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Cobra Commander does not delude himself by justifying his actions as matters of principles or glory.
Not much is known of Cobra Commander's past, but in his early career he was a used car salesman.[1] While struggling to keep his business afloat, he learned that a car crash had taken the life of his older brother, Dan, who had been driving drunk.
Cobra Commander managed to track Snake-Eyes to Japan, where he was training to become a member of the Arashikage ninja clan.
Cobra Commander returned to his domestic life, but after his wife gave birth to a son, Billy, she found out about what had happened in Japan. He then moved to the town of Springfield, where the businesses were struggling and the population had become disillusioned with existing policy. For a long time, Cobra remained a clandestine organization, slowly building up its forces and resources. Irked at the Joes' interference, Cobra Commander initiated a plan to let a sophisticated battle robot be captured by the Joes. The Baroness and Major Bludd recruited Billy to carry out Cobra Commander's assassination,[8] but he was intercepted by Destro before he could accomplish his task.[9] Cobra Commander had become such a rabid megalomaniac by this point that he had no qualms about torturing his own son, yet Billy refused to surrender any information identifying who had sponsored the hit. Cobra Commander ordered the creation of a new genetic lifeform - a super soldier who combined DNA from many of history's greatest warriors. The attack was militarily a success but also saw Cobra Commander and Serpentor continue their conflict, with each trying to seize the advantage over the other.
It was during this cross-country trek with Destro that Cobra Commander learned of Billy's fate: though he survived the explosion, he had lost a leg and an eye, and lay in a coma ever since. Cobra Commander took that opportunity to return to Cobra, this time even more maniacal than before, filled with rage and unwilling to harbor any traitors (real or perceived).
After the Marvel series ended, Cobra forces fell to a unified assault organized by the G.I. By the time he had fully restored the terrorist group, however, he was usurped by Destro's son, Alexander, who hoped to impress his father by eliminating his old rival and leading Cobra to victory. Cobra Commander quickly proved himself deadlier than ever, smuggling a nuclear warhead into the United States, and using a decoy ship as a means for Storm Shadow to infiltrate the G.I. Not long after, Cobra Commander was betrayed by one of his own troops, the Dreadnok Zandar, who brought him to Cobra Island and presented him to his new leader, Serpentor.
Cobra Commander then contacted Storm Shadow, and together they sought out the Red Ninja Clan for protection. The Commander wasted no time in returning to Cobra Island, which Tomax and Xamot had bought back. In Badhikstan, Cobra Commander unleashed the Tempest, armed with a flesh eating bio-engineered virus known as "Deathangel", upon the country. In Washington, a group of presidential advisers ask to speak to the President, but he tells them to take it up with his Chief of Staff — Garret Freedlowe. Eventually Cobra Commander would amass his vast terror network and allies again for a final "World War" against G.I.
Eventually, G.I Joe was able to break Cobra's stealth technology with the help of Destro, and after a brutal series of battles across the globe, Cobra's conventional forces were crushed.
In recruiting many of the men who make up the Cobra organization, Cobra Commander often likes to tell a story that one can only surmise to be his true origin or at least a version of it is. Cobra Commander was originally known as Baron Ironblood, leader of the Red Shadows, a ruthless terrorist organization. Ironblood betrayed the Shadows, leaking information about their bases and intentions to the UN. Cobra Commander personally supervised an arms purchase from Destro's Military Armaments Research Systems, with the money and weapons to be exchanged on a boat in London's Docklands.
Cobra Commander then oversaw a scheme to feed disinformation in the form of Destro to fool Action Force into thinking that Cobra was attempting to forcibly take over the Mafia in Venice, resulting in Action Force attacking to drive Cobra out. Destro went only to discover that all secrets had been destroyed by the creator who took his life.
Cobra Commander always had a flair for the dramatic such as when he built his Cobra temple in the secret mountains and creating a reputation for it that scares the locals. Although only Cobra Commander's eyes are ever openly exposed, it is clear from this partial view that he is a blue-eyed Caucasian.
Cobra Commander frequently led assaults himself, but often vacillated between being a coward at heart, usually the first to turn tail in retreat whenever the tide of battle shifted unfavorably, or pushing his troops to seize victory at all costs, berating them when they turned to retreat. The Cobra organization decides that, after Cobra Commander had repeatedly failed to bring them victory, they should literally create a new leader. Thereafter, Cobra Commander seems to be employed as the organization's primary field commander, while Serpentor leads mostly from the Terrordrome. Also during this time, some members of Cobra were finding themselves disillusioned with Serpentor's leadership. After evading capture by the Joes, the Baroness and Gnawgahide provided Cobra Commander with an old battle suit of his (since Cobra can't very well be led by a naked lizard man) and went about beginning the next phase in the Commander's plan to retake his organization. As this was happening, Cobra Commander was also regaining the loyalty of some of his men, if not in some cases by force. In a later event, Cobra Commander (at the request of a Crimson Guardsman) actually agreed to partner with the Joes in combating a drug dealer named the Headman, after the Headman had gotten Lt.
Cobra Commander unofficially appeared in the third season of the Transformers cartoon (1986), in the episode "Only Human". Although it is never explicitly stated, several details make it clear enough that "Old Snake" is actually an aged Cobra Commander: he has the same raspy voice, he wears the character's distinctive silver mask, and has visible traces of his blue uniform underneath his trenchcoat.
Old Snake appears to be wearing the gauntlets of Serpentor (in black rather than Serpentor's dark green). As I was watching the show for the first time, I realized it was closer to Veronica Mars than it was to any of the other teen soaps on the air. I never thought of PLL as a fill in for Veronica Mars, but after you mentioned, I kinda agree. Whether your idea of monkeying around is throwing a loud party or eating too much candy and jumping on the furniture, we want to help you realize your childhood fantasies! However, sometimes it can be tough to decide what you want to be, and there are a lot of factors that can make it tough to decide to dress up like the cost of the costumes. If you want to dress in a classic costume, or you can say you’re imitating Charlie Brown, then this is a great simple costume that is easily made at home with minimal cost to the budget. If you are looking for princess hats or birthday tiaras then you’re in luck because we have an abundance of them; we had to create a category just for tiaras and crowns! Embittered by this tragedy, Cobra Commander became obsessed with vindicating his brother's death. The Commander hired a mercenary called Firefly to kill him, but Firefly soon realized he was no match for his target, instead referring Cobra Commander to another assassin, Zartan, who infiltrated the clan and shot at Snake-Eyes with an arrow stolen earlier from another ninja, Storm Shadow. He took the child and left his wife, becoming increasingly paranoid and blaming all his problems on "the system." He traveled across America with Billy, seeking out people who shared his desire to topple big business and the government, using money he had earned from pyramid schemes to attract followers.
The robot was meant to be transported to the Joes' headquarters, the Pit, where it will activate by itself, attempt to escape and beam the Pit's location. As a result Cobra Commander and Destro ventured underground at personal risk and were trapped when the Joes destroyed the base to save secrets. Unnerved by the tragedy, the Commander took responsibility for Billy's condition, and promised to be a better father.[18] Seeking out the Crimson Guard Fred VII, a mechanical genius who built Billy a new robotic leg, the Commander set up shop in Denver, where Billy eventually awoke from the coma. It was exhumed by another Crimson Guardsman, Fred VIII, who discovered that Cobra Commander was not dead after all, and managed to revive him. His first act was to imprison those who had betrayed him: Fred VII, his partner Raptor, Firefly, Dr. The androids were under the control of a former Crimson Guardsman who had a grudge against the Commander and wanted him dead, planning to launch a missile at his position. At a secret Cobra base, the order to every sleeper cell went out, announcing Cobra was once again active. Refusing to admit defeat, Cobra Commander made a last stand where Cobra began in the Appalachian mountains. The story revolves around a law-abiding car salesman who served his country in the military and now runs his fledgling business. The Red Shadows were comprised of legions of brainwashed fanatic soldiers armed with sophisticated, high-tech weapons. While the Shadows were wiped out, Ironblood went into hiding and constructed a new identity for himself, becoming Cobra Commander, creating Cobra in secret.
However Action Force attacked the sale, destroying the weapons and forcing the Commander to flee empty handed.[20] At a meeting at Destro's castle in the Balkans, Cobra Commander explained to his host and the Baroness that Cobra aimed to destroy the existing world order and rebuild it with Cobra succeeding free will and death delivered to all those who oppose.

Destro was then captured by Action Force.[34] Cobra Commander personally led a rescue mission, attacking the public in London in an attempt to force Action Force to return their prisoner. Despite it being a speculation, there a numerous hints that suggest this, in addition, his uniform bears a striking form to that of a German Officer's during the real World War 2. However, his complacency has pushed Destro into pursuing a more active role in acquiring the MASS elements.
His reason for wearing the mask was not expressly divulged, but in one episode, Destro interrupts his unmasked privacy during a meal and is repulsed at what he saw (which is not shown on-screen), prompting the Commander to wryly muse, "It takes a strong stomach to watch me eat, eh, Destro?" implying that he may have some unsightly deformity.
Impatient and frequently hysterical, he was prone to fits of rage when things went badly, often launching into extended rants. Joe managed to interfere with the gene collection to deny Serpentor the critical inclusion of Sun Tzu's essence and with only a little of Sgt.
Serpentor even allowed Cobra Commander to be the organization's second-in-command, a decision tolerated by the rest of the Cobra High Command. Joe: The Movie, he and the Cobra members with him end up encountering Cobra-La citizens Pythona and Nemesis Enforcer in the Himalayas where Cobra Commander was arrested by Nemesis Enforcer. Joe: The Movie, Cobra Commander was left in a snake form, and was now being kept as a "pet" of Serpentor (who took great enjoyment in taunting and torturing the former leader and kept him in a cage). In particular, The Baroness (recently rejected by Destro for Zarana), was finding herself no longer in Serpentor's good graces, and sought the means to oust him from power.
Contacting Destro, Baroness surprised him by showing him the Commander in his new humanoid form. Using the Dragonfire energy (again), he created a new fleet dubbed the Python Patrol, which he then used to overtake Serpentor and regain control of Cobra. In a final display of ruthlessness, he turned the Dragonfire energy against Serpentor, mutating him into an iguana for Gnawgahide to keep as a pet. Falcon (in another embarrassing moment for the character) and said Crimson Guardsman's sister addicted to his special brand of drugs.
Set in the then-future year 2006, a trenchcoated figure going by the name "Old Snake" is approached by crime lord Victor Drath, who wishes to purchase synthoid technology, as seen in a few episodes of the GI Joe cartoon series.
He is identified in dialogue as the former leader of a terrorist organization that utilized synthoid technology. This is contrary to the series' production bible, which notes that his bare fingers should be visible through torn gloves, and that his skin is scaly, like that of a real snake (the animation of this Transformers episode, as with a good half of Season 3 episodes, is not stellar, so this costume detail may be simple misinterpretation). It doesn’t seem like Pretty Little Liars is the type of show that would fit on a site like LeakyNews. It’s not as badly named as Cougar Town turned out to be, but people are too quick to write off this awesome show.
The premise behind PLL is that their teenage friend Alison was murdered and now, someone claiming to be her is essentially torturing these four teenage girls.
There’s no way PLL can reach the cleverness of VM, but I just see so many similarities between the two shows. Go to the store and stock up on bananas (or candy and soda), or get some party supplies and get ready to monkey around like you always wanted. The long-sleeve sheath dress has a center-front zipper and a long, stuffed tail is sewn to the back of the dress. You can easily get some tape with the name of your favorite soccer team and put the tape on to a t-shirt or sweater. You can find a white sheet in your linen closet, cut out a pair of eye holes and go get some candy!
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We know that he has deliberately started political and social conflict in a number of areas. He took specific interest in the surviving son of the family killed in the accident with Dan.
Cobra Commander and Destro were trapped underground, presumed dead.[16] However they survived[17] and were forced to work together to make their way to freedom. Fitted with a mechanical prosthetic leg by Fred VII, Billy unwittingly stumbled upon the Blind Master and Jinx.
With Fred VII masquerading as him in Cobra, the Commander began to form a new organization in secret. Mindbender, Zartan, Billy, and numerous Cobra troops, all of whom he had buried alive within a volcano on Cobra Island. Cobra Commander managed to escape, becoming an international fugitive as the remnants of his organization retreated into hiding.
Joe team, and Cobra Commander was freed by Storm Shadow, retaking his organization soon after. Unfortunately, both plans ended in failure, with the Joes capturing the warhead and Snake Eyes arriving to stop Storm Shadow (It is hinted that it was Storm Shadow himself who informed Snake Eyes of the assassination attempt). Once back in control of the Cobra and Coil forces, the Commander moved all Cobra personnel to the Monolith Base in Budakistan.
Joe team led by General Phillip Rey (Hawk's temporary replacement) managed to track Cobra to their new base, where they defeated Cobra forces and destroyed the Tempest. Duke managed to free himself and to stop the missile's launch, learning its target location from a computer screen: Washington DC. The Commander informed the men that he had taken Garret Freedlowe's place with Zartan's masking technology and that he would kill them, replacing them with his own operatives. The Commander was seen looking down at an infant boy, the son of Destro and the Baroness, whom he planned to mold into the physical manifestation of his ideals. Using prototype stealth technology from MARS labs, and his special "Plague" unit, Cobra Commander was able to launch an all-out offensive on many of the most powerful nations in the world. Cobra Commander would confront his son Billy for a final time, shooting him with toxic bullet and hanging his corpse from a flag pole, breaking the last tie he had with his former life. One day, he found himself under investigation by the government and tax officials for laws and ordinances his business violated. The group was declared the single greatest threat to world security by the UN, with Ironblood being labeled "World Enemy #1". He announced that the destruction of the Eiffel Tower would be the first demonstration of Cobra's power. Cobra Commander ordered Storm Shadow to kidnap Flint at a pre-arranged meeting with Action Force's Ministry of Defence liaison Trent, but Scarlett attended instead of Flint. However Storm Shadow first discretely tipped off Action Force who substituted Dexter instead.
When the world's surrender is not coming as expected, the Commander becomes enraged enough to risk using what little of the MASS elements left to disintegrate New York City. He was also greedy and egotistical, often mistreating his own troops to the point of mutiny, and on multiple occasions saw his plans foiled by his own arrogance.
Mindbender, Cobra's scientists combine DNA samples retrieved from the tombs of history's most notorious despots (along with DNA from current G.I. Cobra Commander spent most of Season 2 trying to reclaim his former glory from under Serpentor's domineering shadow, assembling his own secret society called The Coil to that end. In light of Cobra's constant failures, Golobulus decides to put Cobra Commander on trial and punishes him by forcing his further exposure to the spores, whose effect begins to devolve him into a snake. Cobra, under the command of Serpentor, had undertaken the task of trying to harness an ancient power called "Dragonfire," and had set out to find its sources and bend it to their sinister will. Opportunity presented itself in a scientific study she found suggesting the mutagenic properties of the Dragonfire energy. It's worth noting that Cobra Commander's true intentions were to gain access to the Headman's vast wealth and fortune, and had little to do with actually fighting a war on drugs. Old Snake transfers the minds of Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Arcee and Springer into synthoid bodies, leaving their robotic shells for Drath's use in criminal activities.
Most tellingly of all, the episode concludes with Old Snake lamenting that "they simply don't make terrorists like they used to", raising his fists in skyward exaltation with the familiar "Cobra!" battle cry, before breaking prematurely into a hacking cough. When I first heard about the show way back in 2010 when it premiered, I thought it sounded like the stupidest thing ever. Several of my friends had told me how addicting PLL was and that I absolutely had to start watching it.
Over the three seasons, the hunt to figure out who A is has expanded into this complex mythology, which I will touch on in just a few moments. It doesn’t even have to be Halloween to swing from the chandeliers – you can dress up in this women’s monkey costume any time of the year. From gangster hats and pirate hats, to tiaras and crowns, we are sure to have an inexpensive costume hat that is right for you and your costume. He has amassed an army by recruiting displaced people, promising them money, power and a chance to get back at the world that hurt them.

A meticulous person, he likes to personally oversee vital projects himself, even engaging in military combat himself on occasion.
For reasons and in ways unknown, Billy left his father and joined the anti-Cobra underground organization.
Given the danger of Serpentor, they undertook to keep a low profile as they made their way home.
Seeing that Fred VII had constructed a suit of battle-armor for Cobra Commander, who was once again plotting to take over the world, Billy walked out on his father.
He relinquished all traces of morality and humanity, and rebuilt a new command infrastructure by instituting a brainwashing program to compel allegiance from those around him, including repeatedly brainwashing Destro, The Baroness, Zartan, Storm Shadow and Billy.
He spent the next seven years sheltered in non-extradition countries, rebuilding his organization from the shadows. During their campaign, a group of Joes that included Snake-Eyes was captured and thrown in the same cell as Cobra Commander.
During the operation, he managed to severely injure General Hawk, but was betrayed by the Baroness.
Although Cobra Commander was able to elude capture, he became a target of the Red Shadows, a secretive organization that sought to eliminate G.I.
Hawk sent Spirit in search of the Commander, and after a long hunt, the tracker found his prey but was captured by Cobra Commander, and imprisoned.
Cobra Commander then proceeds to tell the President that the abilities of the GI Joe team are lacking, and organizes his very own Elite Anti-terrorism team, the Phoenix Guard, led by one time G.I. Joe were captured while Kamakura, Scarlett and General Colton made it to Colton's hidden radio to contact the White House. The attacks were unprecedentedly successful, and Cobra Commander captured their capitals, kidnapped the President of the United States and royal family of Great Britain, even throw almost all America and the uk remain in the legitimate governments hands and forced France to not to fight some in the Russia government attempted to but the Russian military deified orders and continued to fight cobra. In the final battle, Cobra Commander wounds General Colton, but is blindsided by jetpack-wearing General Hawk while attempting to escape. He was confident that his contribution and loyalty to the community would be appreciated only to be proven wrong and his properties seized. In book 6, he is killed by the Baroness and Megatron but in the sequel, Divided Front, he returns to lead Cobra in the modern era, the new Cobra Commander could be the speculative first Commander's son or another man entirely, since Dreamwave's shut down, the story has yet to be continued.
Joe: The Movie it is revealed that he is in fact a many-eyed, blue-skinned snake-man from the ancient civilization of Cobra-La (the appearance of the extra eyes was the result of a laboratory accident where Cobra Commander was studying a strange plant which sprayed his face with mutative spores, causing him to grow an asymmetrical array of eyes over his face). Escaping with Joe member Roadblock, Cobra Commander's "humanity" begins to slip away as his body transforms. Seeing her chance, she, with the help of newly joined Dreadnok Gnawgahyde, released the captive Commander (still a snake) and took him into a cave believed to be a major source of Dragonfire power. The only other show I knew on ABC Family was The Secret Life of the American Teenager, so I did not have a whole lot of confidence in its quality. With endless amounts of free time and a Netflix Instant subscription, I fired up the pilot episode.
Since the first episode, there have been kidnappings, multiple deaths, friends and significant others who turn on the four main girls, and endless other mysteries. And don’t monkey around on your own – getting into mischief is always more fun with friends – so invite some of your favorite monkey pals over to your neck of the jungle to hang around and make a mess! Storm Shadow's search for his uncle's killer eventually led him to Cobra, which Storm Shadow joined, pledging loyalty to Cobra Commander as his personal bodyguard.
The incident left Cobra Commander to reflect on the folly of his ways, but Fred VII was so angered to see his commander throwing away what he had dedicated his life toward that he shot Cobra Commander in the back, apparently killing him. Mindbender went to Cobra Commander's supposed grave to harvest DNA for the genetic creation of a new leader, he instead discovered the empty grave.
He also became much more willing to kill, even personally executing Borovian rebels Magda and the White Clown. Destro shortly cleared himself of such suspicions and offered to atone for Alexander's actions by serving Cobra again. The president was shocked to find Garret Freedlowe's decaying corpse in the Chief of Staff's office and a video recording of the Cobra Commander. Finally captured, Cobra Commander is imprisoned in a special facility at the bottom of the ocean. When Duke was captured during the theft, he wasted no time in including the Joes' field commander as a combatant in the arena.[37] The Commander showed his penchant for big and strong forces crushing the weak as he controlled a giant named Ramar to battle Duke. Slaughter) to genetically craft Cobra Commander's successor, Serpentor, who immediately assumes charge of Cobra and deposes the erstwhile Commander to the status of "lackey". While the operation is initially successful, it soon turns into a complete fiasco at the hands of G.I.
Five days later, I had seen both seasons available on Netflix and had scoured the Internet to find the first half of season three. Not to mention, the show’s writers are huge Alfred Hitchcock fans and put in so many references to his films. He then sent the team to destroy numerous Cobra cells around the world, a step ahead of the Joe teams own efforts. On the recording, the Commander revealed he had been using the Chief of Staff position to learn everything he could about the United States' strengths, weaknesses and secrets.
While claiming others will rise up to carry out his vision, Hawk admits to the possibility, but states Cobra Commander will have no further role in it. Finding that everything he had worked so hard for gone, it was the realization that pushed him over the edge. In the end, seeking vengeance for his deteriorating condition, he tries to lead a Joe offensive into Cobra-La—Roadblock encouraging him to retain his humanity: "Which way now, man? Their efforts bore fruit, as the Commander was returned to a more humanoid form (albeit green and reptilian in nature). The final scene in the show’s second season is a straight-up homage to the classic Psycho and I freaking loved it.
Scarlett and Snake-Eyes managed to infiltrate the base and reached him holding Burkhart hostage. General Flagg almost had him but he was able to use a hostage and make good his escape.[6] He also proved his ability to manipulate those not directly under his control as he let the Joes and the Oktober Guard fight over a spy plane and then had them surrounded and take the prize away. The Commander came across Serpentor, who took him captive and ordered the Commander to remove his helmet. You hear me, man?"—but ultimately becomes mentally unresponsive as his continuing metamorphosis fully changes him into an oversized snake. Despite, his flair for a theatrical appearance, he is not a fool to deliberately put himself in danger as the G.I. The Commander did so, handing it to Serpentor, but his face was still concealed by a balaclava worn beneath the helmet.
Zartan had traded places with Cobra Commander, allowing the Commander to learn Destro's true plans and watch as the Coil joined Cobra in the wake of Serpentor's death. Joe base, the Rock, where Colton reveals to them that they have the Baroness secretly in custody. Mindbender to free him from his handcuffs because he knows how to use a weapon and Cobra needs all the help it can get.
I started the series during its midesason hiatus, so had to wait two months for the second half of season three.
Cobra Commander then activated an explosive in the helmet and landed a kick that sent Serpentor falling out a window to his death.
In a swift coup, Cobra Commander regained his organization and appeared to kill the Baroness. After the trip, Cobra Commander sends new orders to the Phoenix Guard, sending them to the Rock to replace G.I-Joe as America's anti-terrorist force.
During the battle, Cobra's vehicles began to run out of fuel, except for one Night Raven, which would take the high command back to Cobra Island.
Falcon's rescue during the final battle, foiling Serpentor's attack, allowing Falcon to defeat Serpentor and Golobulus and save the world.
While I waited for new episodes, I excitedly told everyone I knew about this awesome show in the effort to find someone to watch it with me. In a rare moment of brilliance, Cobra Commander is able to convince Serpentor that he needs him for a scapegoat.

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