Freezer to crock-pot meals, are quick, inexpensive, healthy and delicious.Many students will fall back on the old standbys like ramen or mac and cheese, but there is another alternative. It will take a small amount of time upfront but overall, will make life easier and healthier. From paper heart chains and paper butterflies to paper flowers and of course the ultimate autumn decoration- the paper pumpkin. Planning out meals ahead of time allows foods to be bought in bulk which will help save money.

It can also reduce the time to prepare foods each day by making food for the week all at one time.One easy and quick way to do this is by using freezer-to-crockpot meals. In that way you will have enough food and drinks for the guests and a beautiful party decoration. When a meal is needed, pull a bag out, defrost it and cook it a crock-pot while attend classes.On the internet, there are many great recipes that can be tailored for any diet like gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian. This will go much quickly this way as opposed to making one meal at a time.Write on the bag before filling it with date, name of meal, cooking instructions.

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