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Every reasonable sized company (I think you could class Apple within that description ?? ) has a communications department that will scrutinise every paragraph, sentence, and full stop, to ensure its emails or press releases or blog posts, are 100% grammatically correct. As with the grammatical errors, formatting and how emails are displayed, reflects on the company that sends them. Apple would simply not allow this email to be released, having a link looking like the one above.

However, what you may not be aware of are the extra characters that can be added to a Google address (URL) that will automatically carry out a search or a redirect to another site for you.
That’s a sure sign that the email is trying to gain your confidence that it is genuine (by showing a legitimate link to a legitimate website), and then you ending up on something other than that website. If you are very familiar with emails, and the email protocols – you can check the email Headers.
However, if you follow the other clear pointers above, you should avoid most scam emails on the go – no matter who they are from. Whatever you do, do NOT confirm any personal details on a website, after clicking a link from an email. I’m sure some are genuine, but if you spot the subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) signs, then you know to trash them straight away. My step by step guide will take you through the Facebook Advertising platform and teach you how to laser target your audience and then retarget like a PRO!

The rubric covers student use of time, pictures and graphics, required elements, visual clarity and appeal, content, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If Apple’s reports are correct, then it appears some A-List celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and others, may have fallen for exactly this type of scam.
The best about this one is they say they won’t send you a request for secure information by email, when in the previous sentence they as you for exactly that!

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