BankMobile is a no-fee mobile banking app that offers free checking and savings accounts without any fees.
BankMobile offers a Totally Free Checking Account, a High Yield Savings Account, a Line of Credit, and No-Fee Overdraft Protection. There are absolutely no fees for these accounts, and you’ll earn higher interest rates than other top brick-and-mortar banks. BankMobile makes banking simple, as you can simply snap a photo to upload your driver’s license, deposit checks, and pay bills. You’ll receive access to over 55,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide to get money whenever you need it.

BankMobile even allows you to pay anyone that you want with P2P Payments by using their cell phone number or email address.
BankMobile will not charge you an overdraft fee, but they still provide you with fee-free overdraft protection. You simply connect your checking account with your savings account or line of credit, and you’ll be protected against your card being declined or your checks bouncing due to insufficient funds.
You can use your BankMobile personal line of credit when you’re a little short on cash or to help avoid a bounced check or debit card denial. If you are a college student who wants to be a brand ambassador for BankMobile, you can gain real world experience in marketing and business.

Check out BankMobile for a free online banking service with no-fee checking and savings accounts.

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