One of the best pieces of advice we can give someone traveling to Europe, is to fly in and out of an airport that’s easy to navigate and provides convenient and inexpensive ground transportation.
Step 2: Collect your checked bags (if any) from the baggage hall and make your way to the Customs area. Follow these signs until you come to the NS ticket kiosks – these are the yellow and blue ticket vending machines. Step 6: Check in (swipe your ticket) then take the escalator down to the platforms and make your way to the one designated for the train to Amsterdam Centraal or Amsterdam C. Double check the information boards to make sure you’ve found the correct platform for your train. Step 7: When your train arrives, wait for the passengers to exit the train before boarding. Note: Trains in the Netherlands typically run on schedule and sometimes allow only a few minutes for boarding. While living in a dorm room with a roommate can be exciting if you are lucky enough to bond with this new friend, most students don’t quite enjoy the “friend-for-life” experience that is promoted in movies.
However, the one-person room is not always easy to obtain, especially during the first year in college.
Probably the easiest way to get into a single room in the dorm is to request one as soon as possible. So of course this isn’t something you want to make up for the sake of having your own room, but if you can prove legitimately (doctor paperwork, etc.) that you have a social disorder or other psychological disorder that requires you to be alone then you could receive a single room even in your first year of college.
If your roommate has just become best buds with a student or group of students living up the hall, you might be able to convince him or her to move in with them so that you could have your own room.
If you’re a natural leader and want your own room, you could apply for a resident advisor (RA) position that would make you in charge of a wing or floor.
If you really want to get your own room, with a little determination and creativity, your dreams may just come true.
Walden University is a private, entirely online institution offering bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees, as well as Education Specialist degrees and education endorsements.
Liberty University allows students to study online, offline or in a combination of both, offering the greatest flexibility for Bachelor’s and Master’s candidates.

Anything that saves money and eliminates some of the chemicals we use in our day to day life is good in my book. I have used a few different methods for making dryer balls and will share the how to for each with you below, as well as the pros and cons for each (at least in my opinion). Ooooh, I’ve been trying the tin foil ball with only limited success (they disappear when a certain Libby helps me fold the laundry). I love the idea of making my own wool dryer balls, and I’ve read a few tutorials on it. I made wool yarn balls recently and love them but was wondering if adding metal buttons to the balls would further reduce static.
I am in the process of felting some dryer balls, and have broken a needle in the ball and can’t find it. I’ve done quite a bit of felting and think you should be able to get the piece out with a magnet. Travel can be exhausting and frustrating enough without unnecessary hassles just getting from the airport to your hotel. We’ve also provided a video guide for purchasing tickets from the NS Rail ticket kiosks. Note, it is possible that Centraal Station may not be the end station, thus pay attention to the train stops. So if you’re thinking of getting your own room, here are some tips to increase your chances. Depending on the bureaucratic make up of your school, you may have to take a back seat to seniors who request single rooms first. However, it’s good to keep in mind that if you convince them to move out too early in the year, they may simply be replaced with a new roommate – one you don’t like at all.
The good news with this position is that you would get your own room, but you would actually need to take your job seriously, so keep this in mind before you apply. Plus, I have to admit I love the fun factor of being able to dress up these cute felted wool dryer balls! You can buy a skein of 100% wool yarn for fairly cheap, just make sure it is feltable wool and not superwash wool.

You will need some basic needle felting supplies for these, such as wool roving, a foam pad, and felting needles. I like to add a little drop of lavender essential oils to the balls from time to time to freshen them up and keep our laundry smelling nice (my mom sells essential oils here if you are interested in trying some out). There are typically no luggage storage areas on the NS trains, except for the overhead compartments, so you’ll have to keep your luggage with you.
However, if you play your cards right – and are willing to put up the extra money – you may be able to get yourself a room all your own. They are one of the largest online universities in the USA, currently serving thousands of students!
Roll each part up in a ball and place them in the leg of a nylon stocking, making a knot between each one. However, if the school does offer singles in addition to other options – and you’re a freshman – you want to check its policy to see if you’re able to have your own room.
The downside to this method is that if you don’t weave in a long tail really well, it can unravel over time.
Weave the tail back and forth through the ball a bunch of times and in a bunch of different directions to really secure it in the ball. If it says dry clean only or hand wash and dry flat, that is probably a good indication that it will felt.
And while definitely not a necessary part of the process, I do think decorating the dryer balls is fun.
The downside is that it takes a little more prep time and it may take a few more cycles to felt tightly.

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