Download Get Rich or Die Trying Movie wallpapers and many more hip hop related wallpapers for your computer, iPhone, android and tablets. Floyd Mayweather (professional boxer) has announced that good friend 50 Cent, is to pursue a career in the rings. 50 Cent has been said to be preparing for this lucrative industry, by getting to know and watching the fighters. This entry was posted in Celeb hip-hop news and tagged public enemy on September 19, 2013 by admin. Only those on his inner circle are aware that Ghost isn’t as clean as initial appearances would suggest.
There are a lot of moments like that in the premiere, where Ghost’s duality comes into play, and we get a portrait of a man struggling to balance two different and incompatible existences.
It’s a tribute to episode director Anthony Hemingway and the writing staff that this premiere, as busy as it is, never grates.
According to FUSE, who will broadcast the Shady 2.0 Showcase at SXSW live, Yelawolf will no longer be performing at the show on March 16th. Yelawolf is reportedly still recovering from a ruptured spleen suffered earlier this month and had to withdraw from the show. FUSE also hints at "special guests" which one would assume would be Eminem, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.

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He competed in challenges with juniors and now wants to associate himself with the heavyweights!
Next up is 50 Cent, whose debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’ will drops as a special edition platinum vinyl to commemorate its 10th anniversary November 12. Both feature the same sort of quietly intelligent, morally compromised protagonist and a brooding, heated tone. That inner circle includes his comely wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton), business partner Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and a few other high-ranking gangsters. He wants to go straight, using Truth as a way to maintain his high-rolling lifestyle without having to deal with the dangers of the drug trade.
The difference between the two is that, while Get Rich offered a redemption arc for its troubled lead, Power seems primed to send its protagonist into much darker territory. Those around him, even Tasha, aren’t sold on the notion and encourage him to keep doing what he does best. Maybe that readiness will allow Power to serve as a more accurate account of Cent’s early struggles, or maybe it will choke all the believability from it.

When we first meet him, Ghost is living large, wearing expensive suits and bringing all manner of spoils home to his family. It’s clear, though, that Ghost and his friends have two very different ideas about what that is.
However, with seven episodes left in its first season, the show has a little time to find its voice. However, Ghost leads a double life (a fact neatly foreshadowed by an opening sequence heavy on mirror imagery). He’s also a drug kingpin, organizing a vast network of criminals which smuggles drugs in and out of the city. Carefully removing his expensive shirt, Ghost reveals a muscle-bound, tattooed body underneath. Ghost runs a smooth operation, concealing his illegal activities beneath a winning smile and reputation as a straight-arrow businessman.

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