Assuming this event doesn’t take place too early in the day (we work on Sundays), the PtWoR crew will most definitely be in attendance! In addition to free food and swag, we’ll be treated to the melodic stylings of singer and composer, Malukah. The Elder Scrolls Online food truck tour kicks off March 10th and will be visiting 11 lucky cities, delivering yummy goodness to five major events and six college campuses.
After finding a new steward - Drovas Relvi - for Neloth, it would seem that you have helped both men. If you don't complete this mission relatively fast, the impatient Orc will start sending bandits on you.
Guardians of the Rose, from developer Pixel x Pixel Games, is takes The Legend of Zelda and revs up its its speed to make it fast-paced, while crossing it with the open world exploration and RPG elements of the Elder Scrolls series. The story of Guardians of the Rose involves a world where Witchcraft, deemed illegal, has corrupted the Royal Guard, who turn on their King and take over the Kingdom.
The game promises a wealth of environments and foes: from Sand Giants and Unfellable Beasts in the Unfellable Forest to sea serpents terrorising sea port towns.

The developer, Pixel x Pixel Games mostly consists of designer Broc Copeland and his family.
Bethesda, in an effort to fatten up their fan base will be forgoing fast travel and traversing the continental United States via food truck.
So if you’re in the Austin area, mark your calender for March 10th, enjoy some free grub with us and attempt to win some swag. The end result is a charming, pixel art-animated game with a lot to do, and a lot of places to explore. You play as a young boy with no magical ability who must team up with a small group of Royal Guard out to save the Kingdom, collectively called the Guardians of the Rose (dramatic title screen goes here). There will be open world exploration, complete with a number of secrets to find, and characters abound to meet and greet.
It’s only appropriate that their first stop will be The Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin, Texas! In Raven Rock you will be approached by a Mogrul to whom the mage's servant owes money - 1000 gold.

If you're low on money, you can travel to Tel Mithryn and collect 250 gold from Drovas in this case you have to ask Mogrul for a bit more time). Of course, no modern RPG journey can be without choices and consequences, and you will find that your hero must make the call between accepting Witchcraft or not. Adorably, his young son Ender Copeland directs the game’s art design, with pixel-to-pixel instructions. The type of food is not specified but my money is on mountains of sweet rolls and rivers flowing with mead. Eventually you can kill the Orc and his bodyguard - that way you will however have to pay a fine at the city guards (unless of course you kill them silently).

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