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Creative Mobile’s Nitro Nation Drag Racing has gone live with cash tournaments on iOS. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Drag Racing players have embraced the challenge of competing for real money.
Drag Racing is a test of timing and tactics where every millisecond counts and the slightest mistake results in defeat. Drag Racing now offers the option to race for cash and includes tournaments with potential winnings ranging from $0.40 to $10.

We’re also giving away free cash for every deposit up to a value of $100 per player, so get yourself over to the iOS App Store, download the game and join in the fun! Cashplay is a unique monetization platform that allows mobile and online skill gamers to compete against each other for real money. Register on our Developer Portal to download our SDK. This entry was posted in Cashplay.co News and tagged cash tournaments, cashplay, creative mobile, game monetization, nitro nation drag racing on June 2, 2014 by James King. By day I'm the Community Manager at Cashplay.co, holding the fort on Twitter and writing about the Gaming Industry. Prepare for GDC16, don’t miss the new addition to the Emmy Awards and say big congrats to Supercell! Ant Simulator team spends it all on booze and strippers, 2K joins the eSports race and Taylor Swift gets her own game! Get your experience in career mode, then take it online and go up against the best of the best in online multiplayer play!
Work your way up the ladder from a small town hotshot to the world championship, and earn sponsorships and contract races a long the way. There are three racing types in multiplayer - Bracket Racing, Heads Up Racing, and Grudge Racing. There are over 30 achievements for you to earn as you work your way up the ranks, and over 10 leaderboards to keep track of who the best is. What if we tell you that Drag Racing Hack Tool can get you unlimited Money and Reputation Points for free? You will need to download the hack tool archive from one of the mirrors provided below and extract the archive to your computer. Drag Racing Hack includes multiple protection features that will keep both your account and gadget safe during the hack process.
With over 100 million downloads, Drag Racing is regarded as one of the best mobile racers available, boasting a fiercely passionate and competitive community of players.
Early reports show that nearly 7000 players have already played for cash with almost 40000 cash games completed. With more than 50 officially licensed cars to choose from, the gameplay is an adrenaline-fueled balancing act of shifting gears and applying nitro at the optimum moment.

Competition is fierce, but our unique skill matching algorithm ensures that players are pitted against others of similar ability.
Race, Tune, Upgrade and Customize 50+ real licensed cars from the world’s hottest car manufacturers.
Would you pick an iconic Skyline GT-R, a classic 69′ Mustang, or a brand new BMW M4 as your ultimate driving machine?
Go head-to-head against your friends or random racers, beat them while driving their own cars, or race against 9 players at once in real-time competitions. You'll have to be on your toes and your car will have to be tuned to the gills to make your way up to the World Championship and come out on top. And the amazing auto-update feature will make sure you get the latest working cheat codes for Money and RP.
As Creative Mobile’s flagship title, Drag Racing has received substantial critical and popular acclaim having been ranked in the top ten games of 2011 by the New York Times blog and it is in the top ten most downloaded games ever on the Google Play store.
Tune your car and accelerate your way to victory, Add nitrous oxide for more fun, but don’t hit the button too early! As you modify your car you will have to keep up on your tune as each modification slightly changes your car's ability. No problem, the leaderboards are segmented in a way that allows people with lower modifications to compete on even footing.
And if you want to take a smart shortcut in this game, Drag Racing Hack v3.75 will be perfect for you! Go deeper and adjust gear ratios to shave off precious milliseconds through 10 levels of cars and race categories.
The tuning aspects are so in-depth that you can even adjust how high off the ground your wheelie bar is!

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