The more we walk down our path of thrifty and frugal living, the more I realize that one central key to it all is creativity.
Its the creative ones that apply a little ingenuity that save their money but solve the same problem in a more creative way. Obtain the styrofoam cooler and cut your holes on top –  Remember its going to be easier to cut smaller and enlarge the holes as needed as the cooler is the second largest expense of the project. Place the PVC elbow fittings in the cooler and face them with discretion – You may wonder, “Why add the PVC elbows at all? Would it have been an easier decision to have quickly ran to the store and pick up a multi-hundred dollar air conditioner? We would love to hear from you about other ideas where you have taken the less-trodden path – that of the creative and alternative ideas to help you save money in your family. Send me my FREE Natural Cleaning RecipesIt's important to me as a mom to use cleaners in my home that are natural and a healthier alternative for my family. I Want Those Recipes!Is it important to you to use natural & healthier options for the cleaners in your home? Going crazy trying to get your home organized?Join our 30-day challenge and receive a small task in your inbox each day - leaving your entire home organized at the end!

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Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming. When your family runs into a scenario and you face that critical decision-making situation – you will often have a quick, obvious answer that will cost more than you want to spend (often a lot more than you want or are prepared to spend). Then, when then water melts and electricity is involved….i do realized the caps were to stay on but has there been any problems with these two concerns? My air conditioner has been broken for the last week, and I’ve been dying in the heat.

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I came across a couple of elbow pipes that were used in RVs that were marked down to a buck fifty each, so I saved right there!
I used a electric carving knife with one blade to make it easier to cut the holes and then a small paring knife to clean up th edges as needed. While the bottles are freezing, I am using a couple of those blue ice packs and it is keeping things nice and cool. Wizard likes to think outside the box, searched the web for a couple of ideas and came up with a creative and unique solution – a more fun solution – the DIY easy homemade air conditioner!

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