If you are a frequent visitor to Nigeria, you will realize that a dollar just isn’t what it was early last year. If all available funds and traditional sources of credit are frozen or you are faced with an unexpected expense, you do not have to be in a bind.
Taking on a part-time job, especially if you are vacationing can be a killjoy, but comes in very handy when you are looking to make quick extra cash, especially ones that include tips.
The best time to get rid of things you do not need is when you actually need the extra income solve a dire problem or survive.
Nigerians love promos and grand prizes, and so, loads of companies in the country always have some sort of competition or promo running that would benefit the winners. Garage Sales are a great way to make quick cash as well as get rid of some old, unneeded stuff.
Contact your local blood bank or Red Cross facility to make quick cash and serve a purpose in someone else’s life. When you search in your local area on Craigslist you can find all kinds of gigs where you could be needed for a few days in trade of cash. If you have higher priced items or things you don’t think you can get as much cash for in a garage sale then you’d be smart to submit them on craigslist. We all seem to have a creative side…think up ideas of things you can make and sell to make quick cash. If this is just a temporary need to make quick cash but you know you’ll be able to pay it back very soon then getting a loan is a great choice. I can show you the easy 3 step formula for making money online by making blogs just like the one you just read. This way of making an extreme amount of residual income has changed mine and many others lives. All you need to do is click the picture below to find out how you can keep the money flowing in. Test your brand awareness and mobile advertising knowledge by taking our quiz to see how well you know popular mobile app logos.
Perhaps you’re looking for easy ways to make money online from the comfort of your sofa, or perhaps you want to make sure your credit report is accurate and up to date so you can get the best deals. Here are our 10 easy ways to make quick cash, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for weekly quick-cash-making and money-saving ideas. Toluna have loads of products they need to have tested, such as hair gel and lip balm, so if you sign up you can get new things every month. Sign up for FREE to our Make Money Newsletter and every Tuesday we’ll send you the inside tips YOU need to succeed. Grab hold of our expert cash advice and run with it – it’s been created with the sole purpose of making you quick cash. Not yet a newsletter member? Become part of our team today and discover what you’ve been missing.

If you like the sound of making quick cash through filling out online surveys make sure you check out our full article right here on the safe way to earn money by taking paid surveys. Sign-up to InboxPounds and earn cash for reading emails, completing surveys, watching videos and more. Your credit report summarizes your credit history, and it’s what lenders look at when they size up your credit application.
So it’s important to make sure that the data and information on it is accurate and up-to-date, to give yourself the best chance of getting the deals you want – and at the rates you want.  Missed or late payments, different ways of listing your name and address, financial links to other people can all have an impact. You can use Credit Angel as a guide to help you understand your credit report, and how lenders might see your credit history. This guide will help you understand more about stocks and shares ISAs, what they can offer and what types of investments can be included in this tax efficient wrapper. Our editor Jasmine has been a mystery shopper for over five years now, earning decent money on the side while bagging brilliant freebies left, right and centre.
Essential tips on how to make money and land freebies that’ll make your friends jealous! You can nab this indispensable guide to mystery shopping for less than half price – just ?3.49 (RRP ?7) Claim yours now!
Download the free Nielsen Survey App on to your home computer and be entered into a competition to win prizes worth up to ?30,000! Those are your ten easy ways to make quick cash, but what about saving a bit of money? Credit card costs are going up and up but you can cut your monthly bill by switching your balance to the best 0% deal on the market.Barclaycard has increased its 0% balance transfer period to a great 34 months! Imagine, no interest to pay for over two years!
As a matter of fact, it is increasing per day and so is the cost of commodities around the nation. The prizes usually consist of large sums of money, which when won, can give the winner a lot of extra cash.
Have the family gather what they no longer want or need and pick a weekend to sell, easy as that.
Some of these gigs could be setting up for an event, being a photographer for a wedding, and even running errands. You can look in your local adds online or in the newspaper, or if you know a couple who’s in need of a break, don’t be afraid to ask. Whether it be jewelry, artwork, or even scarfs for the cold weather, people always want to buy it when they know its home made by you.
If this is your choice you better make sure you pay it off quickly because they usually charge high interest which would put you in more debt than you started off.
The amount of money it takes you to host a bake sale, car wash, or any other service like that is far less than what people are paying for your product or service, which means, a good amount of mulah! You not only earn points which you can later redeem for fantastic prizes, but you also have the opportunity to get free goodies. Right now, for example, they’re getting people to test out men’s hair gel and some glossy lip balm.

Clear your cupboards and your debts and quickly see how to make money by selling your old books, CDs and games. It’s a great way to make quick cash from the comfort of your computer but make sure you NEVER pay to join an online survey site or reveal your credit card details.
At Moneymagpie we are big advocates of stocks and shares ISAs as they outperform cash ISAs over the long term. The longer you keep it on your computer, the more competition entries you will get, it’s as simple as that. You could pay your bill off in double-quick time and still have money left over for extras.
Earlier I was earning only on the basis of article writing and through photographs by posting online. As it is, your original budget for a stay in Nigeria may not be sufficient anymore and you will need spare hard cash to survive or complete your stay. Keep in mind that while all of these ideas are legal, some of them are simply not glamorous. Most times, it will take at least two weeks to receive that first paycheck, but if you are good at negotiating, you can land yourself a part-time job that pays you per hour or at the end of the day.  Alternatively, you can do an odd job. For instance, if you’re a fitness guru, you might start an exercise or nutrition class in a large spacious area in your residence, estate or a hotel area.
A survey by Swapgame  found that we could be debt-free as a nation if we sold our ?1.8 billion of unused computer games! This might not seem glamorous as they are usually menial jobs, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and odd jobs offer immediate money in your pocket. Remember, if you have not used it or worn it in the last year, it is certainly time to let go. From cooking, makeup, bead-making, hairdressing, instrument playing, and  dancing, to  dog training, people are willing to pay to learn about many fields of knowledge, and you can benefit from that.
You could babysit, walk dogs or do general cleaning; you just need to offer your services for a reasonable price. You just have to make sure the class sounds unique and irresistible, that way you will have people signing up over and over again.
The growing trend for vintage and homemade products shows no sign of stopping, the Internet is chock full of well-known outlets for such wares. Aside from handmade items such as crafts, jewelry, painting, you can try soaps and perfumes although these typically take a little longer to make.

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