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Is taking your family on vacation a struggle or a great deal of excitement until you come back and have to face the reality of not having enough to cover the light bill, or car payment, or even basic necessities. Whether you have experienced job loss, having to go from a two income household to a one income household, or if you simply need to get a grip on your finances and spending there is hope. Not having enough and being limited from some of what would seem like simple things for the family like vacation, activities for the children, getting personal maintenance like nails, hairs, or even gas in the car, without feeling like you won’t have enough to make ends meet afterwards, is not living your best life! Are you tired of bill collectors, stress about lack, or missing opportunities to grow your business because you just don’t have the extra? If you are looking to change your financial situation and you know you need help join this clear-cut class on a basic foundation for finances starting On July 11, 2016 . It really breaks my heart to see people and know they are struggling in an area where they have more control then they think. I'm not a certified financial advisor, however as an entrepreneurs and business owner for over 20 years, I have learned and used strong basic financial principles to get out of debt  for years. There are everyday people working hard and barely making it, facing eviction, trying to make it happen for their families, running a business to help make that happen, but the bottom line is just not cutting it!
Do you need new equipment for your business, a website or some assistance but you just can't seem to come up with the money to get it done?
A great step to prosperity is to know exactly where you are by putting things into perspective.

What they meant was, when I subtract my debt from how much I had saved, how much was I worth? This will be a two-week course on clarity in your finances and steps to make it happen differently, SO YOU CAN TRULY PROSPER. In a constantly changing economy, it is often hard to know which direction is the best to take. Whether it’s a 401(k), 403(b) or 457, employer-sponsored retirement plans are typically the best savings vehicles for investors.
Diversification is the technique to manage risk by investing in noncorrelated asset classes so if one investment does poorly, another could possibly deliver positive returns. All of our quotes cash Facebook covers are unique, high quality, and guaranteed to make your profile look awesome! If you are not careful, you’ll work to pay them back and be in what seems like a never-ending cycle. There are some basic principles to budgeting and finances that can truly change your life and position you to truly prosper. I have taught others how to form a budget, find hidden money in their right now situation and move forward to prosper. The revelation of how much money I "actually had" to my name shifted my entire mindset about my money.
After all, if we are making money, but barely getting by, there is little room to enjoy what we have. After a crazy year filled with government shutdowns, rising interest rates and the S&P 500 hitting all-time highs, who really knows what tomorrow will bring? These are highly tax-efficient vehicles that allow employees to save at least $17,500 in a tax-deferred vehicle.
In 2013, the S&P 500 hit all time highs, while many fixed income investments got hit pretty hard. Any information presented is general in nature and not intended to provide individually tailored investment advice.
A recent person I helped just this year found $600 monthly in one area of spending that they could use to build their business.

I set my mind on higher heights, came home from my visit with an angel, (SMILE) and went on a serious budget. By leveraging investment outlooks and concerns of everyday investors, we have come up with four key personal finance tips for 2014.
Since your contributions are pulled out of your paycheck before you receive it, they are not taxed on the front end, saving you money you would have lost to taxes. In 2009, the US unemployment rate hit double digits; leaving millions of Americans jobless.
If generating additional income from home each month would help you out, here's the place to start!
All four tips center around one key theme, “pay yourself first.” There are hundreds of ways you can put your assets to work, but you always want to make sure your actions are keenly focused on meeting your personal financial goals. In times like these, having access to an account that can cover three to six months worth of bills can be a lifesaver.
The reality is you should sell while a stock is up and buy when it is low; one thing which is incredibly hard to do.
Investing involves risks; and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest. I set my mind on higher heights, came Hom from my visit with an angel, (SMILE) and went on a serious budget. The suggestions range from tactical ideas that are best used during the current year to strategic moves that are essential to any financial planning process.
You never know for sure how the markets will fare but, with a highly diversified portfolio you are typically positioned well for whatever the future may bring.
The views expressed herein are those of the author, and may not necessarily reflect the views of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, Member SIPC, or its affiliates. Investment selection is always critical but if you’ve done the research and know what you would like to invest in, pull the trigger.

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