I've seen most of them search in Google, Bing and other search engines like Ad clicking job, PTC job, Advertisement jobs etc and join any one of the PTC site without knowing what is that. Creating a new website will be more technical in that case you can start a blog with blogger or WordPress. Once you start a blog or website start writing posts about the PTC site for which you need referrals and create a link with your referral ID like this join clixsense.
Long term referral building i.e, once your website ranks more in search engines lots of new people will come to your site and you can make new referrals for life time.
Don't just post your referral link because they may not click your referral link or they may close the PTC site without knowing what is that. If you simply join referrals with false promise, you can only join referrals in turn you cannot earn anything. Replace "link" with your referral link and type like this "Earn online without investment" or something like this in 'Your comment' and click publish.
An forum, is an online discussion area in a website where people can hold conversations in form of posted messages.
Replace "link" with your referral link and type like this "Earn online without investment" or something like this in 'Your message' and click publish.
Example : Talk PTC, e money space, net business rating, get paid forum, PTC database, Dream team money, Earning palace, money maker group etc!
Very short term i.e, your forum post will be seen not for more than a day, as most of them will post forum your post will be history even in minutes. If you have good language make a tutorial or you can explain through onscreen non voice tutorial using word pad. 100% result if your customer gets satisfied by the way you explain and create confidence that it is not a scam.
Once your request is approved you can write about something and paste your affiliate link there. Getting approval is some what tough if your post has grammatical mistakes, meaningless, copied etc.

Send the PTC referral link through e-mails to your friends, colleagues, relatives etc.
There are some tools available in website to send e-mails to unknown people, but you have to pay for that. You should not post your referral links directly here instead give a heading like this "Online jobs in Newyork" and give some explanation and display your e-mail ID and mobile no and ask them to contact you. Tags: How to get more referrals traffic, Tips to get more referrals, Tips to earn more in PTC sites, How to refer more people in PTC sites, How to get more referral in neobux, How to get more referral in clixsense.
In this video I explain the admin console commands for Ark Survival Evolved on the Xbox One.
DISCLAIMER: All background wallpapers found here are believed to be in the "public domain". And result of that is they will click ads for one or two days and they will forget about it in a week.
They cannot advertise themselves, so they approach advertising companies like Google adsense, infolinks, chitika etc. So they added a new concept called referral, where they ask their members to introduce new members to their site.
Some people don't go to regular work and they earn hundreds of dollars in PTC sites to run their family and life. But, after researching more about traffic exchange, I added this as number one best method for making some free referrals for any site. Traffic exchange is exchanging visits, like if you visit someone's page you will get a free visit to your page. A business social network is the place where lots of internet marketers and entrepreneurs meet. Try to connect lots of top users and attract other to your business profile to produce good conversion. If you succeed in this method you are the king and you can earn for generations without going to work.

If some one join the PTC site using your referral link, you will start getting commission from their clicks.
Post your referral link in your social media profile like Facebook, Google +, twitter etc. Tell them truth and if somebody joins using your referral ID, tell them how they can earn more. If you go to some website leave a good reply like 'good job', 'nice post', 'Thanks for help' and include your referral link as given below. You don't want to waste your time in creating your own website because it's very tough and 90% ends in failure. Now send the message, your message should be in such form that they should know what it is. For example don't advertise the referral link of clixsense in clixsense itself instead advertise in neobux vice versa. The usage social business networks are similar to the the ordinary social medias like Facebook with few terms are different. The website you are going to post will be search engine optimized SEO and they will have lots of organic traffic. If you post your referral link directly it will be considered as spam and they will not approve your ad as shown below. You have to find the questions like this and answer them with your referral link as shown below. And each time you log into yahoo answer find the questions like these "Help me to find online jobs" "How to get genuine online job" "How can I earn money online" and paste the answer you have prepared, its just simple.

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