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A father of 10 and grandfather of 18 trying to get by on a meagre pension as his ice-addict son steals to feed his habit - is this Australia's biggest 'struggler'? Ashley and Peta Kennedy (pictured with some of their children) are unemployed and have 10 kids and 18 grandchildren between them. While some families struggle with unruly neighbours, others in the series believe they are unfairly depictedAshley and Peta's Willmot street is made up of a mix of housing commission and privately owned properties, which they say is 'free from drug dealers and hoons'.'I'm not out there robbing people. InnoGames has announced they plan on bringing the 3D browser title, Kartuga, to gamers within 2012.

The game focuses on cooperative Player vs Player with the inclusion of role playing elements. This MMOG makes use of the Unity 3D engine in order to bring this game to browsers everywhere.
We're everyday battlers keeping our family together,a€™ Ashley Kennedy told Daily Mail Australia.'We like living here, this area is nice.
Kartuga has players choose one of three customizable ship types to use on quests and missions. Of course there's riffraff but not everyone is off the rails or on drugs.'A A 'We didn't get paid for this.

We let them in out of the goodness of our hearts,' Ashley said of the documentary makers.A A A 'We still have to make ends meet and ita€™s with great difficulty sometimes,' Peta added.

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