If you want to make lots of money selling vegetables and fruits in Stardew Valley, you have to know what the most valuable crops are. Mining is one of the primary skills in Stardew Valley, and a great way to make money, but where is the Stardew Valley mine? Mines contain not just stone, but ores and barrels which can be broken with your axe for more rare rewards. Fishing in Stardew Valley isn’t easy, but there is one little trick you can use when trying to make the fishing meter stay below the fish and bring it to the surface.
It’s tempting to use fast clicks to make the indicator stay with the fish, but short sharp mouse taps make the indicator rise too quickly and you will lose your fish. Practicing with the length of time you hold the mouse button down will increase your rate of fishing success, but fishing is hard nevertheless. Best Minecraft Map Seed For Minecraft 1.10, Two Village Spawns, Minecraft Horse Spawn, Minecraft Temple Spawn! Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome.Not a member? On a special day of the year, the villagers of Stardew Valley throw a spooky festival to celebrate the Halloween season. There's an endless checklist of tasks to accomplish when you're running the abandoned farm in Stardew Valley. I know you were dying and all, Grandpa, but would it have hurt to bust out the lawnmower once in a while? Or perhaps, not so simple after all, as the farm is absolutely overrun with plants and debris, many of nearby Pelican Town’s amenities have broken down, and your old employer, Joja Corporation, is threatening to ruin the rustic peace of your new home.
Abigail has the kind of wit you can cut yourself on, so of course she’s my favorite bachelorette.
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There will come a time when you badly want to upgrade your watering can, so be aware it takes 2 game days. For those who want a simpler streak to their life, for those who like to build, and for those that like to beautify, Stardew Valley is a big breath of fresh air.
With the exclusive partnership with FC Barcelona and its Camp Nou Stadium, Konami hopes that this trend of licensing is just the beginning for PES.
When you aren't planting or watering crops, you will want to spend your time either in the Mines (you can read our Mines guide here), which are unlocked on the fifth day, or fishing. When you find yourself with spare time and aren't busy fishing or giving gifts to people, you will want to be gathering resources, more specifically wood and stone from your farmland. After a few days of gathering resources you should have at least 300 wood from chopping down trees. During your second or third month you should have enough money to plant upward of 50 crops at once. Ultimately, your goal should be to build up a large sum of money that can be used to build huge groups of crops as it is the highest rate of return source of income in the game. While all of the trainer options seem to work on my game, using the super skills option maxes out my skill level without giving me any of the recipes that come with leveling those skills. Introducing Cheat Happens CoSMOS, a brand new self-service gamehacking tool designed for absolute beginners and advanced users alike.
Our review, including how cheats factor into the gameplay and affect the overall experience.
Stardew Valley has been out for more than two months now, and more than a million players have given up the harsh daily grind of the city for the peaceful, idyllic farmer lifestyle.
Here’s a mod which makes fishing easier by making the fish less likely to zoom up and down the bar, and which makes the movements they do make slower and smoother so you actually have a hope of being able to catch them before the timer runs out. Here’s a link to two useful articles tabulating every item in the game, so you know how much your crops, forgaed items, minerals, animal products, fish and more are actually worth! This article lists the buy and sell prices for vegetable and fruit seeds, so you can plan your crops for maximum profit. Corn is one of the fastest growing crops, and it grows for two seasons, so you will also get a good return on that. This minigame is essentially a challenge of keeping the green indicator (float) just below the fish. Instead try pressing the mouse button down for longer, which slows the rise of the indicator and makes it much easier to keep the float near the fish. That's why every enterprising farmer is going to want plenty of cash to upgrade their inventory, improve the homestead, or purchase gifts for their friends in and out of town. Check out how to earn 2,000 gold or more at the start of Stardew Valley with our quick beginner's guide. Don't miss out on Pierre's shop, where he sells unique items like the Crone costume, Jack O'Lanterns, and recipes. An uphill battle that awaits you, especially with your initially limited set of tools and funds. You can become a master fisher, catching legendary sea creatures and pulling in hauls from massive amounts of crab pots. And if you still crave variety, the diverse seasons, festivals, and natural developments in Pelican Town shake things up every once in a while.
This is a familiar platitude to longtime Harvest Moon players, but it’s absolutely true.

Every Friday night at the Stardrop Saloon, a huge portion of the townsfolk show up to chat and hang out. Do it as close to the 27th of the season as possible, since you don’t have to water on the 28th anyway. He took care of virtually every aspect of Stardew Valley entirely on his own, from the programming to the music to the art, while balancing it with just enough part-time work to stay afloat. Fishing tends to be the best supplemental income early in the game, and with enough practice and investment can outpace your revenue from crop harvest. Both of these resources are important for numerous purchases, including crafting materials. Once you reach this milestone, visit the right side of the Beach and repair the bridge to gain access to a new area.
From this point forward you will want to invest the 2 Sap per unit required to create and plant fertilizer on every tilled crop square. This happens at the end of every month and affects most crops, although a couple are exempt (i.e. When you get to this stage, the amount of time that watering your crops takes becomes a hurdle. Usually sleeping after leveling gives you access to new recipes, but not with this trainer option. CoSMOS makes it easy and fun to hack your own PC games while waiting for our programming team to release new and updated trainers.Featuring in-app tutorials, plenty of video demos, download CoSMOS today and start enhancing your favorite games in minutes. Installing the mod is as easy as replacing the fish.nxb file, following the instructions on the mod page. You will notice that you are now able to access the railway area after this event, which happens about five days into the game. Note that mines contain dangerous enemies (monsters which will also drop loot) so you don’t just have to watch out for dwindling energy levels, but also your health status.
The fish will move up and down the meter, but if you can keep your indicator (which will naturally sink, but rise quickly with the tap of the mouse) on the fish. There’s also a timed component to fishing, which means if you mess up the position of the float too many times, you lose the fish anyway.
You can build a beautiful relationship with one of the town’s residents and start a family. If you want to expand your cashflow quickly, the best way is to clear out a sizeable part of your farm and then plant as many seeds as you can afford. Chances are, your favorite villager will filter in at some point, and if they don’t, they actually never come to the Saloon.
In this guide we will go over major points regarding money making starting with the basics.
During Spring you will have several choices, with Potato and Cauliflower being arguably the best starter options due to their quick harvest.
This area will have coral, mussels, clams, and sea urchins for you to gather each day at no cost. In their current state animals are a heavy investment that is complicated by the game's problematic Hay mechanics. Fertilizer will grant a significantly increased chance to grow a high quality crop which has an increased sale value.
At this point you'll want to wait until you unlock the Quality Sprinkler and craft several of them (1 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Bar, 1 Refined Quartz).
You may have to shoot your weapon, kill an enemy, run, jump or get some money the normal way before activating any option. Start with a blank slateOne of the most daunting tasks for new Stardew Valley players is the absolute mess of a farm you start the game with. There are several levels of mine, and to mine larger or more valuable rocks, you will need to upgrade your pickaxe. Some decades later, your character opens that envelope and finds Grandpa’s present was the deed to his old farm! Even your farm has many possible avenues of profit–from ranching and farming to artisanal crafting and raising slime monsters (that counts as ranching, right?), each requires a different type of investment and yields unique products. And prepare a good chunk of cash too, because that same festival has unique decorations for sale that day only.
He’s even been committed to making the game even better, staying hard at work on patches and planning major content updates like more marriage candidates and multiplayer!
You will make money more reliably and with less frustration by focusing on crops, fishing, the Mines, and the Beach. Due to this, it is recommended that you invest as much money as possible into crops at the beginning of each month to get the highest revenue possible from your investment. Well placed sprinklers will save you time each day that you can spend on supplemental income. Left to the wild will of mother nature, your new farm is overgrown with trees, grass, rocks, and all manner of other detritus—a far cry from some of the immaculate creations in our gallery of farms.
Cleaning the whole thing up not only gives you a great sense of accomplishment, it gives you a nice blank canvas to start with. There are tables covered with seasonal food, and north of that you'll find Pierre's vendor booth.3.
It might seem like moving backwards, but the best way to start planning out a well-organized farm is to detach from emotion and burn it all to the ground.

To solve the maze, follow these directions; go all the way right, up and first left, then around and up to the flickering TV. Chop the trees, bust the rocks, sell off your animals (having to tend to daily feed, love, and milkings is just another distraction), and destroy all the buildings. Wood and coal are two of the most valuable resources in building the machines than transmute your crops and other items into high-value artisan goods. Wood—okay, that one can be planted and grown, but I suggest doing so with a bit of purpose rather than letting nature run wild. You can use any seeds you like for your tree farm, but be sure to dedicate a section of Oak Trees for Tappers.
But since it drops only sometimes from busting up rocks, it can be tough to farm efficiently. Option 09: This option will help you kill your enemies much faster while this option is on.
Option 10: This option will help you grow your crop instantly each time that you press on this key. Digging deep into the minesNot every farmer is a great swashbuckler, and for some the mines are a vast, untapped land. Option 11: This option will reset your skills back to zero each time that you press on this key. Option 12: This option will reset your money back to 500 each time that you press on this key.
Before you do, though, spend a few days upgrading your pickaxe, as a golden one will help you blow through the early mine levels.
This is a time when you're going to want to spend a bit of cash now for a long-term payoff. Buy enough ore from the blacksmith for five of each metal bar and use them to upgrade to a golden pickaxe.The increased rock-destruction power of your shiny new toy will make short work of the rocks in the early mine levels, making it far easier to surge down to the depths where those Dust Sprites and, yes, gold ore itself can be found. Another important thing is that the deeper you go, the better the weapons unlocked in the guild. This is critical for coal farming, as an overpowered weapon helps you shred through those level 50 enemies nice and quick.Image via Reddit poster DasSofa4.
Becoming a berry baronWe're going to need money to bankroll this farm overhaul, and berries are the place to be. Also, wouldn't it be nice to do some actual farming in this farming game?At the beginning of summer, carve out a massive swath of land (be sure to keep any clay you dig up!) and plant as many blueberry seeds as you can afford.
Be sure to hit them with fertilizer (use all the sap from your tree farm above) for a higher chance at silver and gold crops, and wait for the money to roll in. Blueberries take 13 days to mature, and keep producing three to four more berries every four days after that (don't be tempted by the quick-growing Tiller skill—you want to be an Artisan for our next step). Plant within the first few days of summer and you're looking at four harvests and a nice payday.
For watering, buy (or mine) the ore necessary to craft Quality Sprinklers (toss Quartz you find in the mines into the furnace for the Refine Quartz you need).
Since blueberries don't have a chance to mutate into super-sized crops, there's no need to plan them in 3x3 grids. Getting into the alcohol gameBy now your farm should be a relatively finely tuned operation, but to really bring in the riches, it's time to get into the wine business.
Kegs take around seven days to turn a fruit into wine, but doing so triples the value of the input fruit (even more if you take the Artisan perk).
This means we need a lot of kegs to deal with the long turnaround and keep up with our fruit production.
This is where all that material farming pays off.You now have a number of options for fruit inputs, depending on your overall game progress and degree of Scrooge McDuckery.
But Blueberries shine for their multi-crop harvests and return on investment—not due to a high selling price. Since Kegs take so long to process, using higher-value inputs results in greater overall profits, even if the initial seed is more expensive. If summer is coming soon and you've completed the Community Center bundle to repair the bus to the desert (use some of your berry money for that), Starfruits from the Oasis shop result in an incredible return on investment.
The seeds are expensive (400g a pop) but the resulting wine sells for 2400g (3600g with the Artisan perk).But Starfruits are only good in Summer, and even with the Greenhouse repaired, there's a more efficient option.
As soon as you find the Ancient Seed artifact, plant the resulting seed (so long as it's before fall) and wait. The end goal here is to fill your Greenhouse with the lucrative crop (so, y'know, get that done).
Ancient Fruit Wine sells for slightly less than Starfruit, but the extended crop cycle means time saved on replanting, as your plants will last forever inside that wonderful glass house.Image via Reddit poster Ansalem1Each plant produces a fruit every seven days, matching up perfectly with the Keg's long production cycle. Just don't get so burnt out along the way that you feel the need to quit it all, move to the country, and run your Grandfather's old farm.

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