We here at FYC are all about getting that flame of inspiration burning brightly within each of our readers, and so today we have a very special treat.
I cannot give out the PSD, but if you shoot me an email or ask me on twitter, I’d be glad to give you a quick tutorial. These websites play a very important role in the learning and recognizing of the subject and how to deliver the best managerial performances.
As interface designers, we’re often required to demonstrate the look and feel (and interactions) of the interfaces we design.

Today, we have the opportunity to not only see the end result of some of that inspiration at work, but we get to present it to all of the community through the site. As someone noted earlier, it isn’t particularly complex so it only takes a few steps and the right font to achieve the effect.
Perhaps one of the most scintillating advancements has taken place in the field of web services for mobile phones. Earlier it was considered as a luxury to own mobile phones and now even the young adolescents boasts off their iPhone and Android handhelds and what not.

Matt is a passionate web developer, marketer, gamer and photoshop guru that loves to make ideas come to life.

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