We are the best technology blogs out their noted that users were left confused between all these various different models, makes and sizes of phones. Always wanted to commit a real Robbery of the century, but you have no money for a licensed version? This modification will allow you to participate in most of the robberies that exist in GTA Online.
Published February 25, 2015 at 1920 × 1080 in GTA Online Heists Release Date Revealed.
All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by Mmorpg life DOO or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. No doubt the hits on YouTube reviews for these phones must have also doubled at least from the trend experienced previously on such videos. It doesn't look like his factory is set up to make anything which is good because that makes it not suspicious in today's world. All you need to do is to get to the relevant marker on the map and follow the directions of Leicester. If you become a member you'll have the ability to comment on almost all content on the website, you'll be able to submit your own content and you'll even be able to start unlocking website achievements! Michael dismisses the agent who cried wolf but Norton says he could go to jail and Michael could get shot. Steve Haines comes up and explains that the IAA is onto them and people in the FIB are questioning him. They all exit the building and go their separate ways. Get in your car and drive to the FIB building parking lot entrance on the lower roadway.
Pull up to the parking garage and wait for the car with the correct license plate to leave.
While they wait Lester thinks after this Michael will be killed by the agents or get killed during some other task they make him do. Lester messages Haines to get a needed budget for this job. The target will be a red 4 door that exits fourth. Lester is pretty sure he'll cooperate if others have the same opinion about Steve Haines. Near the mall the janitor pulls into his driveway. In a cutscene Michael enters the apartment and tells Harvey he is going to take paid vacation. He also makes sure Harvey knows he means business before walking out. Get back in your car and take Lester back to the garment factory. There are no digital plans of the offices that Lester can find so he'll need Franklin to tail the architect and get hard copies. Lester needs the plans since there's hundreds of millions of dollars worth of security to bypass. After some relationship discussions Lester tells the two that they need to do some more recon of the FIB building. Without much else to discuss Michael also leaves. Tips This mission is pretty straight forward. SWITCH to Franklin (you can't be using Franklin already) who is at the Mile High Club construction site in Downtown LS.
Walk into the site and a worker will tell Franklin he needs a hardhat which is then tossed over. On the next floor get out and follow the architect. When he is alone get the blueprints by threatening him or just kill him. If there are witnesses (workers) you'll get a 2 star wanted level for using fists and 3 stars for using a gun. Go upstairs to Lester's office. Decisions, Decisions Lester get's his planning board set up. The first approach will be to plant fire bombs in the building and then go in as the fire department to grab the containment drive. For the first option Michael will need to use his janitor items to place the bombs while mopping the floors. The crew will parachute down into the building carrying plenty of fire power in case it goes bad. With the decision made you need to pick your crew. You'll be away from workers so the cops won't get called. If you don't care about the police attention, kill him as quickly as possible.

Out of Hugh, Daryl, or Norm, one of them will die after the backdraft early into the escape. Only Packie and Gustavo will both live if used together. Optimal crew for the roof entry is Rickie, Daryl, and Eddie (or Taliana).
Daryl will get brightly colored parachutes and have an "inappropriate weapon" for the heist but those won't make a difference. Rickie's inexperience will show but you should be able to figure out the computer (especially since you are reading this guide anyway) and the fire sprinklers don't really obscure anyone. He also won't take long to delete the necessary files although it seems like the FIB agents are a little tougher during the hack time with him. Karim will use a van as a getaway vehicle which delays his arrival at the pickup location (since the police have things blocked off) and keeps the law enforcement coming as you leave the area so you'll need to survive that too.
Your character will call Lester to say that it's there. Tips This mission is straight forward. Get the truck and bring it to Lester. Easiest way to do this is to call the fire department from outside the garment factory. It is possible to steal the truck and drive it to the parking spot before the cops get called. Michael changes into the janitor outfit and assists Lester with pouring gas around the building. When he's done enough Michael heads out to get the heist underway. Get in your car and head to the FIB building.
You'll also need to clean the mop in the bucket after each big dirt spot. When the first area is clean you are told to plant the first bomb in the locker. When you reach the marker at the street Michael calls Franklin to tell him the charges are set.
Pick up Michael in Pillbox Hill (along the south side of the park in Downtown). When Michael gets in he tells Franklin to phone in the detonation while he gets into fire gear. Michael confirms that Lester hijacked the emergency signal so they should be the only first responders.
According to Lester the elevators should be fine but Franklin is a little worried. On the next floor the crew masks up and an oxygen meter is displayed. Note that there is a health pack in the northeastern corner and armor in the southwestern corner inside the conference rooms. Towering Inferno As the crew starts to exit, it is obvious something isn't completely right. If you have a less qualified gunman on the crew, you'll need to check on one of them but they'll be dead.
Just as you see another agent cowering in fear an explosion shoots out of the door and Franklin is knocked out. He awakens a little later. Unfortunately there's a team of agents coming Franklin's way and they know the crew aren't real firemen. One agent will be waiting right outside the stairwell door and another will be inside the stairwell so be ready. On the next floor get around to the rest of the crew. Follow the crew by climbing up the rumble pile. Michael comments to the other emergency workers that they tried their best but other trucks will be there shortly. Get in the fire truck and drive to the getaway location you set up. Michael needs to talk with their FIB buddies before getting Trevor back and going forward with the Union Depository.
To get a dirt spot in one go, position Michael's feet near the edge of the spot and try to position him looking at the middle. As the fire department, getting up to the top floor and the first leg of the exit is pretty straight forward.
You cannot avoid Franklin getting knocked out. Take your time while navigating the burning floors with FIB agents coming to get you.
Use cover if needed and aim for their heads. While rappelling it appears that the falling debris cannot actually harm you. He's setting up gas cans around the building while discussing Michael's past decisions which could get him killed during this.
Michael says Steve Haines cleared them to use the NOOSE building in Palomino Highlands as a mission base. They are taking a chopper to high altitude, parachuting down to the FIB building, hacking the system while holding off resistance, and then getting back in the chopper. When you arrive at the complex Michael will "radio" to the rest of the crew who are already there waiting. All the payment is going to them but it still may not be worth it for them considering the trouble they will be in.

When you get near Downtown LS Franklin points out Lester's factory up in flames which may be difficult to see. Michael thinks Lester doesn't have much faith in this mission. The marker is quite high up. When you get close enough a cutscene will show Michael give over the helicopter controls and go to the back with his team. If you miss the main roof hopefully you make one of the lower sections and can then climb up a ladder. When all three entry team members are on top a cutscene shows them cut a skylight window and remove it to drop down. The alarm will go off because of the explosion. Michael gets to a computer and is told the apps to hack it are on his phone which he connects. In this first minigame you'll need to move the red highlighted area around the grid of numbers and click when you match the IP address shown up top.
The hacker mentions that security is coming so the team will need to hold them off while the hacker works. Michael takes cover behind a wall and will stay with the server.
They come from multiple doors on each side of the room and some are on the roof through the skylight.
There is a health pack in the room to the right and armor in the room to the left at the far end. After clearing the first wave of agents a cutscene shows the chopper hovering over the roof.
He spins out and crashes into the side of the building. Back with the entry team, continue to fend off agents.
When the hacker is done and the remaining agents are dead, a cutscene shows Michael grab his stuff and exit the room. Grab the armor and health pack if you didn't already. Free from The Man The team goes around to a stairwell but a tactical agent is waiting inside. Kill them and carefully move into the blazing area because there are three more agents in the next hallway with two additional running in from the far end.
Michael comments that the sprinklers are making it hard to see but the hacker takes care of that. In the next hallway a medic is trying to revive someone as two more agents wander in overcome by smoke.
There is a health pack on the ground next to the medic so grab it or SWITCH if the other protagonist needs it (red glow on the SWITCH wheel). Kill them and move into the next hallway where a single agent is waiting and another will run in from around the corner. Go down to the next floor. Out of the stairs and to the left are two agents waiting on each side of the wide doorway. Michael asks the hacker what's going on and they'll say a lot of law enforcement is coming at them.
Take down the military gunship however you can and move to the next marker towards the left. If you paid for a good driver they will get his attention from an ambulance parked on the street. This will delay their arrival since police blocked off the area which means you'll need to fend off NOOSE officers for a little bit and then continue to fend them off while you escape and lose the attention the hard way.
When you arrive Michael tasks the driver with destroying the vehicle and taking the gunman home too. For the first game, look at the first number of the IP address and try to quickly find that in the grid. Again, don't rush and wait for a letter to come back around if needed. For all the agents ahead, use cover and aim for headshots.

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