Razor USA is a brand which requires little introduction when it comes to personal mobility solutions ranging from kick scooters, roller skates, bicycles and related safety equipment.
Designed as a direct response for the demand for high performance scooters suitable for teens and pre-teens eager to cruise around the neighborhood in style, the Razor E125 combines both comfort and versatility. Effective, affordable and predictable; the Razor E90 is the quintessential transitional scooter combining the best of electrical and kick scooters.
The E90 is a fast, all-round electric scooter with an all-steel frame and pressure foot brakes. High performance and intuitive enough for any kid to learn how to ride it in a matter of hours, the E200S scooter with a seat is a great scooter from Razor. Taking inspiration from the classic Razor E100 electric scooter, the eSpark is as nimble as it is efficiently functional. This three-wheeled electric scooter from Razor USA has caused no small measure of excitement in the market not least for its unique lean-to-steer approach.
With its evocative, vintage Euro style design, the Pocket Mod Miniature electric scooter from Razor is a universal favorite.
Designed to deliver high torque at speed, this is one of the most intuitive scooters from Razor. Are you looking for a scooter that is versatile enough to suit the needs of riders with varying experience and body sizes without too much of a fuss?
The EcoSmart Metro is something of a collector’s item with its eco-friendly construction and utilitarian design. It seems as if Razor USA cannot tire outdoing themselves in terms of electric scooter designs they release every year.
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Driven by rising demand and the positive reputation for producing products based on cutting edge technology, Razor electric scooters are on unprecedented demand around the world. As is customary for the Razor E series of electric scooters, this one features a high torque motor, responsive twist-grip throttle and a chain drive.
In terms of performance, the E90 boasts some pretty impressive credentials as well, racking up to 50 minutes of riding at 9 mph.
Designed for kids above 8 years of age, the motorized scooter also comes with a responsive push button throttle which is easy to figure out. The high performance motor is good enough to cruise at pretty decent speeds of up to 12 miles an hour. It features a pretty high performance, chain-driven and high torque mortar which is as nonchalantly quiet as they come.
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Its 125 mm polyurethane wheels are well known for offering stability as well as responsive, predictable steering. In terms of ease of operation, get to grips with the scooter’s kick-start motor, the spring loaded kickstand, a push button throttle, and an enhanced foot braking system.
On the throttle, it can hit up to speeds of 9 mph; fast enough to get you there in time without proving a menace on the road or sidewalk. For riding and control, you have at your disposal a hand operated rear braking system, a child friendly twist-grip throttle not to mention the spring loaded kickstand. The detachable, foot controlled Spark Bar is easy to operate and the scooter will be cruising at speeds of 10mph within no time.
While the scooter only offers a pretty modest cruise speed of 9 mph, on full charge, the batteries are good enough to last three quarters of an hour powering your scooter.
For even greater comfort while riding, the scooter comes with a rear suspension system and pneumatic tires.

Considering that the motor is capable of attaining speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, you have a pretty deceptive road monster in the guise of an electric scooter. It also features a full size deck and is a good option for a comfortable errand run or trip to the grocer’s and back.
The sit-on model is perfectly suited for commutes and is the ultimate choice for a lazy tour of the neighborhood on a languid Sunday afternoon. While it may appear from the outset as if there is nothing much to distinguish between different Razor electric scooters, these all-encompassing reviews will serve to illustrate that this is not the case at all. Use this comprehensive review of our Top 10 best Razor electric scooters to begin your own journey of discovery.
It is also one of the most lightweight (not to mention efficient) electric kick scooter your money can buy. The battery takes 12 hours to fully charge and this will be good to ride for about 40 minutes. The scooter also boasts a pretty intuitive push-start system as well as twist grip throttle. Other notable features include variable-speed acceleration, a retractable kickstand, and a padded seat. The scooter is powered by a set of rechargeable electric batteries with a combined capacity of 24 volts. While it comes with pretty standard features such as a set of two 12 volt electric batteries and pneumatic tires, it still punches above its weight as you can extract up to 45 minutes of continuously running the motor and it only needs 8 hours to power up again. The scooter comes with bamboo deck, a padded and adjustable seat as well as well as an adjustable handlebar rake. Each design has its own merits in terms of performance, eco-friendly design and affordability. Roll each nugget into the breadcrumbs, covering liberally, until each piece is thoroughly coated. You can also follow her daily musings and find delicious healthy recipes on her food blog, The Realistic Nutritionist.
The built-in battery will also give you up to 10 miles worth of without calling for a recharge. Handling and drive control are also easy with a hand operated rear break, twist grip throttle, spring loaded kickstand and wider than normal 10-inch pneumatic tires. After evaluating your own needs and budget, picking one of these beauties for your own use or as a gift should be remarkably easy.

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