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Do you have enough stuff gathered in one location for when the power goes off at your house? This list of items you need to compile for an emergency no-power situation will help you figure out what you have, and what you still need to get together.
We have some other miscellaneous flashlights around the house, too, including a MagLite in the garage and a Dorcy rechargeable flashlight. In fact, we have wax warmers (similar to this one) that help the house smell good, but eventually the smell is gone from the wax. You can also make your own candles from tallow, bees wax, old crayons, and even bacon grease. Solar lanterns with LED lights will last you a lifetime, and you can actually use them on a daily basis in place of lamps around your house to save on your power bill! If you have solar landscape lights in your yard, why not bring them in to use as ambient lighting, too? We keep a couple of small battery operated fans around because our little girl doesn’t tolerate heat very well, so it is imperative she stays cool.
You can always set up a small generator to run not only a fan, but a small window-unit air conditioner (we have this one, and it will keep you super cold).
Of course, you can run your solar radio, but you can only do that for short periods at a time.

Of course, you don’t have to keep your lights out kit all in one container, as long as you have everything you need and know exactly where to locate it.
We also have a couple of cases specifically for our batteries so they don’t go dead rolling around in a drawer. Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching. This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links! The rechargeable flashlight stays plugged in to the wall outlet, and if the power ever goes out, the light flashes so you can find it in the dark. If you’re having to work in the dark, but keep moving, a headlamp is better than a handheld flashlight. EBL makes a good charging station that does all the common battery sizes — AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V.
Then we pour that wax up with a new wick (you can use regular cotton twine for wicks) into some of our candle holders, and we’ve got new candles! They were pretty much out for decoration, so when the lights went out, they were easy to find and light. You won’t have the constant inflow of information from the internet and television, either. Uno and Phase 10 are our favorite card games, and who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly, right?

Surely some of the things I have on my list are things you may not care about adding to your list, but you might have something on your list that I would like to add to mine. He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live.
This is option is probably more expensive initially, but it’s way cheaper in the long run, and much more self-sustainable. You can get packs of long burning emergency candles, tea light candles, and even those big 3-wick scented candles.
It’s also got a small LED light on it that you can use as an emergency flashlight in a pinch.
In the dead heat of summer time you’re going to have to have something to help keep you cool.
My friend Dan over at Suburban Steading has an article with a great view on this subject, too. You could even combine one with a Mason jar to create a neat little homemade solar lantern.
These little lights are actually the perfect size for kids, and it will help them chase away and fear of the dark.

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