We all love to buy new clothes, eat delicious food, hit the spa or see a rock band from the front row.
New cars tend to decrease in value by 25 to 40 percent in the first two years [source: Fuller]. As we all know, the best way to save on month-to-month car expenses is by watching your mileage.
Did you know that just changing your air filter could raise your mileage by as much as 7 percent [source:Roth]? All these little things add up to save you money — plus, keeping your car in top condition means many more years until you’ll need to buy a new one! Making your own coffee in the morning, instead of stopping at a chain, will save you tons of money each week. Planning your meals for the week based on what’s on sale at the grocery store is a solid strategy (as long as you stick to your list).
Did you know that all generic versions of drugs and baby formula are FDA-required to provide the same benefits as name brands?
Buying Energy Star-rated appliances and making sure your home is well-insulated and energy efficient are the best ways to save money on day-to-day electrical costs. If your favorite shows are going to be available online tomorrow for free, why pay for cable? If you find you spend too much online, consider removing your credit card number from your online accounts. When it comes to gift giving, the gifts we remember most are the ones that made us feel the best.
Once you’ve established your emergency fund, look at paying off debts as the first form of real savings. Any expert will say that one of the most important habits to learn is paying yourself first.
However you do it, the point is to teach yourself that once you’ve started saving, that money is no longer yours to spend. So you’ve created a budget and seen how long it will take to pay off your debt and build up your emergency fund.
But there’s a world of financial products that are safer and less time consuming than trading stocks, and that still make your money work for you. A fun way to balance accessibility and higher yields is by setting up several CDs at once, with different maturity terms. Related posts:PS4, Xbox One power consumption analysis points to Sony advantage and future efficiency gainSOne of the Canary Islands will soon become the first island to be 100% wind-powered! So you just graduated high school or college and you are ready to enter the workforce to become a productive member of society. A simple Google search will result in generic resume tips like, "prove yourself" or "find the sweet spot." These tips are unspecific and provide little value when it comes to actually sitting down and writing out your resume.
Instead, here are three actionable tips that will actually help you write a resume without any professional experience.
Let me begin by saying that the career objective receives a lot of criticism for being antiquated and damaging to your resume. With that being said, a career objective is great for resumes that lack professional experience because it emphasizes your character and personality traits that make you the right fit for the position.
This is a strong career objective because it showcases the applicant's traits that will be valued by the company. If you are a college graduate, then you should add the degree you obtained and your GPA (if above 3.0) to your career objective. Finally, when writing your career objective try to find skills or traits that the employer emphasizes in the job description. For the seasoned professional, the education of their resume is often very compact and is a means to prove you have a degree.

However for an applicant without professional experience, the education section of the resume should be strengthened in order to make up for the lack of paid experience. By expanding your education section, an applicant without professional experience is still able to effectively highlight their skills and qualities.
An issue for some applicants is that they have a hard time thinking of the activities they participated in or just weren't that active in school.
While at school did you participate in student government, organize an event, present a project at a conference, volunteer, or write for the school paper?
A major achievements section can act as an extension of your educational experience and helps to fill space on your resume.
Designed an anti-bullying campaign to raise awareness of the harmful effects of bullying on our peers. The points above help to communicate the applicant's ability to organize, act as a leader, and resolve problems.
Great information, I like that you actually give actionable advice unlike other "experts' you find online. How often do they sit around collecting dust because you don’t have time to watch them? Buying a car that’s a year or two old means somebody else paid that 40 percent when they turned it in, or sold it to you, without a substantial drop in quality. Or that for every 2 pounds per square inch (psi) — 14 kilopascals — that your tires are running low, your mileage goes down by 1 percent?
Brown-bag it just a day or two a week, and you won’t only be eating cheaper, but healthier (and maybe tastier, too!). Stashing snacks at work and in the car means never having to hit the vending machines or a drive-through.
Have a snack before shopping, and go into the store knowing exactly what you need — this can save you tons of cash at the register.
Name brand companies spend a lot of money on developing and marketing products, and the generic versions don’t have to spend any of that. Make it a rule of thumb to check behind the curtain, and compare prices and long-term costs with things like life insurance, baby products, medicines and financial planning. While there may not be a single big change or trick that will drastically reduce your energy costs, being mindful of the way energy is used in your home will help you save a significant amount of money over time. There’s a perfect plan out there for your particular circumstance, and that includes the best price.
Then it will require a little extra effort every time you’re making an impulse purchase, and you may think twice. Write down what you want instead of buying it, and a month from now, see if you still want it.
Those companies make their money from interest paid by customers who can’t pay off their statements each month. It has to be something you can do every time, not just when you’re feeling optimistic. Get that money out of checking immediately, using your bank’s automatic transfer system if possible.
You created long-term purchase goals to keep yourself motivated, and made some decisions about retirement. That way, you get the option to reinvest or take the cash more often, which means you’re never that far from having cash available if you need it.
You've chosen your career path and are excited to finally see those four long years of all-nighters pay off. Your resume looks like a barren wasteland, and if it even makes it to the hiring manager's desk they will be sure to see tumbleweeds.
Starting your resume off with the characteristics that make you valuable to the company will help to snag the attention of the hiring manager.

Also, if your GPA is above a 3.0, then be sure to include it in your objective, as it will help catch the eye of the hiring manager. In addition, describe any provable traits or experiences that are relevant to the position you are applying for. If you add these qualities in your career objective, your resume will definitely catch the eye of the employer.
Most professional resumes will only include the name of the school, name of the major, graduation date, and GPA in the education section.
Also, by adding your participation in clubs and athletics, you exhibit your potential to be an enthusiastic team player to the employer. The structure of major achievements is similar to that of a professional experience section. Formatting your achievements like the sample above encourages the hiring manager to overlook the fact that the applicant lacks professional experience.
Follow the tips above, and you will have a resume that compensates for the lack of experience and gets you the interview. What if i've been working for 8 years, then went to university to study a completely unrelated subject, and now pursue a career in that field? Hit the streets for a walk or run, get out in the sun with some friends or use the park’s exercise equipment. That change in price will also be reflected in yourwarranty and insurance prices — another thing the previous owner paid on your behalf. They pass the savings on to you, with products made from the same ingredients as their pricier counterparts. But you’ve changed so many little habits and routines, now you can’t stop saving money!
The purpose of the career objective is not to tell the hiring manger what you hope to get out of the company.
In the sample above, the applicant mentions their experience in student government where they are likely to have gained leadership and management skills. Including your academic awards and relevant coursework conveys to the employer your work ethic and knowledge relevant to the position.
In this section your activities are treated as professional jobs, but because they were unpaid and for school they fall under the heading "major achievements." For each activity, list a few points that detail the responsibilities you had within each organization.
For some more ideas on how to structure your major achievements section, take a look at this high school resume sample and college graduate resume sample. As a final tip, writing a strong cover letter is also a great way to make up for the absence of professional experience and help to complement your resume.
Think of it this way: All those addictions and habits are just another way to send money out the door and get nothing in return.
Save up for the items you really want, and you won’t have to hand over all your money just for the privilege of having things immediately.
That means looking honestly at your household spending and deciding how much you’ll need to stay afloat if the unthinkable happens. Rather, the purpose of the career objective is to showcase your skills and abilities that will help you to successfully fulfill the responsibilities of the position. Although it may take some brainstorming, extending the education section is crucial to the success of a resume without professional work experience.
The longer the terms, the better the interest rate, because you agree to leave it alone for longer and pay stiffer fines for opening it up early.

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