The program is designed for professionals involved in industrial IT and industrial control systems.
The software simplifies access to HART field device information and feeds it to numerous diagnostic and process optimization packages. Emerson Process Management and OSIsoft introduce the OSIsoft PI Connector for HART-IP, a link between HART field devices and OSIsoft’s PI System enterprise software infrastructure for managing streaming sensor data in real time. Emerson develops and deploys diagnostic and optimization packages that analyze field device information.
Advances in gas analyzer technology are predicted to drive the global gas analyzer market until 2020. According to the latest research study released by Technavio, the global gas analyzer market is expected to reach $465.1 million in revenue by 2020. Advanced technologies for compressor capacity control can provide flexibility and save massive amounts of energy, but it can be difficult to achieve precise control. Large reciprocating compressors have high power requirements, sometimes running in the range of megawatts.
A new 16-page brochure from ABB overviews the range of the company's measurement and analytical products, services and solutions.
As long as the chemical and refining industries have existed, owners and operators have challenged their plants to generate more revenue by incrementally expanding, or debottlenecking, capacity beyond the nameplate rating. Independent of each other, research teams in Germany and Sweden have developed new catalysts that could challenge the need for precious metals currently used to produce hydrogen. Gas-fueled internal-combustion engines fueled by gas play an important role at many chemical plants as drivers for equipment such as compressors, pumps, generators and blowers.
Confidence in business conditions drops sharply after Britain’s electorate votes to leave the European Union. A report from ICIS indicates that confidence in the chemical sector has dropped sharply since Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. A Chinese team took top honors at The 48th International Chemistry Olympiad, reports Chemical & Engineering News. The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) announces the finalists for the IChemE Global Awards 2016. The IChemE Global Awards celebrate excellence, innovation and achievement in the chemical, process and biochemical industries.

Limiting leakage of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from valves is a business imperative for chemical manufacturers.
In early 2014,the Tesoro refinery suffered two events at its alkylation union that released sulfuric acid, burning two workers each time.
Fulton rental heaters reportedly offer all the capabilities of custom-designed Fulton thermal coil heaters.
Undertaking an energy assessment can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if the energy expert can understand and follow an “impact analysis.” So, this column will cover this methodology and cite a few examples of how to undertake an impact analysis while doing energy assessments.
Published ASME standards for energy assessments provide a good starting point and offer guidelines for conducting these assessments.
The PI Connector for HART-IP automatically maps wired and WirelessHART devices to the asset structure in the PI Server. The PI Connector for HART-IP leverages the PI System to provide information to these application suites, according to the company. A research report titled, “Global Gas Analyzer Market 2016-2020,” provides an in-depth analysis of market growth in terms of revenue and emerging market trends. Integrating them into complex processes with side streams or multi-stream compression requires precise control and operational flexibility. The brochure provides specifics about the company's devices for monitoring flow, pressure, temperature, level and force, as well as gas and liquid properties and concentrations. A recent column discussed issues in selecting an appropriate metering pump (“Prevent Metering Pump Mayhem.”).
Released on July 26, the Europe ICIS Chemical Market Confidence Index (CMCI) indicates a dramatic decline over last month and compared with 12 months ago. Automotive, retail and building industry trade groups all report a weakened outlook for employment, investment and growth.
The competition, which ran from July 23rd to August 1 in Tbilsi, Georgia, had high school students from 71 countries face off; each country could send up to four students. Last year, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory walked away with the top prize for their novel fracturing fluid, designed to make fracking more environmentally friendly.
Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act makes seismic changes in domestic industrial chemical management. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) issued its final report on releases of sulfuric acid that occurred in 2014 at the Tesoro refinery in Martinez, Calif., that led to the burning of four workers.

In February, an incident led to the release of 84,000 lb of the acid; less a month later, removal of piping caused a spray of sulfuric acid. The units serve customers experiencing failure of an existing heater, as backup for critical processes or as short-term replacements during long lead times for new units or permanent solutions. They are suitable for use in markets including chemical processing, manufacturing, lamination and food and asphalt industries, according to the company. Unfortunately, the high-temperature and high-pressure environment of large steam generators makes them susceptible to corrosion. These standards apply to all key industry sectors and critical infrastructure, providing students with the knowledge to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in industrial automation and control systems. The market research report also includes up-to-date analysis and forecasts for various end-user segments, including oil and gas, power, chemical, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals, according to Technavio. The brochure provides examples of ABB's experience in handling uncommon measurement applications.
This reportedly follows warnings from the German chemical trade group VCI and the IMF on the vote’s impact on European GDP growth. The winners of each of the 16 categories and the overall winner for outstanding chemical engineering project will be revealed on November 3 in Manchester, UK. The report cites deficiencies in safety culture and safety indicators, and says the failings point up the continued need for a proactive regulator to conduct preventive inspections.
Hence, there’s a strong need to undertake energy assessments from an impact-level perspective and increase the cost-effectiveness of these efforts. Large reciprocating compressors are a poor match for variable-speed drives because the large motors make the drives costly and the high torque requirements require large flywheels. For example, ABB’s advanced remote sensing technologies reportedly serve on the first satellite devoted to monitoring greenhouse gases from space. A Romanian high schooler earned top individual honors by snaring three gold medals and a silver one.
Traditional capacity control methods waste electric power by using recycle valves or recycle valves in combination with step control.

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