We have all seen them – the late night infomercials that promise jetting to an exotic island as the guilt-free cure for boredom that’s within reach for all.
I know it may seem odd that a site that wants to help you grow your wealth would tell you to avoid get rich quick schemes, but the simple fact is so many of them just don’t work. Beyond that, if you do truly want to grow wealth it is going to take hard work and not following some scheme. If you’re not sure what a penny stock is, you’ve likely seen some banner ad promoting some sort of crazy growth by investing in them. What many don’t realize about penny stocks is that they’re more often than not shell corporations. The real way to make money in pyramid schemes is to be constantly bringing in new recruits who then in turn bring in more people. The problem with this get rich quick scheme is that you’re the person they’re making money off of! While it is possible to make money blogging, anyone who has been blogging for a certain amount of time will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work to make money at it.
In my opinion, where many of these and so many other get rich schemes fall short is they claim you can do one simple thing and the heavens will just start dumping cash. BufferIf you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed.
It amazes me how many infomercials and other ways to make money ask for an upfront payment. Get Rich Quick Schemes Cartoons and ComicsGet Rich Quick Schemes cartoon 1 of 6Dislike this cartoon?'All you're ever interested in are get-rich-quick schemes. They promise you can sit back, work for an hour a week and make tens of thousands of dollars. While there may be some ways to make money quickly they’re not going to allow you to live a life of luxury as there are only so many things you can sell and only so many bodily fluids you can donate before you run out. They promise the opportunity to buy shares of a certain company at $.0001 per share and watch those shares turn into $10 per share.

You can’t find information on them and many often are stopped from trading because they’re under some sort of investigation. There are many out there and many of them promise one thing – the ability to make money hand over fist. This results in those at the pinnacle of the pyramid being the ones who make any good money.
There is no real system, no accountability just someone telling you that they’re going to teach you how to make money by buying their kit. However, there are many ads and companies out there promising that you can make good money clicking on ads, writing reviews and so forth.
While you might make some money, it’s just not worth it from a time perspective and certainly isn’t a way to get rich quick. I'm passionate about helping people learn from my mistakes so that they can enjoy the freedom that comes from living frugally.
News and TV stations, generally speaking, aren’t wanting to bite the hands that feed them thus those kinds of ads stay on. If you are one of these people, planning and not budgeting are essential to maintaining your middle or lower class status. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can get rich quick with penny stocks as you’re nearly as likely to strike it rich on the lottery. I was heavily recruited to become a part of a fairly well-known pyramid scheme right out of college. While many promise riches, often times it just results in you spending money and risking damaging friendships because you tried to talk those around you into joining. I wasn’t really looking for ways to get rich quick, but I was looking for easy ways to make money so I could pay off my debt. They’re leaving out a salient point though…their system is just making money off of poor schleps like you and me. Building wealth, getting rich or whatever you want to call it takes hard work, time and persistence – amongst many other things.

Yes, there are some times when you have to spend money to make money – like reselling stuff on Craigslist, but any type of job that asks for upfront payment to get started should be avoided. These days with the internet, it's getting easier and easier for kids to spend money online. I’ve not been guilty of this one myself, but have known and helped people who have and they almost always lose a good amount of money in the process. I did some foolish things and one of those was sending away to buy some kit that would teach me how to place ads in newspapers to make money.
If you're wanting to learn how to monetize your blog, check out my blog coaching services to see how I can help you take your site to the next level. Not only won't you receive interest on your money, but you might forget where you hid some of it.
As opposed to buying into the hype, take the long view with investing and you’ll be much better off for it. We try our best to provide up to date information, but it could differ from actual numbers.
While spending the full 21 seconds a day to do all 3 of these probably wont get you abs, it will reduce your risk of getting rich. Per FTC guidelines, Sprout Wealth may be compensated by third party companies that are mentioned either through advertising, reviews, affiliate programs, or otherwise. By the way, I haven’t talked to that friend of mine who brought me in that situation. All reviews and articles of our personal opinion and no compensation will sway our opinion.

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