As a tarot reader for many years I have come to observe there are only two questions people care about and those center around love and money. Free spells for love can be very effective though, if you are willing to do the work on yourself to be open to it. For men Its not as easy to pin down but make sure you are not distracted by dead lines or sports clashes or other things that will steal your attention and your energy. If you are in the city or the weather is too inclement make sure you are in a beautiful welcoming environment. If you follow a certain tradition for creating sacred space call the quarters and cast your circle.
Alters follow many traditions and can be very beautiful expressions of your interaction with the world I encourage you to follow the fung shui rules of place ment and keep you alter for your love spell decorated with pairs of things.
Close you eyes and visualize not just your ideal lover but feel in your body how wonderful it is to be in love.
If you have a soft pallet arranged and want to lay back and throughly experience physical release like you will when you have a mate feel free to make it a solo act until the universe delivers your mate.
Be sure to close your circle and thank the watch towers and any deities you invited in to the circle.

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Description: Learn magic from our online spellbook of thousands of spells or join the community and discuss new age, occult or spiritual topics. Whether thy will buy one a wiccan spells for love to be performed for them or just want to know how to write a spell for themselves, its all about love and money. Moreover, you should get ready to meet fantastic fairy kitties, so meet Leo, Baz, Catrina, and Master Tom at the Magic Academy for Cats. That’s why the game promises to be interesting, We`re sure that it will keep you entertained for hours.

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