There are thousands of ways that you can use to earn money online but today let me give you those that have personally worked for me with real pics example.
Rupu Kenya is a daily deals and discounts website that started operations in December 2010 based in Nairobi, Kenya. My first income online was through Rupu, after I sold a couple of my custom designed Masai-inspired hoods —- in my other life I am a fashion designer at Snave Kollection. I have made good money selling via Rupu in the past, and when you visit their About Us page, you can  see my testimonial.I will advise any newbie who wants to sell online in Kenya to try Rupu because it has worked out well for me. I sell some of my products via Jumia too.Snave Kollection is the brainchild of Evans Saitoti, born out of passion and innovation that has been designed over the years. According to Wikipedia a content farm (or content mill) is a company that employs large numbers of freelance writers to generate large amounts of textual content which is specifically designed to satisfy algorithms for maximal retrieval by automated search engines. You can sell almost any service on Fiverr for as little as $5.Are you good in web design, article writing, copy-writing, WordPress, Joomla or transcription?
I am using Bluehost, Namecheap and Amazon associate program to earn money online via affiliate marketing. For example, a while back I offered to design blogs and websites for the first five interested people for free provided they had their domain and hosting (but kindly note the offer ended). Just like any other business, making money online is not without a host of challenges and only the strongest can survive. Making money online is not hard but you cannot just wake up one day and make $ 100 or more in a day. Most sites that present you with offers like “make $1,000 a day from your home” are also looking for ways of making that $ 1,000 from you. Before you begin making money, you will undergo several challenges therefore do not lose hope.
The most genuine ways of making money online is through blogging, selling products or affiliate programs, and writing. Writing is a process of putting down well-thought responses to suit a client’s needs, not a matter of recording already developed thoughts. Worry not if you do not have a computer; you can write on paper then go to the nearest Cyber and ask them to type for you.
You can either decide to be a news writer, academic writer, sponsored review writer, content write or SEO writer.
In order to get an academic writing job you need to apply and do a simple test to be allowed to be a writer for an individual or a writing company.
This involves writing for a site and then you get a certain percentage of money that is generated whenever people click on adverts placed in your written content.   This is one of the best ways of making money online because it involves using another website which means it is not must for your own website or blog. Digital Journal is the only paying news-writing website I know of, they take about 3 months or more to approve writers. I am done with making money online through writing but beware that there are Grammar checkers, spell checkers, plagiarism and auto formatting soft-ware tools that can help you in writing. Making money online through affiliate programs is similar to making money online through referrals but the difference is that for one to make money online through affiliate programs, the person he has referred must make a purchase. Commission Junction – they have a number of affiliate opportunities which you can apply or join. Social marketing is one of the most suitable ways for organizations or businesses to market their business and products online. Blogging – after you page has attained many likes, you can create a free blog with blogger, or other companies (listed in a subsequent section), and search for companies that pay for advertising (listed above). You can market products through sending emails to a number of friends and asking them to buy your products.
Although a blog is a type of journal, it is a public writing space rather than a private one. Sawasawa is one of the best web hosting companies in Kenya if you need to install many software in your website. NOTE: I have provided a guideline on how to open a PayPal account and how to withdraw money from your PayPal account to Mpesa in the second last topic.
If you are a programmer or a web guru, then this the best way for you to generate money online. I would not advise any one to do surveys as a way of making money online because they pay vey little. Making money online through forex trading is an awesome way of generating income, more so for students pursuing education in Economics or related fields.
I have not heard of any Kenya company that does forex trading so the companies listed below are all international and they pay Kenyans. Betting is also another simple way of making money online because it does not require any experience.
If you have made money online using international companies or websites and you are wondering how you can withdraw your money from PayPal to Mpesa or how to activate your PayPal account, then here is how to do it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. November 25, 2015 by Walter Akolo 42 Comments We all wish making money was a bed of roses, don’t we?
One of the most common questions I’ve been getting of  late on my email is, “Walter, I am in a desperate situation, I need to make money now now! Different legitimate sites, such as HostGator, Payoneer, Aweber etc have affiliate portals. For example in HostGator you must refer at least 2 people in a month, they must pay for their hosting and actually host their sites for 2 months before you get that commission in your PayPal account. For AWeber, you need to get at least $50 in your affiliate account before you are able to cash it out. In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to buy anything, you mostly join for free, promote real products that people will use, and get paid a commission. In short, with affiliate marketing, you can earn while sleeping or even when in a comma, as long as you have that visible affiliate link in a useful post. For example, you get a project worth $500, get freelancers and pay them $150 for the project. However, I have gotten quite a few who pay well for writing jobs, and I outsource the work to good writers to work on them. However, consider outsourcing work as soon as possible to increase your income, and also to make your online experience smoother.
You can earn from advertising platforms, the most famous one being Google AdSense, Google’s advertising platform.
However, I don’t discourage people from using AdSense and other advertising platforms. Apart from AdSense, you can also advertise in other ways such as putting up banners on your sidebar for people to advertise at a fee, doing paid blog posts that market different businesses (only legitimate ones), charging for tweets, mentions etc. The above kinds of advertising are semi-passive, such that once you put up that ad-space, banner, etc, you’ll keep earning from it without actively being there everyday to work on it. For visibility in online work platforms, register, optimize your profile, do high quality jobs for your clients and get outstanding feedback.
In whatever you do, whether online or offline, heart-melting positive testimonials will help you perform great.
But, once your product gets viral, you start feeling like the product sells itself plus your other products. This way, from one digital product, you market many of your services and create repeat buyers for your products. Cons will tell you that you can make quick, good and easy money online, working three seconds a day, sleeping clicking on things. Also avoid desperate situations by saving in emergency accounts, joining SACCOs and other saving programs, getting insured and watching your spending habits among other methods. I took a chance after stumbling on your posts online and i must say it was the greatest moment i have had so far after subscribing on your newsletters. Very powerful and informative blog,honestly you INSPIRE Walter,kudos brother,journey of a thousand miles start with a step.Thanks again for the info.
This was such an amazing read and quite informative, you never disappoint whenever i visit your blog.I am very enthusiastic about joining online marketing and becoming a sought after online marketer and i think this article has really given me a headway. Quite true, diversification after making a foundation is imperative, I am doing exactly that.
This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. If you follow the world’s economic trends related to our dear continent, Africa, you will observe one significant thing; Africans are getting back to the farm (or we’re being forced back to the farm). This is good news if you consider the fact that the African continent is importing billions of dollars of food every year. When you consider the fact that nearly 50% of Africans are farmers, you’ll want to cry when you know we’re still importing food. The reason why you asked me that question is because the concept of “making money online” has been grossly misunderstood by most people.

A few weeks ago, I needed to partner with at least 5 poultry farmers, 5 fish farmers and 5 pig farmers in Nigeria for a business.
I started searching and before long I had gotten the contacts (phone numbers and email addresses) of more than 20 poultry, fishery and pig farmers. What do you think about someone making $2,500-$4,000 from the business deal he’s able to get because he was present on the internet?
Give me a minute and I will show you how you as an individual could start making money on the internet as a farmer (either livestock or crop farming). I will as well show you how we (as a continent) could take the advantage of the internet and technology to boost our farm productivity, create jobs and feed the world.
You see, whether we like it or not, brick and mortar shops are dying and may one day (soon) die completely. We are getting excessively used to the “Googling” and internet that you’re sometimes tempted to search Google for your lost car key.
If you’re like me, when you forget someone’s name and want to call him you sometimes remember Google.
What I am saying in essence is that, we have been spoilt to a point where we search the internet for virtually everything. As I am writing these words, because I knew I would have to convince you with some evidence, I had to go and use Google Keyword Planner (software made by Google to reveal to us the numbers of people searching the internet for certain keywords per month). Over 7,000 people are searching the internet every month for “buy fish online”, “buying fish online” etc.
More than 20,000 people are searching the internet every month for tomato related information and how to buy tomatoes.
My point is, someone in your city, state or even your street is (and will soon be) searching the web for your agricultural products. Out of this number, how many do you think you need to be “making money online” as a farmer? Just 5-10 new customers every month from the internet could take your business to a new level as you turn those new customers to repeat customers. Take for instance someone who is searching for “broiler chickens” (Yes, Google reveals to me that some people are searching for that) and happens to be in your city or town, gives you a call because you are selling grown up broiler chickens. After you supply her the 3 chickens she needs, you exchange contact details with each other.
Having a presence on the web may not make you a millionaire next week (nothing legitimate can), but it’s an investment, trust me! Africans hate reading and this is one of the major reasons why we’re backward, I’m convinced! Ordinarily we should be crying that near half of our population are farmers and we’re hungry. Most of our farmers are illiterate (don’t blame them), while some who are literate hate reading (blame these ones).
I met someone about two months ago; he has worked with a fish farm for some years and knows so much about fish farming. In the beginning of this post I told you about my business deal with some farmers but I did not tell you the detail of that deal. Since these people call from so many different places, we came up with the idea of partnering with farmers (poultry, piggery and fishery) in major cities in Nigeria.
Don’t argue with me, some people are on the internet, searching for how to plant and grow cassava, yam, pepper etc.
All you need to be making money online as a farmer and have another stream of income is to get 3 of these people who are geographically near to you for training or consultancy and 5 others to buy your farm produce. This, as I have said earlier may not happen next month (even if you take action today), but you will one day call me a prophet for telling you all these. This one could be very interesting as you can sell your book to any Joe from anywhere in the world, using your website as advocated above.
What does it feels like to be having your maize farm, selling corns to your customers in the “physical” world, selling corns to some retailers who discovered your through the internet, selling maize farming training and consultancy to some people who come across you on the internet as they wish to go into maize farming, selling your PDF, E-book about maize farming to many people from many places through the internet? Everything I taught above about how to make money on the internet as a farmer will not happen as magic and may not reward you mightily now, but it could make someone a millionaire in the next few years.
They provide online marketing resources for small and large businesses, helping them to reach the millions of Kenyan’s taking to the internet, in a cost effective manner. Once the offer ends, clients who have bought your deal can redeem their coupons.You may choose to deliver your products to Rupu offices easy pick up by clients or deliver the orders personally if you don’t have a shop where they can pick the products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.
You will notice that here at Freelancer Hub there are several affiliate banners with links to products that I am promoting.In one instance I made $65 from Bluehost just by referring a client to sign up for hosting and domain registration via Bluehost. Read More here: Free Professional Blog Installation & Customization Service For Awesome People! People are becoming increasingly aware of the amount of money they can generate in a click of a mouse. Do not believe it when someone tells you that you can become a millionaire in a day without putting much effort.
For instance if you are good in languages then writing is for you, if you are good in programming then web design is for you and so forth.
Since it’s not possible to think about everything all at once, most experienced writers handle a piece of writing in stages. If you want to be an Academic writer or content writer, you must be familiar with academic writing styles (APA, MLA, HARVARD, CHICAGO-you can request me to send you all this writing guidelines for free if you need them). Statistics indicate that the number of internet users in Kenya is increasing, so the demand for data bundles is also rising. You can use social media to market their products and you will be paid a commission for every sell made. After signing up as an affiliate you will be given a chance to find people who want to buy flight tickets and refer them to their site. If you have interesting videos that can attract many views then this is the best place to be.
If there is a book you no longer need but is in a good condition, then you can sell it and earn cash. In a blog, you might express opinions, make observations, recap events, have fun with language, or interpret an image so long as what are you writing is original. Like there is a reason for starting any business there is also a reason for opening a website or blog. However, remember some will not advertise in your site if the content or posts are not original (copy pasted or plagiarized) or if your site has a low traffic. It is used by large media companies like nation, standardmedia, capital fm, ghetto radio, KTN among many others. It involves coming up with a website, constructing it, increasing traffic, and then selling it.
Money generated from doing surveys is barely enough to cater for basic needs, other than phone credit. If you become good in forex trading, then you stand a better chance of becoming a self-made millionaire in a short time. Mary’s Nyamagwa Girls bus accident: Update from Kisii Level five HospitalAugust 12, 2016, No Comments on St.
Heck, I also get into such situations where I need money INSTANTLY, but can’t find an easy way to do it.
There, you can register for free as an affiliate, refer people and start making money online as an affiliate.
In multilevel marketing platforms, you have to buy products (some very expensively), sell them, refer people then get paid from their sales, forming some kind of tree. It involves getting high paying jobs from clients, then giving them out to freelancers at a lower fee.
Once the client pays you the $500 for the work, you pay your freelancers $150 and remain with $350 in revenue. However, to keep your team of freelancers motivated, even when clients delay, you need to have a reserve of cash somewhere at all times, enough to pay your whole team, even if your client defaults. Google will then be running their ads and you’ll be paid depending on either the number of people who click on those ads (PPC) or people who view them (PPV).
There are many people who have used it for years and have been able to make some decent cash out of them. Here, we’ll define internet marketing as selling or marketing anything online, and freelancing as working on job sites such as Upwork, EssayWriters and alike. From how you update your Facebook statuses, to how you tweet, to how your blog looks and even what profile picture you use in the different platforms. It takes great effort to create a great ebook, training series, content for a membership site or software.
Include your contact and link in header and footer, mention your other products in the content, use your affiliate links when recommending other sites and if possible create entry and exit surveys that you will use to be able to perfect your future products.

Persistence and perseverance are the most necessary when seeking for a strong foot in online earnings. Such a post is aimed at giving the ultimate truth that if you opt for easy money, it is more likely that you will hit the ground with a cry of lost investments or no pay for presumed work. And it is good you differentiated between Affiliate Marketing from MLM schemes ?? Most of us, being armatures about online blah blah get scammed so easily.
Others think you can only make money online by selling information products or through Google AdSense. One of them is already making money from our deal while some will start making money in the next few weeks. Google reveals that many people are searching the internet every day for where to buy fish. Google reveals that over 50,000 people are searching the web every month, using different keywords, looking for where to buy chickens. In fact, Google Keyword Planner reveals that over 1,000 people use the search term, “where to buy heirlooms” every month. By the year 2020, just a few years from today, half a billion of Africans will be using the internet. When I let him know that I was impressed by his great knowledge, he told me his secret…Google and the internet. Yes, if you have spent at least three years as a farmer, you can be a good consultant in your area of specialization.
On our website, we have some blog posts about poultry farming, fish farming, pig farming etc and our readers sometimes contact us to ask how they could get a place to go through one-on-one training and some need consultancy.
In fact, Google Keyword Planner reveals that over 18,000 people are searching the web every month with the term, “growing tomatoes”, meaning that these people want to know how to grow tomatoes.
Walter, I keep saying, you’re one in a million and for bringing Steve aboard, I applaud you! It can be anything just visit Rupu’s website and see some of the products or services they sell. That is a white lie, making money online is not a one-day-get-rich business, but you can make good cash if you are hard working, committed, honest, and patient. I say it is the best because it does not require any investment at all if you have a computer and can access the internet.
You may incur some expenses but after one or two payment periods, you will have generated enough money to buy your own computer—am saying this from experience as that is exactly how I bought my first computer. Unlike Facebook pages, groups give an opportunity to members or followers to post their content which can easily be read by other members. The higher the number of likes in your page the higher the traffic to your page and the higher the earnings. This is like hawking but you are using emails, you are requesting people to buy your products through emails. You can also buy expired books sold in the streets, scan and sell them online for a good price. However, it takes a minimum of six months for one to learn how to make money online through forex trading.
On the other hand, if you had predicted that arsenal will win and it wins, you will be paid 2020. I have tried this and it works really well but it is boring when your team keeps on losing. So, here are a few things you can do online that can help you make easy (or should I say easier) cash in future.
The client gets his high quality job while the writer gets paid on time (and is never harassed with short deadlines).
I may give it a try someday here or elsewhere and you’ll be among the first to know when I do. Having sellable skills, getting known and people believing that you can deliver in your level of skill. For those doing internet marketing, skills such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate marketing, ad creation and blogging among others are very valuable. Building the foundation will take lots of work and effort, but once you have a great reputation, earning online will not be as hard. You need to come out as a likeable person who really cares for other people and is concerned about their success. This is where once you make a payment, you are redirected to a page that only appears once to the buyer that gives them a great deal to buy another product.
It feels great when one day a client gives you a bonus, you get a tip from a buyer, your payment for a project is doubled, you make 50k from your product in the first week etc. I’m still starting out on making money online and honestly it requires a lot of hard work. In my perspective, one should identify one niche, build a firm foundation on it to start earning “easy cash”, but remember under any circumstance, it will never come easy!! Look, you may have skills that are in very high demand (like I do – I do not want to spam), but the thing is to get it known and actually get people to purchase your skill. I think we could use internet and technology to increase our food productivity, feed ourselves and feed the world.
They are happy, our partner farmers are happy because it means more revenue and yes, we too are happy.
I was shocked to learn that, I have to go back to my business, which I left because I was. I am not sure whether Safaricom allows this business but am not aware of any rules against it. However, the only problem with making money online through affiliate program is that it takes time for one to make a purchase. The admin of the group has only the advantage of pinning a post contrary to Facebook pages where the admin controls what people discuss.  You can  browse in this site  for  a comprehensive list of leading Facebook groups to market your products, services and business online. Be sure that, if you have a page that has 100,000 likes and above, advertisers will hit your inbox asking you to advertise for them their sites or products.
If you don’t have a product to sell you can join some of the affiliate programs listed above where you will be given products to sell and earn a commission for every sell that you make. However, your site might not be approved if it has copyrighted content, copy pasted (unoriginal) content, pornographic content.
Nevertheless, you need to be careful with companies that promise to pay you for surveys as most are scams. It involves making money online by buying and selling currencies. I have not had time to personally learn how it works, but Walter—a good friend of mine—earns a lot from it. Your work is simply to predict the outcome of a game and if it turns out to be correct, you are paid as per the amount of money you placed for the bet. On the other hand, if you predicted a certain team will win and it loses, you will only loose the money you had deposited—which is 1,000.
Therefore it’s good to put a higher threshold, and cash out cheques of larger amounts for that commission to make sense. All it takes is just making sure the blog is online and some old posts keep raking in money till now.
A place where they’ll get a wealth of real information that will guide them out of their confusion from courtship to wedding to their honeymoon and beyond. For example, a post could have my HostGator link which would give me $50 per qualified referral and a Google ad which would give me $0.03 per click.
Somebody who is well known (wont mention his name) was taking me really fast – only to realize what I am supposed to do is scam others same way. However, in initial stages this trade is accompanied by challenges like rejections of articles. Look at the payment method of the company offering the survey job and whether they pay people from your location for doing their surveys.  Otherwise, if you do not look at this, you may end up not being paid after doing a survey.
A reader may click on this ad and go away from my blog to see what the link is all about, making them miss the $50 affiliate link.
After that, consider better ways of branding yourself through internet marketing so that you get direct clients (DCs). My online writing seems to be here to stay, but I have to go back and rear these chicken, its the only way I can eat them.
Once you do all the right things, you will be spoilt for choice where clients are concerned. Many websites normally begin to generate revenue after six months but it also depends on the quality of your work.  Most of the revenues generated from your websites come from advertisements.

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