Of course, you really should use tickets, but some people have issues with those so this is more of an alternative..
Yes, as you can see I once had 3 billing agreements and I now only have 1 that is still active. But paypal doesn't let companies keep charging without an active billing agreement, so this should always work.. I haven't tested this method for CS because I don't plan on canceling my VIPs any time soon, but this is the way I have cancelled subscriptions on other sites before (it was actually the only way to do it, posted on the site itself), so it should work. Bitcoin wallet is a free wallet for your Bitcoin e-currency where you can store your Bitcoins.
Here are a few simple steps that you will need to take in order to create a New Bitcoin Wallet. Fill out the information and make sure that the password is secured because the lost passwords cannot be recovered.
A confirmation email will be sent once you submit the information (Step#2). This email contains important information about your new bitcoin wallet. Note: The identifier number will be filled automatically when you click the login link from confirmation email address. App companies are spending BILLIONS of dollars every year to get people use their apps but you see NONE of this money.

It's not your standard paypal recurring billing agreement, but it still works the same in that Playspan (R2's money handler) cannot keep charging you if you disable the agreement. You'll have to repurchase VIP to get a new billing agreement using another payment method first (like buying UGC with paypal). I only know this because I used to own a bunch of websites and this was the easiest way to cancel domain name renewal agreements that I got through domain providers for which I couldn't remember how to log in.
I've used it a lot of times from VIP'ing my friends then i had to cancel it since it would charge me again the following month if I didn't. With Bitcoin wallet you will be able to shop online and make payments using Bitcoin digital currency for free. However, keep in mind that Block Chain is not a bank, you have complete rights and ownership over your money and it’s all up to you whether you want to buy Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin wherever and whenever. What is the most amazing part of this encryption is that all the activities will took place in your browser and will not be stored on Blockchain severs so not even Blockchain have access to your account. You will be able to send and receive payments immediately once a new Bitcoin wallet created. Also, if filing a ticket is not that time consuming or incontivenient for you then you may still request there.
Problem is, once I cancelled the VIP for one of the accounts, if by any chance, I want to VIP them again, I cannot use paypal anymore.

You will be the only one who can see past transactions and make future payments on your behalf. Oops, well before I go further about creating a new Bitcoin wallet let me explain about BlockChain. Bitcoin wallet is where you can save your Bitcoin right in your own wallet where you only have the access to view your recent transactions other activities.
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