Tips for The Elder Scrolls Online based on some of the more frequent questions I get about the game. Since all of these were determined through a trial and error process, leave a comment if you find one that doesn't work for you. Check which zombies are coming before you select your plants Before you start the level you get a glimpse at which zombies will attack on that level. Getting Zen Garden plants Make sure that you have at least one spot open in your main zen garden for the new plant to be placed. Grow your plants immediately If you don't feel like waiting on your plants to grow or if Crazy Dave's Shop is fully sold out of items which respawn the next day, you can move time forward.
Use the umbrella leaf sparingly The umbrella leaf plant will make your time on the roof much more relaxing, as it protects your plants from the bungee zombie.

Cat of nine tails If you are playing a level in the pool, the cat of nine tails is just about the only attack you really need. These are far from all the tips and tricks for plants vs zombies but they are most of my favorites. Zombies Guide: How to grow more plants faster, kill more zombies deader, get more money quicker! Zombies 2 to show up in the iPhone and iPad App Store, the original version is still providing tons of fun, not to mention frenetic plant on zombie action! I've lost many a nights sleep playing PvZ since it launched, and I've accumulated a bunch of really handy tips, hints, and cheats. There are some zombies which are only beaten by certain plants, such, as the bungee zombie, and you want to make sure you have the right plant, like canopy plant, to stop them dead(er).

Using sandbox mode on a flat map, I found the dimensions (using dirt road cost) of each of the SimCity landmarks.
Most of these dimensions are set up so that if you leave the required space, you will be able to place the landmark in multiple orientations. For the square landmarks you should be given 4 rotation options and the rectangular landmarks, two orientations.

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