It’s been a common problem all these while for most Malaysians where we cannot withdraw money directly from Paypal.
Malaysians can do most transaction in PayPal except withdrawal because there is no option that sends money directly to local bank. You will register with an online bank (recognized by PayPal) and then received a debit card.
The Virtual Money ATM cards are already used by hundreds and thousands of people throughout Asia. Send another email to millie[at]mooncash[dot]com to notify that payment has been send, include your Shipping Address in the e-mail. Example: Assume you transfer $300 USD from PayPal to VMI Bank Account for the first time, you will received $298 USD after 3 days in your bank account. Login to your online VMI account, click View Balance in other currency and choose your local currency.
Before you run happily to the nearest ATM, try remember the steps in the following imags below. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited.

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Everywhere: PayPal is accepted at thousands of websites, from leading brands to small independent retailers. PayPal provides one of the most secure ways to pay for goods and services online, with a team of over 2,000 specialists including former law enforcement officials working to protect you from fraud and identity theft. SagePay’s systems are scanned quarterly by Trustwave, which are an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and an Approved Scanning Vendor for the payment card brands. I believe the reason PayPal is keeping us out is simply because of the massive credit card fraud that happened few years back. Before I start explaining, I must declare that in the process, you will need to buy a debit card and that is not FREE.
Transfer money from PayPal to your online bank account and with the debit card you can withdraw the money (in local currency) at almost any local bank ATM as long as they have a Cirrus or Pulse logo on it.
If you transfered $300 USD fom PayPal to VMI bank account, you will noticed there is a $2 USD charged (transaction free). The reason I’m emphasizing on this is because every transaction (Balance Enquiry, Wrong Pin entered, Withdrawal, etc) counts and you will be charged for it.

If you are getting your VMI from other suppliers then that is at your own risk because I’ve not try nor going to try them. PayPal is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online – your financial details are never shared. We also protect your purchases so just in case there's a problem, you can get your money back. If you transfer $500 USD from PayPal to VMI the second time, you will received $498 USD and you can withdraw $498 USD. The reason I make this so long is because I won’t want to miss any small points that got you lost or stuck somewhere in the process. SagePay is audited annually under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and is a fully approved level 1 payment services provider.

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