There are some who even make their entire living off YouTube, though for most people, it’s just a great way to supplement their income.
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When it comes to it, there is only one way to make money on YouTube– producing great videos and getting as much eyeballs as possible in front of them.
Sure, you can change things around and come up with different twists, but the core strategy stays the same. Today, I am going to show 2 ways to earn cash with YouTube by taking that core strategy and putting a spin into it. It involves creating a channel, making and uploading videos to it, and building a fan base around your channel, then monetizing that traffic. When I look at what I subscribe to via YouTube, I find that most are videos which are educational to me in some way.
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When you have added a YouTube video and set up your YouTube channel, you can have advertisements shown on your videos to viewers, and you earn money for every X number of views. For example, if you were able to make 200 videos over the time frame of a year, then these 200 videos get viewed 5 times each. The best part is, you are earning this $2 without really actively doing anything, since you have already produced the video.
As you can see, the effort you make with making a YouTube video not be instantly awarded, as not many people start earning money immediately. Those who are lucky may develop a YouTube channel that is instantly a fan favorite, which results in more views. This method is great for those who want a little money on the side, yet they are ready to be patient.
The best way to ensure that this does turn into income is to ensure that the subject of your videos is something that you are interested in and have a passion for.
If you already have a topic that you are interested in, then it really just boils down to making the video in a way that is going to be entertaining, as well as possibly teach viewers something new. You can edit these videos if you have the know how, but some of the best videos are not edited, they simply show a person who has a keen interest in a topic and explains this is a way that is easy for a person to be interested in.
These are aspects that people would be interested in, especially if they are just starting to garden. The idea with starting with an easy topic is to slowly get yourself immersed into video making and editing. Note what needs to change in order to make this video better, and then apply this on the second round of making the video. You may find that you have to repeat the process several times, which is fine, as you are learning something new each time.
You will want to create a channel and name this something that is going to explain what your videos are going to offer. Once you do this, upload your video and title this something that is short, catchy and explains what the video is about. After the video is uploaded, copy the link and send to a few friends in order to get the views started.
At first, you won’t get many views and you are only going to make a few cents for every few viewers that you get. Keep thinking up ideas for new videos and jotting these down, as you will eventually get to completing your list.
While you are running with your videos, be sure that you do explain the basic aspects of your topics, as well as those things that are in-depth. I found that while making the videos and also writing articles, this gave me more information to think about, and in turn my videos started to get better.
For example, I wrote for MoneyPantry, and this really helped me to get a hold on finances, and helped me to change some of the bad habits that I once had. One benefit that people do not think of when it comes to these YouTube videos is that this can help you as well.
After a while, you may wake up in the morning and find that you have earned quite a bit of money while you were sleeping. Once you establish a fan base, they are going to be eager to see more videos, thus you want to stay on top of uploading new videos onto your YouTube channel. The second method of making money via YouTube is to work with local businesses, and eventually you can go with national businesses. This method can help you to earn money faster, as local searches tend to gain more viewers attention than those that are just on a specific subject.
You will want to go to the local business owner and tell them that you are interested in making an advertising video for them that you will upload onto YouTube for them. The key is that the local business owner, in this case, the bar owner has to give you permission to shoot a video of the bar. Once you have permission, take your video camera and go to the bar, or other business, and basically shoot the video.

With a bar, you want to have a video that shows the patrons of the bar having fun and being merry.
If for some odd reason a person does not want you filming their business, there are no worries. There is a free tool called Animoto that can help in making photos taken look as though the slide show was created by a professional.
Important Note: Always place your name, website, phone number and other information at the beginning and the end of the video. Once you have completed your video then you are going to want to upload this to YouTube to be viewed. On the description of the video, be sure that you take the time to write something that is great.
If for some odd reason, the business you are dealing with is not connected into social media, then you have just found another money earning opportunity, as you can offer to set these things up.
You do have to do some link building in order to make this video as successful as you want. The key to this method of making money locally, is that you are liable to get other local businesses who are interested in what you have done. Once they see the local bar video, they may call you in order to get you to do the same for them. This is where you are going to start to get more clients, hence the importance of putting your contact information into the video. Be prepared for other local businesses offering to pay you for the services that you can offer. Do not start making your video with the idea that this has to be perfect, as this is how you can set yourself up for disaster. I emphasize the fact that with this method you need to start simple, and make sure you take action as this can be a very profitable adventure in making YouTube videos.
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4 Lazy Ways to Make Money by Leaving Your Computer OnCrazy as it may sound, there really are ways that you can earn money from your computer without doing any work.
We love the idea of using an old sock to make your own armband with this easy-to-follow DIY. When someone clicks on one of the videos you’ve made, they are redirected to your channel where all of your videos are housed.
They have videos that people find useful or entertaining, thus they have a heavy flow of traffic. If this is the case, a person could have 500 videos on their channel that get around 50 views each per day.
This can be very hard to continue with when you do not see results at first, but the longer you stick with this, the better you will perform in the future. And always pay attention to the title of the video to ensure that this is something that people are going to search for.
Though you may not make a lot of money at this at first, you are learning how to better yourself.
But it is best to stick with local until you ensure that you know the methods to use and how to do this. Point out that this is going to be free, as most local businesses are always interested in free advertising. The more you portray this, the higher the chance that people will start to come to the bar. You can take pictures and place these into video format, sort of a slide show, which can be fairly simple to do.
This is what is going to get you noticed as someone to make these videos, thus take credit for the work that you have done. You will want to choose keywords to describe the video that are going to help the local bar or business that you are making the video for.
You want to describe the business, what it offers, and basically make this a glowing review of the business.
But, in order to ensure that you have not wasted your time and that the video is going to do what you want, it does not hurt to do a bit of link building. When I owned a business, a flooring installation business to be exact, I did this, and was getting calls from other local businesses who wanted to pay me to do their business video. Read MoreFree Amazon Gift Card Codes with No SurveysAmazon gift cards are always on demand. Read MoreHow to Really Make Money Recycling Plastic (Bottles, Caps, Etc)We talk about recycling as a source of extra income a lot around here, from glass bottles and jars recycling, to newspaper and cardboard, computer, and even recycling car batteries. Material shared on this blog does not constitute financial advice nor is it offered as such. But just like real life, in GTA V it takes some time and planning to get enough money to rule Los Santos and look good while you’re doing it.
Not only will you be saving yourself some extra cash, but you can choose any color or style based on the sock. If your videos are interesting enough for this person, he or she will subscribe to your channel and becomes a fan.

In one day, all of these videos combined have 25,000 views, which means you have earned $50 that day. For example, a person that posts about gardening topics will eventually find that their own personal gardens are better. You may want to consider looking into a video editor for beginners and deleting the parts of a video that are questionable or show you in an unfavorable light. For the bar, ask the owner if they have something special on certain nights that could help you in displaying what the bar is about. They are like cash, you can buy almost anything with them since you can find almost anything on Amazon. All trademarks, registered trademarks and service marks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners. Choose When to Spend and When to SaveThis lesson seems obvious, but can be pretty hard to follow: spend what cash you do have wisely. These are easy to start up and run but people still make a lot of mistakes when running this kind of business.Mistakes People Make When Running A Home Catering Business1.
Get the basic weapons you need to move forward, one of each type and then stay out of Ammu-Nation. Not Doing a Market SurveyMany people running a home catering business simply take the plunge without any prior research. This might work but it could take a while before you start making any major returns.It is important to find out which foods are popular for most events and what rates they are sold for.
It can be a little risky but the payoff can be big, and you will need those big payoffs to make an impression on Los Santos.
Consequently, you will find out the places to get the best ingredients for affordable prices to increase your profit margin.2. Be smart about your investments, make some day trades and you will have some extra cash in no time.3.
Not Having Enough ExperienceThere are a couple of home based catering businesses that have gone down simply because the owner did not have prior experience.
Consequently, it is advisable to work for another caterer for a while or even go to other events so that you learn from others.3. Not Keeping Proper RecordsPeople running home catering businesses assume since it is mostly informal they do not need to do any paperwork. Check the stock prices again and write down which companies had large gains in stock prices. Some do everything through word of mouth and do not have any place to check on their past events. This mistake can cost the entire business if the owner is not keen.It is necessary to always create reports for each event covered.
When the stock prices rise, you will be making huge amounts of cash.There are many ways to make money in this game. This can be subjected to an audit and will help discern whether the business is profitable or not.4.
In order to continue getting clients it is important to market your business and ensure people know about it. This in turn means low number of clients which affects the sustainability of the venture.Investing in advertising is always a smart move.
Even though clients may know you are running a catering business, they might not be aware of what it is you offer exactly. Putting out fliers, sending out emails and even placing ads in the local dailies are great for publicizing the business.5. Not Leasing Home Catering EquipmentSome home based caterers buy this expensive catering equipment during start up.
This is a great mistake especially for small scale businesses since it could take a long time before you recover the costs. You will end up spending most of your earnings paying off for the equipment and not pocketing anything for yourself. It is also a waste since you will not be using it as frequently and therefore, you will not get a return on investment quickly. Therefore, there is no need to purchase it when you can lease it for less.Some of the important supplies you can lease include serving utensils and display stands.
If you need to transport the food, lease food carriers which keep everything fresh and safe during transit. Other important items include serving carts, food warmers and catering furniture.You will realize that you only need these supplies and equipment for some jobs and not for others. Get a trustworthy supplier and always inform them of your intention to lease well ahead of time.

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