The Cashflow game was the very 1st activity that my husband and I organised for our Financial Freedom Club members. This is a board game designed by Robert Kiyosaki that teaches the concepts of personal financial management and investment strategies to get out of the rat race. Indeed, it is interesting how we play in the game actually reflects the way we handle our finances in real life.
In the end, I missed out on many good opportunities to grow my capital which would have brought me out of the rat race! On hindsight, I realised that was exactly how I was managing my money in real life! Since young, I have been brought up and taught not to borrow money or incur too much debt as it may lead to a lot of problems. After some time, I realised that people who successfully got out of the rat race were the ones who leverage on the bank’s money to finance investments which generated significant passive income to pay for their expenses! Diana (Demi Moore) and David (Woody Harrelson) fell in love while attending high school together.
Things start off great in Vegas but like most experiences in the gambling capital of the world things take a turn for the worse and the couple is left right back where they started. I remember watching Indecent Proposal when I was a teen and I was probably more thrown by Demi Moore than the plot or the interesting scenario and I have to admit, Demi Moore still catches my attention with her beauty and her great job portraying the compromised wife and the plot and the acting  of her costars certainly stand right there with her.
It actually wasn’t all that bad, and tackles some issues that most mainstream movies would have been scared to even hint at. Although Indecent Proposal may not be the great american romance it did take risks which does help solidify it as a pretty good modern romance movie, but yes, not great.

Personal family experiences also created my belief that I should try not to borrow money as far as possible and it’s good to clear off whatever liabilities I have. Guess what?
There are also bad debts such as credit card debts which incur exorbitantly high interest rates and drags us behind. Through the cashflow game, I also appreciate the importance and fulfillment in helping others get out of the rat race. Once out on the fast track (after getting out of the rat race), people realise it can actually get lonely and boring. By working together to support each other to get out of the rat race, everyone will have more company and fun on the fast track together!
I am Yong Hui and I created this blog to share inspirations and insights for a happier, richer and fulfilling life.
When the Murphy’s wander into the high roller section of the casino they discover billionaire John Gage (Robert Redford) playing at one of the tables. However, this movie did just that and while the results may not always be perfect, they’re still worth noting. This is also our vision for starting this club – to create a team who will support and help each other to achieve our Financial Freedom together! Passionately in love, David and Diana began a life together that had its ups and downs but they always survived through their unbending love for one another. Not to mention, Woody Harrelson plays the role of the tortured husband David Murphy in a way that will make you hurt for him and question him at the same time and Robert Redford plays the billionaire John Gage with class and just enough evil for you to dislike him. Whenever I made some money from my investments or accumulated enough savings, I would try to repay off my liabilities and debts e.g school loans, credit card debt, home mortgage, hoping to reduce my expenses so I can get out of the rat race more easily. For example, many people like to repay off their home mortgage as soon as possible and they would pay off a bulk of their loans whenever they accumulate some savings.

Not only was the plot a thought provoking one but this movie had the cast to back it up as well. Gage and Diana had already crossed paths and you could say that the billionaire made it clear as to what he was interested in. Oliver Platt also serves as just the right amount of comedy relief as Jeremy, David’s lawyer. I hardly invested any of my money and was totally oblivious to all the wealth building opportunities around me.
But when I did that, I used up all my cash reserves and was unable to participate in any investment deals. Soon Diana and David took a chance and decided to build David’s dream-house overlooking the ocean in Santa Monica, California. The couple would have to cut a couple of corners but they were convinced that they could make it happen with the help of some loans.
Just when things seemed to be going in the right direction with the new house almost completed, the recession hit.
No construction meant no work for an architect and the real estate market was pretty much non existent, which meant that the young couple was in great danger of losing their home and the dream-home that they were currently building.

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