This pencil portrait of an old man looks unbelievably realistic, down to the reflection in the pupils, and ita€™s hard to believe that it was actually drawn by a teenager. Texaco Childrena€™s Art Competition is an art contest held for kids in Ireland, every year since 1955. McDonagh, who has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember, sayd that this year’s award-winning artwork took her six months to complete.
Above is another photo-realistic painting by Shania Mcdonagh, and below to early drawings that, though impressive, show just how far she’s come. Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray & Princeton were discovered by Vincent Herbert, who discovered Lady Gaga as well.
Socialtik Mag is a progressive platform for young, aspiring professionals to express our views on the issues and ideas in the world around us. Allen Stone may look like a hippy from Chewelah, WA, but he sounds like Stevie Wonder and Prince had a child.
Mindless Behavior will be in Charleston, SC on January 1, 2012 on their Scream Tour and I already bought my kids their tickets!! On Pulp you will find excitement and appreciation for the Ann Arbor area’s arts & culture scene and all it has to offer - from our loveliest galleries to our grungiest basement venues.

For her incredible masterpiece, 16-year-old artist Shania McDonagh won the top prize at this yeara€™s Texaco Childrena€™s Art Competition. Her entry to the contest this year was a close up facial study in pencil, titled a€?Colemana€™.
Press, bloggers and celebrities, including Swizz Beats, were on hand at Yotel in NYC for the event. Check in for previews, thoughts, critiques, reviews, dorky puns, opinions, observations, and heads-ups on what’s happening in the area from professional journalists, community contributors, and your very own AADL staffers. Michael Secondary School in Claremorris, has been taking part in the contest for the past four years.
In addition to the original content we produce, we post from sites around the internet to keep our peers aware of what’s positive, what’s fresh, and most importantly, what’s progressive.
And you wona€™t believe this a€“ she has won the first prize in her age category every single time. According to Professor Delan McGonagle, the chairman of the judging panel, Shania is a a€?young artist of exceptional skill and ability among the many talented artists in the competition.a€™ He also added that Shaniaa€™s work has established her as one of the most talented artists of her generation, whose skill could see her become one of Irelanda€™s foremost portrait artists of the future.
For her incredible talent, Shania won a prize-money of $2,075, which she will be receiving a prize-giving ceremony at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, alongside the other 126 winners.

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