Online bingo has become one of the most popular real money and interactive community-involved gaming experiences on the Net, and is now a massive industry. Live community bingo games: Traditionally played in halls and clubs around Australia, community-based bingo now been transformed in to a far more convenient online gaming experience, powered by the latest and most advanced technology and software (like Microgaming). Traditional Australian bingo is played in its 90-ball format, however Australian online bingo halls have the ability to offer both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, so players can experience both styles of play. All players participating in the particular game you are playing have also purchased tickets, and the money collected from ticket sales enters the overall jackpot prize pool to be won (the bingo room will take a small cut of this pot as a hosting fee). The pattern is shown on your bingo cards and if you successfully fill that pattern first, you will win part of the overall prize pool, according to the set prize distribution amount.
Some examples of 75-ball bingo patterns, such as Broken Frame, Bullseye, Butterfly, Candles and Cake, are shown in the adjacent image. In 90-ball bingo games, cards show numbers ranging from 1-90, and each player’s tickets are set out in a rectangular pattern with numbers split across three lines, and five numbers appearing on each line (as shown in the blue adjacent image).
If players fill their cards at the same time (happens more often than you might imagine), the prize is split evenly. In terms of legalities and government regulations, playing real money online bingo in Australia is 100% legal. Our recommended bingo rooms use the same Secure Sockets Layer technology utilised by all major financial institutions, ensuring transactions are kept private and secure.
Websites which accommodate Australian bingo players such as True Blue Bingo are renowned for their friendly chat rooms and building strong communities of Internet housie members.
The Australian bingo websites we endorse offer games with progressive jackpots up for grabs.
The simple technique of playing as many cards as you can works well offline, but most centres and clubs impose tight restrictions on the total number of cards one individual can purchase per game.
An easy way to know whether a game will be longer or shorter in length is to check the pattern used in 75-ball bingo games – complex patterns will take longer to complete, while simple patterns will often be filled in a short amount of time.
A game that is a logical combination of 2 games known as Poker and Keno (or as some say, Po-Ke-No), with features that make it more interesting and exciting than either. Australians have more options than ever before to partake in this exciting game of chance no longer reserved for elderly ladies with hearing aids in nursing homes. As opposed to a caller at a pub or bingo centre, the online version is run by tested and fair random number generators (RNGs), and players battle against other members who have chosen to play in the same bingo room.

Always keep an eye on the bingo games schedule to check when the games you wish to partake in are commencing. All online bingo rooms will impose a maximum number of bingo cards you can buy per game in order to keep things fair, but the maximum amount is very high – so unlike many traditional land-based venues hosting housie, which impose strict restrictions, online bingo rooms often allow their members to buy up to 250 tickets per game (maximum can vary), with a game played on average every four minutes.
Once time runs out to buy any more cards, the game begins and an automated bingo caller calls out randomly selected balls (ball numbers determined by RNGs).
There are pre-determined card patterns for each and every 75-ball bingo game you play in an online room. You’ll have no issues funding your accounts with Australian currency and withdrawing your winnings so long as you stick with the recommended housie websites suggested here. These online bingo jackpot games hold jackpots which grow as more players join the game, and continue to increase in size until won by someone.
Online, restrictions are far looser and at True Blue Bingo, players can often buy 250+ cards per game. So, when playing a longer length game, choose cards with numbers closer to the median number.
Our recommended bingo sites such as True Blue Bingo allow players to purchase multiple bingo cards for scheduled games across multiple bingo rooms.
Regular and loyal players benefit from a 25% recurring bonus on every deposit between $20 and $100.
Mathematically, the more cards you play, the better your chances are of hitting bingo first.
Born and raised in Melbourne, he is a die-hard Demons supporter, follows the EPL and NFL closely, and often indulges in poker, blackjack and roulette.
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