Even though the gameplay of the Online version Grand Theft Auto does not differ as much from the single player campaign, it can be a tough place to get around, especially for starting players.
In the crime infested world of GTA Online, one of the best ways to ensure your wallet has enough cash in it for your expenses is stealing vehicles.
Driving the stolen car to the nearest Los Santos Customs shop, trying not to scrath it on the way will earn you a good few bucks.
If you have spent more time playing the single player mode, before entering the world of GTA Online, you will find that robbing places can earn you a lot of cash quickly in the game as well.
When robbing a place make sure you scream at your mic and keep your gun point at the store owner at all times, as this will enforce him to go faster. One of the most fun and exciting ways to get some nice cash in reward for your work at any given point in your journey through the massively multiplayer streets of Los Santos is bounty hunting. As every other pedestrian in the game, you will also drop some of the cash that in your pockets, once you are killed.

After we discussed the most valuable tips for those of you who are just entering the massively multiplayer version of Los Santos in the first part of our GTA 5 Online Tips & Cheats series, we decided to help you out once again by pointing out the best ways to earn easy money from the very start of your journey. Although it may seem as a grind at first, crusing the streets to jack some cars is a fun shady crime that can turn very profitable, especially for those of you who have the racing spirit in their blood. However, if you check your phone regularly, you will notice text messages from Simeon who will ask for a specific car. Stealing a chopper from the airport or the hospital roof is also a good way to get away from the police after the roberry as well, but you have to make sure that you drive it pretty low, close to the sea. Be sure that you deposit your cash either through the electronic option from the bank’s online service, available from your phone or from the nearest ATM.
Tomorrow we will discuss the best ways to quickly build up your reputation and in the very near future you can expect further tutorials on how to be a true ‘gangsta,’ a comprehensive car guide, missions, events, jobs and more! However, as you go around, don’t look out for the typical best-looking sedan you can find, as they would probably not be in demand.

Once you deliver the desired vehicle to him, he will spare some additional change for your effort. Be careful not to scratch the car on the way though, speed is not as important for your reward as much as the condition of the car.
If you feel that you are prepaired to face a true gangsta, find the player with the red dot, watch closley his every move and strike your pray the moment you feel he is most vounrable. If you are familiar with the models of the vehicles in GTA, the best cars you should try to steal are the Lampadati Felon, the Ocelot F620, the Ubermacht Oracle, the Felon GT and the Gallivanteer Baller. It is not bad to do something good for the GTA Online society for a change and you will get some nice cash in reward for your effort.

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