.
Its good today, and I am not giving up my mac or iphone anytime soon, but now they are at Apple trying to find ways that their products can enhance our differences. However if all the trash cans are flat on the bottom and people have long driveways and its a pain in the arse to drag the trash cans to the street for pickup, there will be someone who thinks differently and they create a way to put wheels on the trashcan so its easy to drag to the street, and easy to drag back after the rubbish has been picked up.Look at the way things are done, and decide first if it is as good as it can be, then if changing it will be worth the time and effort, and then think differently about how the process can be changed to the benefit of the people who are people you want to affect with the change.
So giving lip service to an idea that might change these industries is probably a long term deal.
A few years later, at Kmart, there was a trash can with wheels, I bought it, and solved my problem of dragging the trash can. Time is the enemy we have to go and do and move and blink and drive and, we see lots of things, but capture things with a camera and you have stopped the moment.
All of the great ones either stunned you or made you laugh so hard that you wet your pants. Is it because your best friends provide you with something that is different than what you get from every other acquaintance? Unless you figure out how to use water for gas, then you can change everything overnight that difference is monumental.

How many things do you look at every day and accept what it is and dont think about change, but then you go about your day, working on the things you do, and you look to see how you can be different, and increase sales with that difference. What have you seen in the last few years where your brain said, hey that could be better, that does not work, why do we do this or that in that way, I have a different idea. Look at it, most of the time, its a waste, sorry, but I have had a few moments of clarity from this process and have changed some things that needed to be different. For example, if a women is not a size 2, with a huge chest, then she is automatically seen as fat.
This is in part because of the way social media is transforming brands but also because of a bad economy.
Oh, and it’s really socially unacceptable if a guy is seen talking to anything BUT the aforementioned physical anomaly. One of the keys to forming the best friendships is to learn and take pride in how you are different from everyone else. I once got out of a 70 dollar parking ticket by asking the ticket examiner for a handshake. A note to the single ladies: I have it on good authority that most guys are simply looking for a woman that is unique and confident in herself. Look at the things that could be different and then go about making the change to the little things.
I took pictures of my wife in the garden a few times, she is bent over breaking her back, its totally not fun, so I made a stool with wheels, big fat wheels, she can move left and right, not hurt her back or her garden and it made it better.
So effective, that I am sure that most people watch the Superbowl just to see the new commercials.The best marketing campaigns all do something to make you remember them.
It was so outside of what she expected that I was able to easily make her “see my side.” I have gotten more free products and discounts than you could ever imagine at stores just by being friendly and asking for them.
If you bring too much difference to the table, the client gets concerned, from my humble experience. Most of us live our lives trying to rigidly conform to a nearly impossible standard and it’s no wonder everyone is so stressed out all of the time. In a perfect world, you could theoretically rise to the top of the corporate structure by putting your head down work hard, blend in and let your work do all the talking.
It might be uncomfortable, but next time you need to win someone over, strive to be, a little different. So find out what makes them different and celebrate that, enhance that and then simply offer way you can support that difference through your services, your product etc. I played a computer game where there are some items hidden in the picture and there is a list on the side and you have to find the items, well you dont need the game but the game is there, take a pic with your phone, or camera and look at it, 5 minutes, is all it takes, look. For some reason, a very vivid image comes to mind… One day, I went to pick up my sister at the bus stop and EVERY GIRL (but her) got off the bus with the EXACT SAME Abercrombie bag. Believe me, success, in whatever facet of life you look for, is achieved through being different.
I used to have by my desk a little picture that just said THINK, now I have one that says, SEE.

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