With less than an hour to go before the 2016 MLB trade deadline, the Texas Rangers agree to acquire outfielder Carlos Beltran from the New York Yankees. While New York’s offense has been woeful for the most part in 2016, Beltran has been the exception. While the Yankees would now need a miracle to make the post-season, an already good trade deadline just got even better for them. A balayage transition is an incredibly popular style to implement into any hair style, type or colour scheme – and once you’ve seen this beautiful gallery of balayage blends then you will be rushing to book your next hair appointment! This beautiful shoulder length style is finished with the most beautiful graduated style to create a gorgeous finished look that we cannot get enough of! This stunning hairstyle is the perfect example to showcase how breathtaking and natural a balayage effect can be, creating the most gorgeous sun-kissed look on any colour hair! This gorgeous and tousled look falls just below the shoulders in the perfect medium length hairstyle that we simple adore. Another medium length hairstyle which features a gorgeous graduated cut, ever so slightly shorter at the back and falling longer at the front, this stunning copper cut has the PoPular Haircuts office swooning!
This stunning bob finishes just above the shoulder with the ends forming a gradient line, slightly shorter at the back and longer towards the front. This gorgeous long bob falls below the shoulders and is parted in the centre, for what we think creates the ultimate medium hairstyle that we absolutely cannot get enough of! This lovely bob finishes in a relatively straight line that is slightly shorter at the back and at the front, but the bob is one gorgeous layer throughout, creating this lovely swish effect on either side of the head. One of the ways a balayage transition is so special is when it blends two shades of the same colour together in a totally natural way, like this gorgeous lady has proved.
These gorgeous and shiny locks fall into the most striking medium length hairstyle that we cannot get enough of!
If you have medium length hair then we hope that we’ve been able to inspire you to brave the balayage colour blend next time you head to the hairdressers!
Algeria is a large country in Northern Africa that is noteworthy for its rich culture and history. Going online to get your passport is the easier, more convenient option for those who would rather not wait in a long line at the post office. If you are looking to explore a little of Algeria’s culture, start by visiting its capital city, Algiers. Tassili n’Ajjer is a desert mountain range and another UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as a National Park and a Biosphere Reserve.
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Prior to the trade, the Rangers ranked seventh in baseball in runs scored and hits, sixth in home runs, RBI, and batting average, ninth in slugging percentage, and tenth in OPS. While Dillon Tate has struggled somewhat in limited minor league work, he has front-line starter potential down the road.
We think that shoulder length hair can be livened up with a balayage colour blend no end, and we’ve gathered some of our favourite balayage shoulder length styles in this post to provide you with inspiration!
Starting slightly shorter at the back of the head and working towards longer layers which frame the face, this wonderful style is finished with a dark to light blonde balayage blend which we think looks incredible.
This stunning lady has worked her graduated medium length style from a dark blonde to a lighter blonde in a striking blend which is accentuated by her soft curls.
The roots are a darker, more honey shade of blonde, and it works quickly into a vibrant bleached blonde through a balayage transition that we cannot get enough of.
This impeccably stylish lady has worked her golden blonde roots into a striking and shiny white shade with a balayage blend, which looks absolutely stunning on this slightly graduated long bob. Working from a warming shade of copper at the top to a gorgeous blonde at the tips, this hair has been loosely curled for bounce and body. The roots are a stunning and rich light chocolate brown which melts into a gorgeous dark caramel at the ends, adding a sun-kissed effect.
This is accentuated by the curls this lovely lady has dispersed throughout, and shows off the brown to blonde balayage to perfection.
Her roots are a dark ash blonde shade which melts seamlessly into a striking icy blonde at the tip. Her hair has a striking dark brown root which quickly works into a blonde shade, blending into a striking and vibrant silver towards the tips of the hair. It is also worth noting how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found in Algeria, of which there are seven.
Doing a little research can help you pick a safe and secure site where you can feel confident in your business. This ancient city is famous for its architecture; the inhabitants of this town built homes that were perfectly adapted to their environment.
As one of the best standing examples of a Muslim fortified city, this town has also earned the distinction as being a World Heritage Site. This site is famous for it’s strange land forms, caused from erosion, such as the natural arches that formed from the rock. If you are thinking of going, be sure to bring your camera, good walking (exploring!) shoes, and your passport. Add Beltran to that production and, assuming the Rangers get semi-consistent pitching, Texas now looks like a top contender for the World Series.

Tate, a 22-year-old righty out of UC Santa Barbara, was the fourth overall pick in the first round of the 2015 MLB Draft. Joshua has previously written for The Daily Nexus at UCSB and for the UCSB Athletics Communications Department.
She’s loosely curled the ends to create a glorious and bouncy finish that we think is stunning. This special distinction is given to places that harbor an invaluable amount of culture, history, or natural significance. These sites feature many other sorts of passport services, such as being able to replace a passport lost or renew  an expired passport. Located near the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Algiers is a lively city full of things to do and see.
Djemila is another site of Roman ruins, but built in order to adapt to the mountainous environment.
Don’t forget about passport renewal expedited service online, where you can access all sorts of online passport services, such as getting a replacement for a damaged or lost US passport. In giving him up, the Yankees are seemingly waiving the white flag on the 2016 season, and are looking forward to 2017 and beyond. He has issues with his command right now, but should figure those out given more time to develop. So if you’re looking to visit a place with a lot of importance to our world, consider visiting Algeria.
In this ancient city, you can still find houses, arches, basilicas, a theatre, and temples. It’s a relatively new city, but it is its archaeological remains that make it so interesting to see. Joshua joined Last Word on Sports in August of 2014, and was promoted to editor later that year. Founded by the Phoenicians, an ancient race of mighty warriors, this site features Roman ruins and its beautiful beaches.

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