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On the plus side, with such a small town and meager area to start with, things could only get better! Speaking of blueprints, it wasn’t long before Rebecca and her son Toni moved to Echo Village. The ability to fully customize your farmer, your farm and your town is absolutely fantastic, and I felt like I connected more with the citizens in this game than in any of the prior Harvest Moons. My previous record for time spent on a Harvest Moon game is 86 hours with Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. Yeah they just kind of throw out a version of the build and its kind of impossible to get into any gameplay, cause the intro is so long.
Some of the older titles (especially GC to early Wii) have bad spelling, weird translations, unnecessary changes (or something removed) and bad glitches added at times.
I have always been interested in the Harvest Moon franchise and have wanted to really get into one. I was using my barn as storage for the scrap metal, small pieces of wood and bricks that I was collecting from the forest. My friend told me this was better than Friends of Mineral town, and I told him he was crazy. Dan is an easygoing drifter who is always looking for a way to make some easy money without work. Lucaspontes wrote:Well, there is a strategy where you live in Bluebell but you sleep in Konohana Town Hall so you can water your crops, go to Bluebell to take care of the animals, then go back and water the crops again. I tend to grow as many crops as I can fit one my field, then I spend some time doing requests, because some of the rewards, like tea, sell for a bit, and then whatever time is left over I spend on the mountain. Right - if you spend the night at the town hall, then your horse and cart are sitting right there outside the front door in the morning. There is a Harvest Goddess living in the mountain pond near Echo Village and her two Harvest Sprite assistants had decided I would be the perfect person to revitalize the region. You just collect various items, like wood, stone, weeds, flowers, beehives or other assorted materials then head to a workshop conveniently attached to my home.
Taking care of animals is hard work and finding necessary items and materials can be terribly troublesome.
You can completely customize your avatar for the first time ever – you decide his or her gender, skin-color, hair style, hair color, facial features and clothing. Make friends with Iroha, as she’s the one who will give you blueprints for better tools in exchange for gifts. I would prefer a different publisher at times, but Natsume is pretty loyal to HM and does some good things. Typos and punctuation errors pop up here and there, but there hasn’t been anything unreadable or someone calling a chicken a cow.
If I ride my horse and cart there and leave it outside of Town Hall and sleep there, will it be there the next morning? I seem to be getting really lucky with ancient fish fossils, and those sell for 4k a pop.I also caught a giant catfish the other day with a regular rod, but the game told me it was the area's king fish and made me throw it back?Also, I can only really fish right now because Gombe's seed shop keeps screwing me.
If I ride my horse and cart there and leave it outside of Town Hall and sleep there, will it be there the next morning?Nope your horse goes hope along with the cart. I got up to 10000G by selling request rewards and crops, and now I have filled my field with flowers, so I'll see how much I get through that soon enough.
The only reason i moved was to get the outfit and to say i've lived there and to see what it was like. The game had left such a sour taste in my mouth that not even a cold glass of Jersey milk could cure my dissatisfaction.
The towns of Bluebell and Konohana refuse to get along, and even have weekly cooking contests to see who produces the best products within the area. All the tasks and goals within the game focus on bringing the towns together, and it never feels dull.
Players who choose the European-style Bluebell will focus more on livestock, while those who select the Asian-themed Konohana will be looking after crops. There are tons of nooks and crannies full of items to be collected in the mountains, and every day the items change. Weather can change at midday, which can be problematic when it suddenly starts to rain and the player's animals are outside grazing in the field. Besides gift giving and chatting with potential spouses, the player can now go out on dates.
Two Towns has pleasant graphics, and they manage to look clean throughout compared to Grand Bazaar's pixellated graphics. It hits all the right buttons that Grand Bazaar and Island of Happiness couldn't, and gives the player tons to do without ever feeling stale.

It’s then that my parents reminded me that there was a little plot of land in the family that could be my spot. It turns out he was Echo Village’s mailman and the closest thing the village had to a mayor.
Fortunately, selling extra fodder from my grassy fields was a surprisingly good way to make money. It seemed like whenever I started showing an interest in something new—chickens, sheep, cooking, crops, you name it—Dunhill would want to hold a new festival for it to draw more people to Echo Village and give people something to celebrate.
She too, shared a vision of a bigger and better Echo Village and was ready to help by providing blueprints for new homes, buildings, and decorations. It felt like I was improving my own community and making my little part of the country a better place.
With only a couple of people in town you’re finished with each day by 3PM, yet still have to waste a few hours to water your crops a second time. I suppose I could get the one for PSP but I would prefer to get the latest version if possible.
When I left my horse on the mountain once it was in the barn the next day.I rode my horse to Konohana(but I didn't attach the cart),spent the night at the town hall and it was still right where I left it the next morning! Harvest Moon has seen its fair share of ups and downs, especially with the DS iterations being littered with so many problems. While the contests should be about unity and good fortune, the two mayors, Rutgar and Ina, use these events as a means to one-up each other.
The townsfolk of both Bluebell and Konohana have tons of personality, and they want the towns to go back to being friends as much as the Harvest Goddess does. Completing these requests earns the player useful rewards and increases friendship with the townspeople, as well as a useful reward. Making sure one has high quality products determines some of the success rate in the cooking contest.
On rainy days it's much easier to find ore stores, while on sunny days, it's trouble-free to find multiples of picked items such as flowers, nuts, and critters. Animals are prone to getting sick in Two Towns and the unexpected change in weather makes it a challenge when trying to stay on top of tasks. Dates can only happen on specific days, and when triggered, players are given a list of potential date spots.
The spite work and environments look great, and there are tons of things to explore, reducing the monotony that sometimes mars the series. Two Towns is polished, and shows that the Harvest Moon series can stay fresh when given a nice shell to work with. I could find my place in a small town where people would be friendly and I could make a difference.
My whole future was ahead of me and if I put in enough effort, I could make not only my life better, but improve the lives of everyone in Echo Village.
Not to mention there was a forest, river and mountain nearby with plenty of wild items to scavenge and sell for cash.
After all, I made over 25,000 my first month there and was running around until about 9pm every day. I almost wonder if they whispered in Dunhill’s ear, because he decided the same thing. When an event would happen, I’d have the opportunity to compete in one of three difficulty level of contests, with recipes, blueprints and crop seeds as rewards. For some reason, the whole town restoration project had become my responsibility, which was a bit odd. No matter where we are in the world, we can come together and share one item from our inventory and bring our animals to socialize with one another (thanks to the Internet). Read more stories about Harvest Moon: A New Beginning & Nintendo 3DS & Playtests on Siliconera. I'm a Bluebell resident but I may move to Konohana at the end of the summer so I can grown more crops and upgrade the fields. As the new rancher in the region, the player must find a way to restore the friendship between the towns before a catastrophe happens.
It's great to see an evolution in story for a series that isn't known for being plot oriented. Each request details the desired quality of the item, and producing a good quality item will net the player a better reward. In Two Towns, cooking is the best method of making profit, as cooked items fetch the best prices of anything that can be shipped.
Still, this is only a minor complaint, as owning a radio can prevent players from making these types of rookie mistakes. The music is still the typical Harvest Moon selection of simple melodies that won't win any awards, but it does its job well enough to fit into the background.

It provides endless hours of entertainment, and with there being so much content to explore, the time flies by. People were leaving at an extraordinary rate, with the innkeeper Hossan and his son Noko leaving on the same day I was arriving.
Of course, it could have been that he was gossiping with Emma and Hana, noting how many purchases I was making at the general store and how many items I was shipping out. Time seems to halt as you run around either area, placing everything exactly where you want.
When we come together, we can swap items, make our animals happier and generally make our lives easier. Probably not going to be able to participate in the radish crop festival because I haven't been able to buy any seeds from Gombe it 15+ days at this point. Probably not going to be able to participate in the radish crop festival because I haven't been able to buy any seeds from Gombe it 15+ days at this point.Really?
According to the Harvest Goddess, the only way this can be fulfilled is by fixing the blocked tunnel that once connected the towns. Although the number of required plot tasks is minimal, just participating in the cooking contest each week continues to drive the goals forward and provides a feeling of accomplishment. Items grown or produced will have a star-ranking that determines how desirable the product is.
As players level up their farming, delivery, cooking, and other practical skills, the game opens up further, allowing for more requests to be taken on, and newer items, animals, and corps to be discovered. However, players need to keep some ingredients aside for the cooking contest, which pushes the plot forward, as residents of Bluebell and Konohana duke it out to see who has the best chefs. Players can now stand in the middle of shallow steams and catch fish with their bare hands.
Picking the best spot will allow the player to receive the maximum amount of FP, while picking an undesirable spot will result in the loss of FP.
In addition, Two Towns doesn't have the awkward sound effects found in Grand Bazaar, which is a definite change for the better.
Fans who have been less than impressed with the DS iterations will be able to find plenty of value in Two Towns, and for those looking to get into the series, this is a great portable experience to start with. So the bad news is, I was moving to a dilapidated ghost-town with only Dunhill, a shipping woman named Emma, an animal dealer named Neil and an old woman named Hana that managed the general store.
I suppose he saw I was making great steps forward and figured a younger, fresh viewpoint may be more successful. Not only can I find love and build a family, but I can befriend those around me to improve my own life. I already have three wonderful stones and a few ore stones I haven't hammered just from foraging! Recognizing an item's quality is important for two reasons: bulletin board requests and the weekly cooking contest. Also, with the help of the player's trusty horse and cart, transporting items between Bluebell and Konohana is a breeze. There's also no limit to how many fish can be caught, and compared to regular fishing, hand-catching uses less stamina, making it a great source for easy money.
There's a bit of guess work involved in picking the right location, and this bit of trial-and-error might irritate some.
This meant fulfilling certain goals, like shipping certain products, having certain decorations in town and placing certain homes to attract new residents and make Echo Village more appealing.
The cart allows players to carry more weight, and as carts are upgraded, the capacity is increased, making it even easier to take on more requests. Winners are selected randomly, so even if the player produces a five-star item, there's no guarantee of winning the contest. It's important to pay attention to the dialogue spouted by the marriage candidate, as they do give hints to areas that make them feel comfortable. Furthermore, the dishes selected by everyone else participating are also completely haphazard, making it difficult to determine whether or not players stand a chance at victory. Since it's the summer in my game Gombe only has soybean seeds and fertilizer, once in a while he sells corn and onion seeds. This drawback hurts what could be a fun addition to the series, as there's no way to resolve the randomness that comes from the contest.

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