Yet, somehow we don’t have enough money for schools, healthcare or food to feed the hungry. At least 11 men were arrested in three separate incidents in the days before this weekend’s conference of world leaders in the Windy City. The attorney representing three men arrested on terrorist-related charges on Wednesday says that the alleged crimes in question were perpetrated by Chicago police officers and reeks of entrapment.
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Like a number of past and current reality stars, Toya Wright, has her hands in all type of business ventures, including lipstick lines, book deals and hair lines. As events wind down on Monday, however, half of those originally detained have been released with no charges pressed and little explanation from investigators. I think her and Memphitz are such a cute couple…not to mention the man is fine as hell. The 32-year-old also explained that although her relationship with Wayne and his baby mamas is strange to the public, it not only works for her, but her husband Memphitz is TOTALLY secure.

She also gave an update on the reality show that she and her hubby have been shopping around. If you trust our government, if you have any fear that we are headed to a Totalitarian state, look out.

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