By guest People often ask me why I became so interested in personal finance when I was only sixteen years old. When I turned 14 my parents implemented a financial program with me that they also did with my older brother.
She helped me understand how sales and clearance racks work, and I quickly learned how much more I could get for my money by shopping carefully. Now that I have proven myself to be responsible, mom allows me to make all of the decisions myself.
Although I was starting to learn how to shop smart and get a lot for my money, I had absolutely no thought toward saving anything. I can honestly say that listening to the book was one of the best things that could have happened to me. He helped me see the importance of saving money and the huge difference that it can make for my future. The other thing that helped change my mind about money is having a front row seat to what my mom is dealing with since she has no savings for retirement.
Often, parents make the mistake of never talking with their teens about poor choices (or good choices) they have made financially and this is a huge mistake to make in my opinion.

This inspired me and by the end of 2012 I was able to save up my first $1,000.00 for my emergency fund. As I have given this some thought it is obvious to me that there have been many things in my life that have brought me to this point. I am thankful for parents and grandparents who have taught me how to budget, about the joy that comes from giving, and that material things will never bring me real happiness. Eva Baker is a high school student passionate about preparing for her financial future and helping other teenagers prepare as well. Eva this was very nice read and great personal narration, something we want to read in the blogs. My entire family was such a mess at money management, I never knew any different until I started reading personal finance blogs at the age of 28.
I got to see what it is like for a family to lose a job and not have any savings and it was frightening to me even as a young teen. I am thankful that she has been open and honest with me regarding the things that she would do differently.
Not all of the experiences have been thrilling, but there is no doubt in my mind that everything has contributed to the change in my thinking towards money.

If by any chance any clip art here is under copyright, please Contact Us and we will immediately remove the Clip Art graphic. However, as I got a little older I started to see first hand the terrible effects of debt in other families. At almost sixteen, I was so mad about having to listen to some stupid financial book four days a week on our way to the rock climbing gym!
Being taught is key, and I plan to teach my children so they don’t have to figure it out the hard way like me. Most people know one of the effects of divorce is the toll that it takes on a family in financial terms. Our story is no different and things are not the same for us financially as they once were.
But this really got me to thinking… Why am I so interested in handling my money responsibly?

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