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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Do you want to know 8 Ways to save money on a Trade Show Booth, Fabric Banner or Pop Up Displays?
The following list of 8 ways to save money applies to all large format printing and trade show display companies.
This may seem like common sense to most event planners or exhibitors, but 8 out of 10 request for quotes on trade show booth items, backdrops, signage or pop up displays comes in at the last minute.
The irony is most last minute request were bid out weeks prior but for some mysterious reason, many exhibitors or corporate event planners place the order with only a few days notice. Typically, a Las Vegas or local event printer can get a job in and out within 4-5 days upon approved art.
Number 2 on the list of saving money on fabric banners and pop up displays is to ask for a discount. This may seem like common sense but only 1 in 10 exhibitors or trade show booth attendees ask for discounts. Most trade show display printing companies have preset systems already built into their trade show display pricing database which produce the bids. Products like fabric banners, hanging booth signs, pop up displays or retractable banner stands are all per-programed prices like a menu at a Micky D’s or your local Movie theater. Other exhibit and event printers offer trade show booth packages, kits or accessories which are discounted.
However, the unknown fact is, many of these providers will always have excess inventory in stock on certain items like trade show literature racks, banner stands, pop up tables, pop up walls or trade show podiums and kiosks. Asking for a discount will save you money 9 out of 10 times as long as you met item 1 above which is you planned in advance. The number 3 way to save money when ordering a pop up display or a fabric banner is to consider the style and weight of the fabric.
Most trade show marketing professionals already know that a pop up display or fabric banner can come in many different styles and fabric weights.
Currently their are well over a 100 different types of fabrics and fabric blends that can be printed on or dye subed. Meaning, a 10 square foot 4 oz sheer fabric or nylon dye sub print will weigh 40 ounces whereas an 8 oz poplin blend will weight 80 ounces. Knitted and heavier fabrics weigh 12 oz and up therefore a lighter weight means less material which equates to a much lower price or cost. If you want a dye sublimation on silk it will be very expensive verses switching to an artistry type fabric back drop that will still look like a silky satin but is going to save you over 50% plus on your printing cost. Ask your trade show event printing company for different types of material options and you will be surprised at what you can save.
The 4th way to save money on your event printing or trade show booth displays is to provide artwork.
Many large format trade show booth display printing companies will provide pop up, pull up, display and banner design templates which match the exact specs for your desired product unless you are looking for custom booth designs.

The cost for these templates are free and they provide you with exact sizes including bleed areas so you can design your own art and save money.
Artwork charges can range anywhere from $65 an hour on the very low end up to $250 an hour on the high end.
Usually, companies employ in-house graphic designers or agencies that can handle this task rather easily.
Number 5 on the list is to ask for economy options on retractable banner stands, pop up displays and show booths.
Higher cost portable, retractable, pull up, adjustable and interchangeable exhibit displays carry a lifetime warranty on the system structures.
Lower cost pop up displays and systems carry a 90 day warranty on system supports, hardware and stands. For a 1 time presentations like this ask about economy versions, NOT cheap versions, of the trade show booth or pop up display you are looking for. You can save a lot on trade show booth systems by choosing among the different versions available. The Number 6th way to save money is order the smaller pop up displays in the City your trade show is in and avoid shipping cost.
Including other smaller types of pop ups, retractable, portable and pull up displays then placing your order with a local event printing company will save you money. The facility is equipped to handle all types of large format printing and dye sublimation on a vast selection of trade show display items from pop up walls and banner stands to overhead hanging booth signs. Look for a facility capable of handling your trade show printing and display needs in the City you are putting on your show and save money on shipping. Weighing in at number 7 on saving cost on pop up displays is watch out for hidden fees that are not being presented upfront. Revisions, make sure you understand how many revisions of your artwork will be free or if you will be charged for additional revisions? Color registration fees (most professional trade show printing companies already have registered all substrates for PMS matches) but double check the cost.
Personally speaking here, one would have to guess that if a event printing company is stacking up hidden fees in the fine print (pardon the pun) then why would you want to do business with them in the first place? Ask for a straight up price that spells out all cost upfront is essential to saving money on printed displays. Expect to pay a RUSH fee if you did not follow saving tip #1 but make sure it’s spelled out.
Yes, artwork revisions can be taxing on a graphic design department but you should expect at least 1 or 2 free revisions to be included with your order. If you are doing a custom booth design then the cost should already be included in the scope of work as agreed upon upfront. An example: XYZ company bid the job at $1000 and ABC company bid the same job for $700 but after you begin talking to ABC company you soon find that your price just jumped to $1400 because all the hidden fees and contingencies started to come into play?
Is this good business?  To hook or lured you in with a low price and then assault you with fees? Number 8 and last way to save money on trade show booth, fabric banner and pop up displays is compare value. Professional trade show printing companies will print in full ink coverage mode which means your image will look good up close.

After all if you did not follow saving money rule #1 and plan accordingly then you want to make sure the trade show booth system display company contact person is on top of your request or you can risk a missed deadline.
By using this list you will find that you can save money on a trade show booth, fabric banner or pop up displays.
Looking for more information or free advice on how to save even more money on a Trade Show Booth, Fabric Banner or Pop Up Displays? Hi Kelley, yes we have many types of foam boards, ultra board and gator boards in stock ready to print.
If they do then you can expect a discount or you can look for advertised specials if they have an online trade show display store. Why would you buy a product, stand or a portable pop up system with a lifetime warranty when your displaying or speaking at a 1 or 3 day conference, convention, event or trade show? Economy, meaning the back part of the dye sub table throw or runner is open and covers only the front and sides of your trade show booth table.
You can get a fabric pop up trade show booth wall without wrapping the sides with fabric and save 20% off the fabric pop up wall.
From a custom designed trade show booth to a truss system to a trick looking curved or serpentine power stretch pillow zipper option to a simple 8 x 8 or 8 x 10 pop up wall. After all a 90 day warranty on a economy pop up display product is better then NO warranty at all.
If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at [email protected] We'd love to help out! If the trade show display printing company can not offer a warranty then you must your self if it’s worth the risk? Seldom can this ever be understood, you are spending thousands of dollars with a display printing company and they want to hit you up with a $75 proof fee? The cost to the printer is half off his or her ink cost but you pay the price in terms of value and visual appeal. They are simply not design to be toted all over the country and retracted over and over again. 26-year-old Christina Briggs is a single mother with two children who survives off of government assistance. Her large size has posed a persistent health problem, but now she thinks she has finally figured out how to shed the pounds: she wants the government to give her more money.
Again, a 90 day warranty is standard on economy trade show stands and pop up display systems from reliable providers. She got pregnant with her 10-year-old daughter after a one night stand and subsequently dropped out of high school.
The unhealthy food Briggs feeds her children undoubtedly does not help their medical conditions. She also has a 2-year-old son named Robert.Briggs has two children from two different fathers.

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