Home of the hottest online trends, the best online deals and the most promising upcoming stars from all over the world! If you’re anything like me, no matter how many clothes you own, you can never have too many.
Another idea is to go through your wardrobe and asee if you can alter any pieces of clothing that you no longer wear. As a skilled Customer Service Manager with an outstanding background in successful business operations, I am seeking to align my company with a progressive company that is poised for strong growth and success.
I would appreciate an interview to discuss the ways in which we can coordinate to accomplish your goals. Well, actually rags won't sell, and you're not likely to get rich, but selling used clothing can help stretch your wardrobe budget and bring in a little extra cash in as well.
Name brand and designer clothing will fetch the best prices, but even off-the-rack clothes can find a new home and make you a few bucks.
Consignment shops will want clothes a season ahead, so have your winter stuff ready by mid-summer.
It's important that you select a selling venue that is appropriate for the type of clothing you wish to sell. If you aren't excited about sharing the wealth, you can set up your own online store or use Craig's list.
You could also consider getting a table or booth at a flea market or community garage sale. Ladies - Nothing takes your wardrobe from spring to summer like a sleeveless floral top. If you were rich you would have a bouncy feeling of freedom in your stride, you would probably be more carefree since life seems effortless to you. Almost every woman likes to dress up nicely, but for them finding the most ideal piece of clothing can be a trial.
Shifting through the racks of clothes at your favorite department store gives you a heightened sense of happiness.

Leave them at the Resale Store: If you have old clothes that are reusable, take them to the resale store where they will offer you a price.
Sell them at an online auction: If you feel uncomfortable about taking your old clothes to the local resale store, then offer them for a price on an online auction. Sell them at a garage sale: Organize a garage sale at your home or participate in one organized by your friends, acquaintances or organizations you are affiliated with. Swap with friends, neighbors and acquaintances: Spread the word among your friends, acquaintances and neighbors that you wish to swap old clothes and then organize a swap party at your home or club.
Give them away to charity: If you like helping people around the world who are less fortunate than you, then give the clothes away to charity.
There are a couple of things you can do to end up with a brand new wardrobe-and in some cases, for no cost whatsoever! Think cutting jeans into shorts, hemming maxi dresses into minis, or cutting up tee shirts into singlets or midriffs. With extensive experience supervising talented business teams, meeting tight schedules, and delivering first- class support, I am confident that I can help you meet your organization’s most ambitious objectives. Please also note that abusive or spammy comments will not be condoned and the opinions expressed in the comments above do not reflect the views of StarCentral Magazine.
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Now, head down the hall to your children's closets, and don't forget your partner's stuff if you have permission. This is a great way to get rid of old clothes you don’t want and getting clothes you need or have always wanted but never got around to buying.
Your clothes may end up helping save the lives of impoverished and dispossessed people in your neighborhood or in a faraway country. Sometimes I go through stages of cleaning out my wardrobe- but all that does is reinforce how much junk I keep and how many clothing items I really need to get rid of. Get a bunch of girlfriends together, and ask them to bring just one thing: a bag of clothes they no longer want.

The basic idea is you register, pay around $20 and bring with you 6 pieces of clothing you no longer want. It’s time to take a stand and get rid of these pieces- set up an ebay account and make yourself some money!
Teenagers and adolescents have loads of clothes they don’t want to be seen in because they are not in fashion anymore. If you don’t, make a bargain or take them to another store that will offer a better price. You won’t get any money out of this, but the satisfaction that comes from the knowledge that you have helped someone is worth a million dollars.
This way you can use it until it becomes tattered enough to throw into the dustbin or garbage bag without any sentiments attached. On the night of the party, the clothes are all hung like at a shop, and you are entitled to 6 brand new pieces! You will be asked to post a photo and description of each item you want to sell along with the price. The reason for this is that people have a habit of stashing away old clothes rather than throwing them away in the hope that they might come handy someday or because they are sentimentally attached to them.
You will, without a doubt, end up with pieces of clothing that you absolutely love and for free!
But when your home overflows with old clothes, you will be left with no choice but to dispose of them.

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