You can protect yourself from doing this by turning on a confirmation pop up that will appear every time you are about to spend donuts. You do this by tapping the building button, (the hammer and saw), in the bottom right corner. A quick way to get the early cash to build a bunch of Brown House cash factories is to always get Lisa or Homer to clean up any radioactive waste that is present every time you load the game. Sometimes you will send a character to do an action that takes a long time, such as Homer watching TV in the Brown house, but then you will need that character for a quest or whatever. Instead of wasting your donuts to speed up jobs just the one time, you should be spending them on things that give you a benefit forever.
Heads Up has been around a while now and it’s a fantastic party game to play with friends and family. Bloons tower defence 5 is the fifth installment of the very popular series of Bloons tower defence or TD games available on Android and iOS.
OTTTD is a strategy game that is a bit of a mix up between TD (Tower Defence) and RTS style of gaming. Farm games for Android and iOS are more popular than ever, sounds strange but it’s true. Today we are going to cover 3 android shooting games available that we feel are worth a mention and certainly a download. On this post we are going to cover free pool games for Android that are available with our overview, review and rating of each one.

It is hard to save donuts, (unless you pay real money for them in the store), and it is way too easy to accidentally hit the donut button to speed up a job when you don’t actually want to,. This job pays $35 for 6 seconds… It is the highest value for time job you can do in the early stage of the game. The only way to make them available is to rush the job by spending donuts to speed it up, right? Simply store the building that they are doing the action in and the character will come out for free! When the Scratch-R Lot screen comes up, only scratch one line on one column so you can make out what is under it but it is not confirmed.
Some of the best value ones to start with are the Jet Engine Bike, which for 30 donuts will give a 2% boost of cash and XP to all jobs, and also the Devil Float which gives a 2.5% bonus for 40 donuts. EA has done a really great job being true to the show and creating an interactive world that is fun to hang out and build in.
Wondering what MocoSpace is all about and how it is different from its other mobile applications? We are going to cover our thoughts on Bloons tower defence 5 with our rating and review of the game with some of our favourite features covered too.
There are lots of farming style games around at the moment but today we are going to cover what we consider to be the leading farming App games currently available with our usual MobileGames101 rating on each. As always for each we will cover an overview of each game with our Mobilegames101 overall rating.

If you do the math, it will pay itself off in just under 5 hours, (or 47 taps), and then everything after that is free money and XP. If it is not the 10,000 winning symbol, then press the home button on your device and then reload the game. Using these tips and tricks you will be well on your way to building your own amazing Springfield! We are going to list our top 5 fighting games for Android (most of them are also be available on iOS platform too). After about ten ticklish laughs you will unlock the Jebediah Statue and receive ten free donuts!! To store a building first tap on the four way arrow in the bottom right corner, then tap on the building with the character in it, then tap on the open brown box.
Or if you just tap a building and hold it for a couple of seconds then the brown box will come up straight away. Plus, it is handy to have another guy who can be doing jobs at the same time as everyone else – hence giving you more income. You can replace them later on when you can afford more expensive buildings, but to start off it’s the best way to get money and XP quickly.

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