When I was coming up off the streets, I needed five single $100 bills in an envelope under my mattress or at the top of a closet so I felt safe. Now I need the social proof of sold-out tour dates to give myself the internal permission to fill larger rooms and close high-ticket offers quicker. Strategy: Identify the emotional state that undermines your success and then give it what it needs so you are in action for your 7-figure destiny. What I need to get my basic needs met is a solid sense of trust from those I have to work under or work with. You may want to save a 10% from each pay check until you have enough to feel safe to pour yourself into your business. I think what emotion sabatoge a me is fear and I tend to give my fear action & results to quill it. I think it can undermine my success because along with the fear comes stress, worry and anxiety.
I need to have at least a minimum of $5-10K in my checking or savings account after all bills are paid and investments. I thought long and deep about this question and I require the validation of a Champion in order for me to give myself internal permission to prosper.
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Returns Here at Brother2Brother we like to try and make shopping online with us as easy as possible. The game-changer for the ladies was really telling the truth to this question: What do you REQUIRE to make money?
So each time I increase my capacity to receive, I have new requirements to manifest more money with more ease. I also need to set pride aside and ask for help to figure out how to monetize my gifts in a more effective way, but I also understand that takes money and not having it is what is paralyzing me.
And to know that I have control over my emotions and to give my self permission to fail and to keep going. I’m on a journey of spiritual growth and personal development right now so this is perfect timing. If you would like text updates on your order then please enter your mobile phone number when ordering. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase you will be entitled to a full refund (including original postage) if the item(s) are returned to us in the same condition as sold with the tags still attached and within 14 days of receipt of the item. I recognize my ability to take more risks and invest more in myself is based on how financially stable I think I am. If an item received is damaged or faulty you have 30 days from receipt of item to return it to us. I can’t seem to let go of my part time day job due to financial security and benefits.

I hear it from everyone around me that i need to be kinder to myself but i haven’t made it to that point yet. I know I need to and when I have people genuinely say what do you need I am becoming more honest and saying what my needs are.
Once i achieve that, i hope to be in a better position to build my confidence and trust in myself and my abilities. I needed my emotional needs of feeling secure, worthy and that it is OK to pursue my dreams. I was single parent for many years and it caused me to always operate in a mindset of putting others before me.
Even though my oldest is 21 years old I felt guilty for investing in my business or buying new clothes for a conference or meeting with a client. I had conditioned myself to subconsciously feel guilty for achieving success or investing in me. Thankfully through a lot of self love and reflection I now know and understand that I am worthy of success.

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