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Robbing banks and stealing cars are common features in Grand Theft Auto games, but the heists in GTA V are simply on another level. Here, we have put up a list of the 5 most epic heists in Grand Theft Auto 5, based entirely on how exciting and entertaining these missions were. The Merryweather Heist is the second heist in the game and is the first one to include Trevor.
The Blitz Play doesn’t have any plans or different approaches and also no extra crew to be recruited.
The Armored truck is taken care off, when as Franklin, you’ll ram it over with a tow truck.
In this mission we see the game’s three character designs which are distinct from each other and are done so well. Michael, Trevor and a hired gunman (you get to pick!) enter the bank, take hostages and start looting. Eventually, the army shows up, bringing along their tanks and then everything goes a bit loco. In the quiet approach for this heist, you knock out the security and staff before entering, dressed as pest control workers.
Whichever way you get in, you still have to smash open the jewelry displays and loot as much as possible before the alarm goes off. In the quiet approach, your crew and you subtly steal the gold, using two armored cars to take the gold before escaping to a car park where all hell finally breaks loose with an epic shootout.
The loud route is much harder, with multiple shootouts throughout the mission as Michael and Franklin escape to the underground car park on foot. Phil Robb, the Creative Director at Turtle Rock Studios has revealed in an exclusive interview that all DLC maps for Evolve will be available for free to the players. Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy game set in the time period leading up to and during the World War 2.
An update for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems, resolving issues with challenges, spectator mode and more.
The much awaited enhanced port version of Grand Theft Auto V is now available for the new generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft’s Trial Fusion has been receiving new updates in which the players can makes the Teams and hence team up to race against their rivals. Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa has revealed more about the game through a post on the PlayStation blog. Wrestling fans finally get some details on what WWE 2K17 is bringing to the table in terms of its’ feature set. 2K’s upcoming open world like game has a new trailer for fans to check out the World of New Bordeaux. Xbox One owners who play COD: Black Ops III finally get their chance to play the latest DLC, which includes some new maps and another chapter of the Origin Zombies experience. We are at the number 4 in terms of the list of cars that have been unveiled for Forza Horizon 3. Those looking to pre-order Gears of War 4 now know what extra bonuses they can get when pre-ordering Microsoft’s 3rd person shooter. Fans of the Frank West & company will be happy to know that all of his previous adventures are coming to the Xbox One in remastered form.

I have completed the offers numerous times please help me out Admin I’d be very much appreciated! For more help in GTA 5, read our Stock Market Tips, Random Events and Bail Bond Missions Guide. There are 13 different parachuting locations in GTA 5, ranging from mountaintops, building rooftops, and helicopter jumps. There are also challenges that will have floating checkpoints which you will have to pass through, giving bonus for every successful pass.
In order to participate in Parachuting challenges, you will first need to complete Dom’s first mission, “Risk Assessment”.
Once done, activate precision landing at 400 feet by pressing RB and LB (Xbox 360) or L2 and R2 (PS3). The altitude is pretty low, and you will be pulling the chute pretty quickly, so you should first identify the landing location. The first one requires no steering, and you can pull the chute fairly early on to get some control.
The final three checkpoints are close to the mountainside, so it’s best to use precision mode here. This challenge is also located in the Blaine County, Raton Canyons, but instead of a chopper you will be jumping off a cliff. This challenge is another checkpoint jump, and the first one is dangerously close to the top side of the mountain. The train will take 10 seconds to arrive once you make the jump, so deploy your parachute three seconds after starting the sky dive.
In previous versions of the GTA series, such missions were direct missions with hardly any choice given to the user; they just had to do what they were told. But even amongst them we’ve taken the top 5 and pitted them against each other to see which one is the best. There are two approaches one can take: the loud approach where one attacks the Merryweather freight or silent approach where you head offshore to find the device hidden beneath the ocean. Still, Monetary gain aside, this mission is a fun one to play and easy when compared to other heists. So in this mission, the three protagonists– Michael, Franklin and Trevor go at it alone.
During the shootout, Franklin and Michael take on most of the ground troops while Trevor picks off snipers from on top of a nearby roof.
Under orders from the FIB again, you are asked (or rather forced) to raid the bank located in the middle of town.
But why will anyone trade mini-gun toting Trevor in a Juggernaut suit for Michael is something I will never understand.
It also introduces you to the new features of heists, such as hiring crew members and deciding on which approach to take. Meanwhile, Trevor flies out in his helicopter with $100,000,000 worth of gold dangling from it. The game is being developed by Paradox Development Studio and is set for a release on PC in early 2015.
This is a shift from the company’s earlier statement which did not clarify whether lost characters would make a return. Look no further as this new trailer featurs 2016 Men’s National Team and 92 “Dream Team” in epic matchup.

If you want to get some use out of your parachuting skills, you should consider participating in the associated challenges scattered throughout the map. The objective of the challenges is to make a successful parachuting jump and land at the designated target zone.
Sky dive to around 700 feet and then pull your chute, after which you should slowly navigate and align yourself to the boat. You will find the parachute on the sidewalk next to a vehicle barrier at a multi-story building.
You will be making a jump and landing on a mobile train that passes on the railway track bridge between the mountain tunnels. However, in GTA 5, heists have intricate plans where you get to choose the approach and who to recruit as well as the escape route, before actually making the heist. If we were just looking at the final payout from the heists, we can easily find the winner.
Both approaches have the same results– Lester scolds the two and orders them to dump it back in the sea, which drives Trevor mad. On the instructions of the FIB, users have to raid a securicar of security bonds before running away from the cops. And what follows is one the most exciting parts of the game when you enter one of the game’s best and biggest shootouts with cops coming in from all directions. Once you have sucked the bank dry, you and your crew make a grand exit in full body armor, with Trevor hauling along a mini-gun.
Dodging rockets from the tanks, you sluggishly maneuver the digger and make your way to literally pick up the rest of your crew with the mechanical shovel in the front, before running through a Cluckin’ Bell factory and jumping onto a train. There are also certain small missions that you have to complete to finally make the heist, like in this case you have to case the jewel store, before the actual heist.
Being at the start of the game, this heist has you hooked and feeling that it can only get better from here.
Once you start the mission, you need to jump off the rooftop and land on the designated location. It’s pretty easy to navigate to it, but just make sure you don’t end up in the nearby trees. This is a checkpoint based parachute challenge, meaning you will have to steer yourself while sky diving and parachuting to pass through floating rings.
You will get a bonus of $100 for tagging all the checkpoints, and can earn up to $510 from this challenge.
However, every heist in the game brings excitement in one way or another and is still enjoyable so just the monetary value of it would not be enough to make a clear judgment. Make a jump for it and immediately pull the cord before going through the first checkpoint.
The rest of the checkpoints are also at different altitudes, and you can easily navigate through them.
Then, pass through the second and third checkpoints to the left while in precision landing mode.

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