Possibly you are searching Google for how to verify Payza account in Pakistan without credit card.
This is the best and most easiest way to start because this process cannot involve any complex credit or debit card requirements. You can use any local bank Visa Debit Card like UBL, Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan, Bank Alfalah or any other bank.
Now wait two to four business days because they will deduct some amount from your local bank account and deposit it in your Payza account.
You can add any debit card which has VISA log on it and you have intent banking enable on that account.
This email is to inform you that one or more of the documents you have recently submitted to us cannot be accepted for verification purposes. Secondly, Smart ID card (Chip based SNIC) which is in english work fine or not in verification process? All you need is any local bank visa debit card, payoneer mastercard or utility bill copy in urdu.

We all have Nadra ID card in our pocket and another thing we need is any document which can verify our home address like utility bill copy, telephone bill, bank statement etc. Payza will deduct some money(less than $2) from your account and you have to enter the same amount in your account in order to verify it.
Please scan and submit a larger, higher quality image so that we may continue with verification. Please scan and submit a larger, higher quality image so we may continue with verification.
Now my question is, my ID Card name is “Muhammad Bilal Sana” but payza and skrill interested in only first and last name (Muhammad Sana), so when I go for verification it will create issue or work fine? Payza account verification process is very different and relatively easy than verifying business account. Here you will many options like credit card etc, choose this option and you see will another page. Keep in mind that you may block out your transaction history if you wish to keep it private.

Now you must by thinking that why I need to do all these steps when I can open account and use it straight away. Here you need to provide your Visa debit card 16 digit number along with CVV code and complete address which you have given in your bank. The thing is that yes you can deposit money into your account but cannot withdraw it unless you verify your account. This requirement is to stop money laundering and fraudulent companies from scamming people.

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