Hypnosis is also used in a number of stage shows, clubs, movies and street shows as a source of entertainment.
Out of the many listed above, Imagination and Progressive Relaxation Method is the most commonly used and effective method.
Pre-hypnosis-You need to explain to yourself [or to your hypnotic subject] what do you want to achieve during the hypnosis? Deep breathing-During induction process, the first step is to select a comfortable position like bed, couch or an arm chair etc.
Hypnoidal and Cataleptic stages are used in personal development or self-improvement programs.
I always spent my half an hour to read this website's posts everyday along with a mug of coffee. Well, in all my years I ain’t never heard, seen, nor smelled an issue that was so dangerous it couldn’t be talked about. How many times have you heard that your makeup was perfect, your dress was fantastic and then you opened your mouth and gave it all away. The  best results for gaining a feminine voice are achieved through the use of a voice feminization coach.
I would be remiss though if I also didn’t point out that there are many free resources.
The first two videos produced for Suddenly Fem will give you the basics and some tips and tricks for achieving a feminine voice. You can sign up to listen to part 2 of this podcast series by Visiting The SF Resource Center Page!
Andrea James with GenderLife has provided a You Tube series of nine videos and they also offer voice consultation as well as the voice guide on CD if you want a portable version to carry with you, Details are on the first video.
In this last section we introduce you to four ladies that are self-taught with more then presentable female voices.
If you follow through on the techniques presented, you could have a reasonable feminine voice in a short period of time.
The Feminization Triggers is a system that enables you to overcome the fear of being “Read” in public places. It provides you the mouse and keyboard for your subconscious mind; it allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind. It teaches you how to walk and talk without thinking; it teaches you where you think too much.
Not only could you trigger feminine walking and talking, but you’ll be mentally blended as a female, that takes blank space out of your mind. When you apply makeup and dress to fit the occasion, you feel a sort of emptiness inside your mind. And once this blank space is occupied by anxiety, it is nearly impossible to overcome it, What if you can fill this blank space with confidence and attitude? Reason 2:  Subconsciously automate the process of walking talking and acting like a female.
Reason 3:  With Feminization Triggers you’ll fill the blank spaces inside your mind with confidence.
How your subconscious goes through feminization:  Do you ever wonder why you’re subconscious get confused about your identity?
Is your subconscious mind a computer without the mouse and keyboard?:  Does your subconscious mind actually execute your commands like a computer?
The lipstick trigger: This one method will change everything you have learned about your feminization. The futility of efforts:  most of us believe that we should place our best efforts in what we do.
Female Movements and gestures:  The core of gaining confidence is female movements and gestures.
The simulator: it is very fine to be confident when you’re sitting in your room, but how to be confident when you need to be? 3) Enable you to interact confidently with people, without being at struggle with yourself. Post hypnotic suggestions: every suggestion is structured clearly, so suggestions conveyed to your subconscious mind, and then your subconscious mind accepts the suggestions. Simple relaxation methods:  Even before even the trigger is placed there are simple relaxation methods, they aren’t just relaxation blah, blah but rather 7-8 minutes of powerful deepeners that enables you to achieve deep hypnotic state. Action based triggers: There are two action based triggers in Feminization Triggers, their action plays an important role, they don’t allow your mind to access negative emotions, but more importantly these actions are voluntary triggers and they work on auto pilot after you have used them few times. Subconscious language:  Your subconscious understands visuals more than words, so there is vivid visualization within the sessions. The Action Guide:   The Action guide (build for real person) shows you how to outperform fears step by step. I thought maybe it would help in ways I would I always see or that maybe I wouldn’t enter into the trance the sessions had hoped for. But there is something unique about Feminization Triggers; it is Built upon real life situations that you could imagine about. Most people are focused on makeup’s, they tend to look like a female, and despite they’re afraid of being “Read” all the time. The Feminization Triggers is 100% guaranteed for a whole of 60 days, take your time to listen the track. Customers ask if the Feminization Triggers will work where you need to ask for a drink, browse the clothing in stores, purchase a movie ticket, showing your ID to the doorman at the club.
It will help you to step out of the car and walk through the parking lot towards the entrance to the mall.
When you’ll use the trigger you’ll realize that it’s an issue of blank space inside your mind, not restricted to locations or situations. The problem is that as soon as you quit concentrating on the sound of your voice, and just talk, it goes right back to your normal pitch and inflection within a few sentences. Voice Feminization Hypnosis is a system that enables you to totally change your speech and pitch patterns. Voice Feminization Hypnosis enables you to drop the old entrenched male voice and helps you to develop a spontaneous rhythm of feminine voice. The muscles of your vocal cords are accustomed to generating male sounds because of years of practice in doing so. When you sleep your subconscious mind sorts all the information it has collected through your senses, it stores the most relevant ones and releases the rest of them as dreams. However, 25% of the dreams you have convey messages because your subconscious mind wants to notify you of something. Most people are not aware of the other side of the coin, in that we can also communicate with our subconscious mind the way it communicates with us. Hypnosis is a voluntarily created dream, and it is very easily understood by your subconscious mind.
You can wash away deep-rooted conditionings which are of no use now, such as dropping the masculine vocal patterns.

With the Future Self Method you’ll be able to convey the idea of speaking in a feminine voice in real life situations with spontaneity to your subconscious mind.
With Let Go… Method you’ll be able to collect all your masculine vocal patterns and unlearn them. You’ll be asked to practice your new voice with these suggestions and it will double the effect of your practice.
Speaking with a woman’s inflection is the most important aspect of sounding like an authentic woman. The Voice Feminization Hypnosis process will help you embed the feminine voice in your body and mind. Hypnotherapy has been lately creating a buzz in the alternative medicine community for providing solutions to a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, depressions, phobias, smoking, as well as weight loss. Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary therapy that uses the power of positive suggestion to change the subconscious mind, feelings and behavior.
According to weight loss hypnotherapy experts, to be able to follow a diet and exercise plan you need first to re-educate your mind and change your already existing eating and exercising habits. Weight loss hypnotherapy experts believe that the power you need to succeed lies within you. People tend to succeed in what they believe they can succeed, and that applies to hypnotherapy too. If we want activate the phenomenon of synchronicity we need learn to use power of our mind with creative visualization techniques. Creative Visualization TechniquesIf you truly want to learn how to develop the power of your mind and direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want.
A lot of people have experimented with marijuana and have described the effects of the drug in numerous ways. It is a very effective scientific method to bring about changes in the personality and widely used in a number of self-improvement programs.
Due to stage hypnosis, many people think that it is a form of mind control in which the subject is unconscious or asleep. With proper relaxation and focusing techniques, almost everyone can enter in a hypnotic state themselves and make their own suggestions to the subconscious mind. The purpose may be your hypnotic script that you write before beginning of hypnosis, relaxation for a sound sleep, pain relief or anger management etc. Counting from one to five [or ten] may serve as a time calculator and will keep your mind focused. Suggestions or the hypnotic script that you created in the starting is stated to the subject [or the subject suggests to himself].
A lot of times it's very difficult to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance.
We're talking visual messages that can be flashed very quickly in a film or buried within a print image and audio messages that are masked by other sounds, played below audible levels or recorded backwards to hide the message. All the way back in 1897, The New Psychology published an article about how subliminal messages work. James Vicary, a market researcher, caused a stir when he reported that he was able to increase popcorn sales at a New Jersey movie theatre through subliminal messages built into the movie. In an effort to catch the BTK Killer in 1978, TV station KAKE-TV in Wichita obtained permission to run subliminal messages in a report about the BTK killings. On January 27, 2007, the McDonald’s logo appeared for a single frame during the Iron Chef America program on Food Network.
Ferrari’s Formula One car and its drivers' jumpers have always been red and always carried the Marlboro logo—one of Ferrari racing’s largest corporate sponsor. The many techniques for a good presentation are easily learned but voice training takes practice and lots of it. And it gives you simple hypnotic triggers that you can enable and disable anytime you want to. And later on as you move out, this emptiness is filled with anxiety and lack of confidence. Users have changed the way they get ready, they way they dress up, their whole way of thinking about going out.
There is a simple way to simulate lack of confidence and there is a simple method to simulate different anxieties you face. It helped me to gain confidence as a female.  My actions and attitude became more natural and flowed easily because I did not have to consciously think about my feminine deportment it was just happening at a subconscious level.
The visualizations enables you to communicate in the language your subconscious understand. It doesn’t just work on easing tension or making you more open to suggestion, you really do learn that there is a time where YOU CAN let go of your thoughts and release the tension from your body.
Being absolutely truthful, I don’t think any ONE support product, therapy, session is can do it all, but this is an excellent supplement to many other support factors helping transgendered people (all who fall under this umbrella term) who wish to accentuate their feminine side.
Because it’s built on subconscious learning, the system works for most cultures, and in small or big public places you want to go.
The Feminization Triggers instantly boosts your confidence because it helps you to automate feminine walking, talking and emotions. Feminization Triggers not only gives you confidence, but also give you attitude to forge ahead.
Walking confidently through the door entering the mall accompanied by other people around you and people passing you in the other direction.
Most people that you meet tell you that they thought that you were a real woman until you started to talk. It seems that beyond a certain age, changing the way you speak gets to be harder and harder.
Without any effort you will be in proper pitch and use women’s inflection in real life situations.
You automatically clutch when you need to change the gears, you give signals when you’re about to turn and you can push the brakes in microseconds. A motor boat may have the same kind of controls, but it’s a lot different to drive on water than on road.
The new, feminine voice you want to use is very young; the muscles of your vocal cords will take months of arduous practice to generate an acceptable feminine voice.
When you sleep there is no sense of time.  When you’re dreaming, time is even more elastic, within one single dream you can live an entire life, and in the morning when you wake, you’ll wonder how in the few hours you have been asleep, you experienced an entire life in that dream. Most of the fantasies and nightmares you have are just junk cleaning.  Through dreams they’re expressed and released. Either your subconscious wants to give you an answer to a question you had in mind during the day or it simply is giving you guidance to something of which you are unaware. They’re hard to remember, but these dreams have a clear message and if you don’t listen they may be repeated over time. And surprisingly, you also can clean junk from your subconscious mind, the way it does to us. And you can send precise messages to learn the feminine vocal and speech patterns without any resistance from your subconscious mind.

Once this is conveyed, your subconscious mind will act upon this idea and create all which is needed to fulfill it. With each repetition your subconscious mind will accept the idea of a new voice and your vocal muscles will get accept the new pattern more easily.
Voice Feminization Hypnosis is the only system which teaches you to uproot your male voice from its very roots and implant the feminine vocal patterns through your subconscious mind. The process involves changing your state of consciousness in a way that leads the conscious part of the mind to be more relaxed while stimulating the subconscious part at the same time. Many individuals tend to face unconscious obstacles that prevent them from keeping up with their diet, causing them to stay overweight no matter how many times they try to embrace a losing weight program. Individuals fail by not believing they could be hypnotized, so the expectation that you can be helped is essential.
To lose weight and keep it off you need first to change long-term patterns of eating and exercising. While at the end of the day we all seek to discover ourselves and explore the depths of our own consciousness, it goes without saying that spirituality is the ultimate path for humankind. Hypnosis is a state of mind in which the mind of subject is fully relaxed, more focused and highly receptive to new suggestions. This page is devoted to the term self-hypnosis where the subject is fully responsible, aware and conscious.
Keep yourself completely relaxed and there should not be any undue strain on your face, mind and body.
In the first two levels the client receives posthypnotic suggestions on a subconscious level and may not remember hearing them. By World War II, a tachistoscope (a machine that projects images extremely briefly and rapidly) was used to teach soldiers how to recognize enemy planes. This led to the modern practice of subliminal advertising, despite that he admitted in 1962 that he was lying. The report included the subliminal message “Now call the chief.” No increased volume of tips was reported.
Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign included a television ad that featured words and parts of words scrolling across the screen. However, a ban on tobacco advertising caused Ferrari and Marlboro to design a barcode style logo for the cars and jumpers in 2010.
These are usually audio recordings that promise to help you with everything from getting a child to stop sucking his thumb to learning a foreign language while you sleep. Not unexpectedly then that voice training is the most requested type of training for transgender and transsexual women.
However it is a long series done some time ago and we don’t have them all, at least we are missing some numerical numbers in the series. Feminization Triggers will help you to neutralize all anxiety and automate your feminization. Feminization Triggers is a tool that allows you to understand the predictability of an anxiety attack. Feminization Triggers not only automates the process of walking and taking, but you will actually feel the inner woman is taking each step. We’ll be happy refund your money with a smile (you don’t have to fight to get your money back). It is so embarrassing!” you actually ask your subconscious to keep seeing your voice as a problem and invite it to keep making it a problem.
The increased state of awareness (achieved by proper relaxation techniques) enables the hypnotherapist to make healthy suggestions which will stay in your mind. Weight loss hypnotherapy helps remove these obstacles and helps change an individual’s unconscious mind. The secret to losing weight is to trust your innate abilities, just like you do when you learn something new – to ride a bicycle for example. Simply said, before you reach a hypnotherapist to help you we suggest you to expect your weight loss plan to work.
Learn all about these techniques.What is Creative VisualizationCreative visualization uses our mind ability to create a mental picture or a feeling sense of something.
While some people have spoken about an expansion of consciousness owing to usage of marijuana, the experiences of others have been starkly different. Self-hypnosis is a very safe and powerful technique; it’s not as mysterious as people generally think. Make sure that you are in a peaceful place for at least 20-30 minutes; free from external disturbances. Some major muscle groups that you should consider are head, face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, arms, stomach, legs, and toes.
The third level of somnambulism is so deep that a person may undergo major surgery without anesthesia. It deemed subliminal messages “Contrary to public interest.” They were never actually banned in the USA, however the same commercial led to a ban in Canada. There is even a program that boasts being able to program your body to use mental birth control—we don’t recommend trying this at home! The moment you understand how the “Subconscious mouse and keyboard the concept” works, you’ll see that your will feminize you, regardless of the situation or place. You may have forgotten how scary is was the first time you tried, but you kept trying until you could ride automatically, without effort.
So, when you consume industrial-produced artificial sweeteners and diet beverages, you are being fooled.
Creative visualization is creative usage of images of our mind, to create what we want in our life. At the end of this stage you are totally relaxed, and your subconscious mind is ready to accept new suggestions.
After complaints, the FCC investigated but never assessed any penalties nor blame in the case. To put it in a single sentence, you are the one who decides what effect you want the drug to have on you before you smoke. However, without the benefit of advertising, the relationship between Ferrari racing and Marlboro started to erode. If you do not make the choice, it is usually the subconscious mind that makes the decision for you. Before practicing self-hypnosis, you need to get some training from some professional psychologist, book or some online training program. It is a proven fact that marijuana expands the consciousness and allows free flow of energy between the 7 Chakras. Focusing on your thoughts and your heart will certainly serve to change the way you think and understand certain fundamental aspects of life.

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