When it comes to choosing between on-campus and off-campus work, it really depends on the individual.
Both kinds of jobs can further your professional skillset but if you’re a beginner, you may like the patience on-campus employers may have. One of the best pieces of advice we can give someone traveling to Europe, is to fly in and out of an airport that’s easy to navigate and provides convenient and inexpensive ground transportation. Step 2: Collect your checked bags (if any) from the baggage hall and make your way to the Customs area. Follow these signs until you come to the NS ticket kiosks – these are the yellow and blue ticket vending machines. Step 6: Check in (swipe your ticket) then take the escalator down to the platforms and make your way to the one designated for the train to Amsterdam Centraal or Amsterdam C.
Double check the information boards to make sure you’ve found the correct platform for your train.

Step 7: When your train arrives, wait for the passengers to exit the train before boarding.
Note: Trains in the Netherlands typically run on schedule and sometimes allow only a few minutes for boarding. But when it comes to choosing between working on campus or off, many students are unsure which is best.
If you have a lot of friends on campus or are looking to make some new ones, then working on campus is a great option. For instance, photo majors should work in the lab on campus where mistakes are not only allowed but learned from. Besides having some semblance of financial independence, you learn many of the life skills that will take you far in the adult world. Travel can be exhausting and frustrating enough without unnecessary hassles just getting from the airport to your hotel.

We’ve also provided a video guide for purchasing tickets from the NS Rail ticket kiosks. Note, it is possible that Centraal Station may not be the end station, thus pay attention to the train stops.
Faculty see these as teaching moments whereas in the real world there are often consequences for mistakes. There are typically no luggage storage areas on the NS trains, except for the overhead compartments, so you’ll have to keep your luggage with you.
You’re likely to get fewer hours working on campus but that comes with increased flexibility in scheduling.

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