Script Runner offers a collection of JQL functions, listeners, services, and workflow functions.
Numbered Headings is incredibly easy to use: simply wrap it around your content and you’re done! The Evernote add-on allows you to paste any type of note to Confluence pages from your Evernote account. About these add-ons:  Survey and Vote Macros, Script Runner, Lucidchart for Cloud, Numbered Headlines, and Evernote Integration are add-ons available within the Atlassian Marketplace. For many bloggers and business owners, business cards are a must-have for conferences and networking opportunities. First, open any image in the size of 1062 X 615 pixels (the size of your business card.) For the novice graphic designer, I have a plain white 1062 X 615 image shown below that you may use. Tacos are one of the simplest meals to make, so skip the fast food and make a healthier version at home.
Add ground beef (or other meat) to a skillet and cook, stirring occasionally over medium heat until fully cooked, approximately 5-8 minutes. While the meat is cooking, mix together spices in a small bowl to create your taco seasoning. While the shells and the meat are cooking, prepare your condiments, shredding your cheese or lettuce, dicing your tomatoes and onions, or slicing the avocado. When everything is ready, add meat (or meatless crumbles) to your shell and top with your favorite condiments. If you like the seasoning recipe, make up several servings of the mix and keep it in your pantry in small individual air tight bags that you can easily grab next time you make tacos.

If you prefer soft tacos, use a whole wheat flour tortilla, microwaving it in a wet paper towel for a few seconds to warm it and make it easier to handle. You can also purchase taco shells, but they are typically fried instead of baked, adding in more fat and calories.
This entry was posted in Ethnic Cuisine, Food, Healthy Eating and tagged beef, easy recipe, healthy, sodium, tacos. You get instant feedback because numbering is added to headings in both the Confluence editor and the macro browser. You can easily share audio, video, photos, table, and text notes with your team in the Confluence environment.
These add-ons are designed to increase your creativity and productivity by allowing you to customize and enhance your Atlassian applications.
For The Blended Conference, a blogging conference in Arizona, and I was in need of business cards to pass out at the event. You may find it best to use Gimp to add text to your DIY business card, however, I prefer PicMonkey for its ease of use. Lucidchart makes it easy to quickly draw diagrams and then insert them into the Confluence Cloud environment. Numbered Headings for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud makes it simple to reference headings in your content. You may also consider having business cards professionally designed, however, some companies require you to purchase a minimum quantity, and after paying to have the design itself created, the business card investment might end up weighing more than its payoff. I envisioned a card that displayed important contact information in a way that grabbed the holder’s attention without being busy or boring.

The Atlassian Marketplace has a vast array of useful, and some free, add-ons to take care of the everyday hassles, so you can get back to work.
You can receive immediate results, evaluate a single question, and control all of your macros from a centralized administration section. Your team can edit the note you copy to Confluence, but the original note in Evernote will remain gloriously unchanged. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to make your own business cards using Gimp, PicMonkey and VistaPrint. If you don’t already have the program installed on your computer, you may download it here. I am using Eco Friendly Business Cards , that is really efficient and is made by recycle material (paper ) . In 9x13 baking dish spread a little meat sauce mixture on bottom to keep noodles from sticking to pan.
Start with a layer of noodles, then add some meat sauce mixture, next 9 heaping tablespoons of cheese mixture. I made my business card using Lucid Press because they have great Free business card templates PSD but I love seeing what other people come up with!

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