This makes a good printable puzzle for kids if you ask them to find just 2 sad clown faces; most adults however, will have a hard time finding all 3. Answers to this puzzle can be entered into the section below; submissions will automatically be revealed when time is up! As Jason, Slavco, & Scott note- the picture must be turned counterclockwise 90 degrees.
Hi Justin- if you look at the center region of the puzzle, it may be easiest to pick out the eyes (vertically oriented).
Hi Natalie- are you politely saying we’ve done a lousy job with this puzzle and it’s not reasonably fair? One in the lower right corner, one in the second row from top to botton the second from right to left and…. Parents and teachers love our clever puzzles and games since they stimulate thinking, logic, and problem solving. Thanks for visiting and playing our unique collection of games that are good for your brain!
If I’m honest most puzzle game seem to bore me, but this one is definitely not boring. Not only is this game fun but it also gets those brainwaves working, the puzle elements you have to think quick and beat the clock. Bet365 Bingo used to be famous for its green hues but there’s been a bit of a revamp and it now looks all glitzy and glam!
Online slots, after bingo of course, are one of the most entertaining games to play at Mecca Bingo.

This popular online bingo site has handed out another life changing amount of cash to 1 lucky winner. A lot of people worldwide (all ages) is playing Cute the Rope – in 2012 more than 100 M people downloaded the game.
You are helping to feed Om Mom’s so you have to cut the ropes letting drop the candies in Nom’s mouth. Instructions: you just need to use the mouse to cut the ropes, the cut sequence is the key to get success in the level. Free Running 2 is one of the best parkour games ever, Really nice 3d graphics the parkour movements are extremely realistic. In this game you have build the way to drive a ball from the wall to a hole in the centre of the platform. Now that I have been told it is there I did it again, and I still can’t see anything. This is really great all you have to do is sign up, while the game loads you will see some small advertisements but this does not effect the game play at all.
They have actually broken records with this prize amount making Gill from Nottingham the world’s biggest bingo winner ever! The game is available for a set of devices such as: iOS (iphone, ipad), android, symbian, blackberry (including playbook), windows, windows phone, and online (you can play it in our website).
In this gameplay, you have to a set of missions in each location and then go to the next location.
Yummy yummy monster shooter is a great game which is beating all the other games of this type.

Is this one of those pictures where you need binocular vision to make out 3D or something like that, because I never could see those either.
It teaches our stylist to look beyond what you see when you are creating a hair style for your customer. A much more exciting version of connect 4 this game has numerous levels which allow you to progress. This game attained one of the first places in G Play (Android Market), the game is very nice to play, you need to use a lot of skills and strategy. Your score will depends in the time and in the starts you dropped in Nom’s mouth (you have to feed him with candies and stars).
You have now to command the team.  You can play this game versus computer or in 2 player mode. In each level, the difficult will increase, and you have to prove more of your skills to keep the ball sniping without breaking. Each level has more obstacles and you have to increase your cutting skills to get more points.

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