In the world we live in today, communication is very vital for the survival of individuals and nations. In this article, I will be sharing some tips on how you can improve your communication skills. People should hear you clearly when you speak; they do not have to strain their ears in order to do this. Most times the major problem with communication is that we listen to respond and not to understand. The ability to properly read and interpret body language is key for effective communication; notice body positioning and facial expressions.
Communication is one skill necessary for survival in this information age, so you must strive daily to improve on your ability to communicate effectively with people.
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You can train yourself to be more audible when you speak so that people can hear and understand you better.
This must come with a lot of control, too much or too little of it may be interpreted wrongly by the other person.
Sometimes we already have our responses; we may not wait for the other party to finish talking before we throw out what we have to say. It is therefore expedient that we strive to improve our ability to communicate effectively. Maintaining good eye contact helps you to pass your message across effectively and helps you to gauge the participation level of your audience. It is important that when you communicate with others, you pay very close attention to what they are telling you.
Learn to wait till the other party has finished speaking before you say what you have to say.

From body postures, movements, facial expressions, you can tell if the other party is actively engaged in the discussion.
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