This is one of the questions which come in everyone’s mind who loves the web and wants to express using the platform. Setting up a blog or a website is easy but taking it to the next level is one of the daunting tasks but is certainly not that much difficult when one actually dives into it. There are many free blogging solutions and I will suggest you using a blog as your main website because the static website is now a thing of past, today more you update your site the more traffic you get, there could be cases when you have something popular to show on your site then you could chose a normal static website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Website X5 Free also lets you preview your website side by side so it will be so easy for you to check out how your website will look after publishing. Below screenshot shows an example of how you can build your own website using Website X5 Free.
Basically the main purpose of Website X5 Free is to give you an idea and basic structure about website creation.
Provide multiple categories for designing own website and each category contains multiple templates. You can also export your project as a file to your PC and can import it back to Website X5 Free for editing. It also provides free photos to download (per day) which you can get from its main interface. Working with Website X5 Free is an easy process as it requires only 5 steps for making your own website for free.
Step 1: After choosing a new project, the very first step you need to perform is adjust General Settings. Step 4: In this step, you will find Advanced Settings using which you can add finishing touches to your website. Step 5: It’s the final step which is used to publish your website online or to export it to your PC as a project file.
Note: To publish your website online, you need to provide the FTP address, username, and password of yours. Website X5 Free is a good software that provides simple steps to create a website and publish it online immediately.

About the Trainer : Specializes in Certified Trainer (ACT), Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC),and Certified Support Professional (ACSP). Bombay Management Association (BMA) is India’s leading Management Association, established in 1954.
BMA is an Independent not -profit entity, which focuses on providing a wide range of services aimed at enhancing managerial effectiveness in a broad sphere of activities with an aim to improve the standards of Managing Business in India. BMA has received “Best LMA Award for six times for the years 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 2000 and 2012.
The formation of the All India Management Association was an important event during the year 1957. Flash Sale - Fast Track your Career with exciting Skill Development Courses by Shaw Academy. You can add upto 10 pages (including homepage) using this free software and in each page you can add text, audio, video, image, social network links, map, and flash animation. Other than this, you also have the facility to save whole project and export it in a folder so that you can edit it later on. Such as you can’t create more than ten pages, neither you can use some features present in advanced settings such as create RSS feeds for your website, welcome page, customize the appearance of sub menu and much more.
And once you will find it useful enough for you, then you can upgrade to paid version also.
Also you can get 10 more free graphic templates to download by providing a valid email id and password. In this step, provide website title, website author name, website address, description etc.
Here you can easily define the contents for pages selected by you in step 2 by drag n drop. Such as you can customize the appearance of Main menu by adjusting width, margin, desired font type etc. It provides multiple templates along with different categories so that users can build a website of their own interest. N Dandeker who also had the distinction of being the First Indian to become President of Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Founder President of AIMA (All India Management Association).

Accordingly it has started partnering with similar Organizations such as NHRDN, Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry to organize Joint Programs.
You will find multiple templates with different categories and can select any category according to your requirement to create website. For that, you need to upgrade to its paid version “Website X5 Evolution” which provides plenty of templates designs too. Another good thing about Website X5 is that you can import your Website X5 Free project to Website X5 Evolution. After developing a website, you can upgrade to paid versions also according to your own requirement.
Also well thought off research projects, study groups are run and purpose focused workshops and conferences are organized. BMA offers Management Development Programs and customised “in company training programs” to meet specific needs of organizations such as improving of performance. So enjoy your time developing and exploring the web and more you work on the web more you will learn about the web, this might take time but is quite a fun when you actually know things which are happening around. On its main interface, you will find Start button using which you can come to the Project Selection page.
As you could see in the below screenshot, multiple templates are available and you need to select suitable one for your website. Dandeker was also a member of Parliament, associated with the erstwhile Swatantra Party and in his honour “The Dandeker Trophy” was instituted in 1991.
Thus you can easily find out your kind of category and can start your project of building a website.
On that page, start with the new project by giving it any desired name and then you will be able to design your website with 5 easy steps.

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