On SICAS, you can select one of the six types of payment methods to pay the SICAS processing fee and the university application fee after completing your application.
If you can either make a special call to +86-18663920002 or you can send short message to the same number.
Applicants who are currently in China can do a direct bank transfer to pay the application fees in CNY. Always remember to bring your invoice when going to the bank and give your application ID when you transfer the money.

Please do not make payment to any agent for SICAS processing fee and university application fee.
You are required to complete the form provided and show your government-issued identification card or other supporting documents to the service provider. You will be asked to fill in the form provided by MoneyGram agent and show your National ID card.Then, the service agent will wire the money for you and give you your Reference Number and receipt. Transferring money through a Chinese bank is easy and fast if you are in China or your friend is in China.

After having confirmed all the details printed on the receipt are right and true, you will be asked to sign a receipt.
If you prefer this way, please take the following bank information (written in Chinese) with you or your friend when going to the bank.

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