Rollins, not that long ago the third option among the three members of The Shield, has been given the ball as the top heel in WWE, and look at what he’s done in terms of running with it. You have to wonder if that might not be in the offing, particularly with WWE announcing Thursday that it has decided to move the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal to the pre-show, leaving more time on the main show for … something.
One very interesting something would be a nice cluster ending to the main event with Lesnar and Reigns. Such an end would add intrigue to the spring WWE season, setting up a possible three-way feud between Rollins, Reigns and Lesnar that could culminate one way or another at SummerSlam.
Or perhaps Rollins could simply bump Reigns, who has had trouble, to say the least, getting over with fans, out of the main-event picture entirely, with Rollins the next top contender to Lesnar, who told ESPN this week that he has signed a multi-year contract with WWE, meaning he will continue to play some role, and clearly a prominent one, at the top of the card for some time to come.
A Lesnar-Rollins series could prove quite entertaining, with Lesnar providing the power and the star appeal, and Rollins bringing the workrate to bring out the best in The Beast Incarnate. The fact that it’s WWE creative who is responsible for the booking for WM and beyond means that we likely get the least exciting possible conclusion to the night on Sunday: with Rollins getting a fall over Orton involving some level of outside interference in his favor, and then remaining backstage for the duration of Lesnar-Reigns. Video: UVA basketball opens Spain tour with two wins over Madrid Generals The UVA men's basketball team posted a 2-0 record against the Madrid Generals during its first leg of its tour of Spain. Viewpoints on WVPT: What you need to know about Zika The Shenandoah Valley seems a world away from where folks need to worry about Zika, but there have been a handful of reported cases in the area, all attributed to international travel. Dickie Bell files legislation to expand hate crime status to crimes against police, fire, rescue Del.
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Podcast: Crystal Graham talks suicide prevention on WINA-1070 Crystal Graham from the Augusta Free Press talks with the Rob Schilling Show on WINA-1070AM in Charlottesville on the topic of suicide prevention. AFP produces new Y Magazine for Waynesboro YMCA The new issue of the Y Magazine highlighting news and program information at the Waynesboro YMCA is on the streets. Small business owners: Join the mobile app revolution Can a mobile app benefit your small business?
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Rollins has taken his shtick all the way to a brief feud with Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show,” getting mainstream pub that you know WWE is not wasting on a guy who is headed back to the midcard after ‘Mania. Maybe a quick cash-in that leads to a longer-than-expected battle between Rollins and whoever emerges between Lesnar and Reigns as the champ-for-the-moment. Dickie Bell has filed legislation that would expand Virginia hate crime laws to include police, firefighters and EMS personnel. Videos will be found more easily if you localize the app and select WVPT as your local PBS station.
If your website hasn’t been search engine optimized, no one is going to see it or hear it – and it’s not going to work for you. HD Wallpaper and background images in the WWE club tagged: wwe wrestling 2011 mitb pay-per-view. Wonder what would happen on Sunday night if Rollins were to show up at the end of the main event between WWE champ Brock Lesnar and top challenger Roman Reigns and presented the briefcase to the referee and demanded a bell? Angie to so many in Waynesboro and Augusta County – is retiring, sorta, kinda, from The Salvation Army after 33 years. Bring the experience of the Augusta Free Press team to work for you – for a fraction of the cost.

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